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The next big Overwatch patch forces a full reinstall | Eurogamer www.eurogamer.net
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Server crash?

Anyone else having problems with the servers right now? Maybe the Ashe update is about to go live
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How I think Blizzard sorts the heroes in Overwatch

The tanks are the easiest to sort, they just have 400 health or more.
The damage characters have between 150-300 health,and usually charge headfirst into battle(Reaper,Genji,Doomfist etc) or they stay in the back lines(Junkrat,Hanzo,Widowmaker etc)
The supports are the hardest to sort in my opinion,as they seem to be heroes who group heal,but Soldier:76 group heals so what...?
Thus I think that the supports do something I call disrupt and advance.Disrupting means stopping enemy pushes(Ana’s Sleep Dart,Moira’s Orbs) while advancing means advancing oneself’s pushes(Lucio’s Speed Boost,Mercy’s Buff Beam)
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Anyone want my social medias

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Which healer not healer?

  • Zenyatta
  • Moria
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Getting into the game

I'm currently re downloading overwatch on the hopes that the latest champ ashe will make the game fun for me. My main problem is, i have no idea how to go about it. Everytime i play it doesn't feel like im playing a game, it just feels, like the hulled out husk of something that was fun. I don't feel rewarded for my time on the game not that i expect a reward in the form of a shitty box. I just expect joy or even satisfaction, but it doesn't happen. I get that rush when the team finally pushs that payload, but that doesn't really amount to anything, except annoyance up until that point at my own ineptitude and my teams. So my only reason for downloading this app and this post is, how the fuck do i enjoy a game i don't enjoy playing. Ps don't say "try getting into ranked!" because i don't enjoy the terrible ranked experience of OW or really any game that has ranked except (sorry) paladins mainly because the people aren't that weird scum and trash juice you find at the bottom of a garbage bin that has been given life.
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12 Hero Concepts (Yes. 12) - Generals and Abilities

Just a bunch of hero concepts I’ve been making for the past half-year. I hope you like them.

Hero: Loutesla

Real Name: Louis Terrano

Nationality: Italian

Tier: Defense

Difficulty: Hard

Health: 250

Gun: Steel Deck - RT - Shoot a deck of steel cards (a ‘moneymaker’-like way) that come back on their own after 20 seconds, in rapid fire. You can use reloaded while shooting. Ammo: 52 Normal Damage: 15 Shot Rate; 5 per sec

Abilities: Electric Whip ~ A ranged melee weapon that can hit multiple targets at once. Stuns them for a whole second. Cooldown: 10 secs. Damage: Up to 40

Stalling Card ~ If a player steps on it it will teleport it back to spawn. Recharge rate; 20 secs, if used 30 secs.

Smoke Bomb ~ A small bomb with a tiny splash radius that can blind other heroes. Recharge rate; 8 secs. Damage

Ultimate: Grand Finale ~ Releases a huge smoke bomb with a ton of splash. Max damage; 100

Passive: Show-Off - Must shoot and use abilities at a 10 meter distance from other heroes.


Hero: Fio

Real Name: Fio Merritt

Nationality: American

Tier: Defense

Difficulty: Hard

Health: 200

Gun: Jet Lobber ~ Shoot a heavy lobber that does massive damage. It is extremely affected by gravity and is best used in flight. Ammo: 5 Normal Damage: 80 Shot Rate: 1 per 1.25 sec

Abilities: Scrap Tackle ~ A quick dash in which if you hit a hero you disable one of their abilities and collect enough scrap for one scrap jet. Recharge rate: 8 Damage Done: 20

Scrap Jet ~ You provide either a jump jet or a rocket boost. Takes 25 scrap.

Jet Boost ~ Uses 25 scrap for a personal boost.

Ultimate: Air Strike ~ Control a small weak ship that carries 5 destructive bombs. Damage: Up to 300 per bomb. Ship health: 100

Passive: Scrap Scavenger - Collect scrap like Torbjorn but can find scrap from turrets and traps. Torbjorn can also see the hero scrap you can collect and can collect it too. Competition!


Hero: Macintosh

Real Name: Alex Macintosh

Nationality: Canadian

Tier: Tank

Difficulty: Hard

Health: 400

Gun: Little Mac ~ A flamethrower that inflicts massive damage the closer the range. Inflicts a small poison-like burn status.

Abilities: Tank Flare ~ Place a gasoline tank that you can light at any moment by pressing RB again. The flare lasts for a short while. Recharge Rate: 15 secs Damage: Up to 250

Hatchet Shield ~ A small shield consisting of 5 axes that have 150 health each. When you lose an axe the shield becomes smaller.

Hatchet Chuck ~ (must use with shield) - Chuck one of your axes with high damage. To reload you must retrieve the axes yourself. Normal Damage: 100

Sprint Tackle ~ Charge forward until you hit someone or retrieve an axe. Hitting a hero will knock them unconscious. Recharge Rate; 10 secs Damage; 25

Ultimate: Ember Rain ~ Light a circle of gas tanks and embers fire from above randomly. The fires last for little while forcing you to maneuver around them. Damage: 200 on contact 250 on direct hit.

Hero: Maximilien

Real Name: MX-1000000

Role: Tank

Nationality: Monegasque (Monaco)

Difficulty: Hard

Health - 400

Primary Fire - Machine Gun - Fast shooting gun with little ammo - Normal Damage: 3 Ammo: 45 Fire Rate: 5 per sec

Secondary Fire - Machine Pistol - Shoot a hitscan bullet with significant damage - Normal Damage: 20 Ammo: 15 Fire Rate: 1 per secs

Abilities - Distract - Create an extremely LOUD sound that drowns out any type of noise from your team. Cooldown: 8 secs

              Retreat - A quick boost that changes your viewing perspective to behind you and stuns anyone in your boost. This is the only ability that can be used while stunned. Cooldown: 8 secs Damage: 15

               Report - Instead of reporting your ultimate status you report the enemy that’s closest to theirs. If more than one enemy’s ultimate is ready the report will be random.

Passive -  Knowledge - You can see the enemy’s ultimate status. Cooldown: 12 secs

Ultimate - Squadron - Release a sniper, assassin and heavy assault to fight alongside you. (Weaker than the event ones obviously) Damage: Sniper Locked On: 40 Sniper Dart: 10 Assassin: Up to 175 Heavy Machine Gun: 2 Heavy Charge: 150 Heavy Melee: 30 Sniper Health: 250 Assassin Health: 300 Heavy Health: 450

Hero: Arianna

Real Name: Project: WISDBOD

Role: Support

Nationality: Greek/Latin

Difficulty: Medium

Health - 200

Primary Fire - Finger Clips - Use your primary fire button to do an up and down spread and  secondary for left and right spread. If you hit a teammate you give them temporary shields. Normal Damage: 20 Ammo: 60 Fire Rate: 4 at a time per sec

Abilities - Health Dispenser - Create up to 2 dispensers at a time that restore health. Cooldown: 8 secs HPS: 40

               Reverse Shield - By holding down the jump button - Create a shield behind you. Your speed increases while carrying this shield. You can’t use any of your abilities. Shield Health: 750

               Restore - Replace all health of a hero with shield for 15 seconds. You cannot use this ability with a hero that already has shields. Cooldown: 18 secs

Ultimate - Reversal - Release a wave of energy that sends heroes backwards. Does more damage the farther away. Damage: Up to 225

Hero: Recluse

Real Name: Caitlín O´Deorain

Health - 250

Nationality: Irish

Difficulty: Medium

Role: Offense

Primary Fire - Mouth Beam - Fire a powerful laser from your mouth. Gets more powerful over time. Damage: Up to 150 per sec Ammo: 125

Abilities - Ambush - Spawn 2 bugs that scuttle towards the enemy and explode on contact. Bug Health: 10 Damage: Up to 125 Cooldown: 15 secs

               Toxic Fume - Create a poisonous fume that somewhat blinds players on contact. Damage: Up to 50 Cooldown: 10 secs

               Life Drain - Dash and create temporary shields if you hit someone. Cooldown: 8 secs Damage: 50 Shields Created: 75 Shield Loss Rate: 3 per sec

Passive - Dangerous to Touch - If enemies get to close they lose 5 dps.

Ultimate - Metamorphosis - Grow 4 giant legs. Jump is boosted immensely and causes damage to anyone near legs. Stomp Damage: Up to 75

Hero: Calistro

Real Name: Sander Christos

Role: Tank

Nationality: Greek

Health - Min. 150 Max. 600

Primary Fire - Stoneshot - Shoot heavy stones that do massive damage. You can charge your shot up. Normal Damage: Up to 50 Ammo: 20

Abilities - Formation - Create a stone body for yourself of 150 armor. Can be stacked 3 times. Cooldown: 8 secs

Boulder - Create a up to 4 boulders that can be used as shields. Cooldown: 6

Boulder Health: 600

Rock Pound - Slam a stone hammer that gets more powerful the stronger your body. Cooldown: 6 Damage: Up to 150

Ultimate - Mountain - Create a circular shield of boulders that you can’t get in or out of and restore your body. Damage: Up to 250


Hero: Chief

Real Name: Emily Williams

Role: Offense

Nationality: British

Difficulty: Medium

Health: 200 (50 shield)

Primary Fire(s) ~ Assault Rifle - An accurate fast firing weapon. Ammo: 40 Normal Damage: 18 Fire Rate: 5 per sec

    Spreadshot - A slow firing close range weapon Ammo: 15 Normal Damage: Up to 120 Fire Rate: .8

                            Sniper Rifle - A weapon that encourages long range Ammo: 10 Fire Rate: .5 sec

*Note that these weapons have a longer reload time than any other hero’s.

Abilities ~ Switch Loadout ~ Change the gun you are holding. Cooldown: 2

 Bulletproof Vest ~ Gain 150 Temporary shield. Cooldown: 10 Shield Loss Rate: 5 per sec

Passive ~ Professionalism ~ Can zoom in using guns.

Ultimate ~ Grenade Rush ~ A quick charging ultimate where you toss 10 consecutive grenades loaded with extra gunpowder. Damage: Up to 180 per grenade.

Hero: Liao

Real Name: Liao Jung

Role: Defense

Nationality: Chinese

Difficulty: Medium

Health: 150

Primary Fire ~ Burst Rifle - A weapon that fires several powerful shots at a time. Ammo: 36 Normal Damage: 14 Fire Rate: 3 per sec

Abilities ~ Thermal Detector ~ When enemies step on it they can be seen by everyone. Cooldown: 12 Health: 300

Release Drone ~ Release a drone that damages and supports other players. While you are controlling the drone you are left completely vulnerable so find a good spot so people won’t attack you unexpectedly. When you die while controlling a drone, the drone is destroyed as well. The range where you move the drone has a radius of 25 meters so you can’t effectively spawn camp. Cooldown: 2

Drone Primary Fire ~ Aerial Minigun - A semi-accurate fast firing weapon that works well in semi-close range. Ammo: 90 Normal Damage: 4 Fire Rate: 1.5 in prep, 6 per sec

Drone Abilities ~  Supply Drop ~ Drop an armor pack. This requires scrap. Armor given: 50.

Defense Drop ~ Drop a small barrier. Cooldown: 10 Health: 500

Abort ~ Return back Liao mode. Cooldown: 2

Ultimate ~ Upgrade ~ Upgrade your drone to become a real killing machine loaded with rockets.

Passive ~ Scrap Searcher ~ When flying into an enemy, you gain scrap, similar to Fio and Torbjorn. You can hold up to 200 scrap.

Hero: Justine

Real Name: Justine Adelstein

Nationality: Israeli

Role: Support

Difficulty: Hard

Health: 200 (300 with 100 Negative Health)

Primary Fire ~ Judgement - An invisible, slow moving, extremely loud attack that does moderate damage. Ammo: 10 Damage: 90 Fire Rate: 2 sec

Abilities ~ Negative Healing ~ If an enemy is healed it will hurt them instead. Cooldown: 12

Negative Attack ~ If a teammate is shot at it will heal them instead. Cooldown: 8

Calm ~ Secondary Fire ~ When standing next to a teammate, press [secondary fire button] to heal them. HPS: 60

Ultimate ~ Miracle ~ Prevent your team from taking ANY damage for 3 seconds.

Hero: Polly

Role: Support

Nationality: Nigerian

Difficulty: Hard

Health: 200

Primary Fire ~ Compact Paintball Gun - A damaging weapon that leaves behind paint that gives random effects when stood by: Speed, Damage, Temp Shield, and obviously healing. It will not heal teammates when directly shot at, unlike Ana. Ammo: 18 Fire Rate: .8 Shield Given per sec: 25 HPS: 30 Speed Boost: 150% Damage Boost: 150%

Abilities ~ Art of Healing ~ Create a larger splotch of paint that heal others faster than normally. Cooldown: 8 HPS: 50

Splat Shield ~ Splat someone giving them loads of temporary shield. Cooldown: 8 Shield Given: 250

Diverting Arts ~ Slows enemies down immensely, and weakens damage. Cooldown: 12 Speed Reduce: 50% Damage Reduced: 50%

Ultimate ~ Masterpiece ~ Create a spread of paint which induces a variety of buffs/debuffs to the team and enemies. This includes 2 meters of damage paint, 3 meters of speed paint, a center of temporary shield paint, and 4 meters of healing paint. DPS: 60

Hero: Negative

Real Name: Sanjay Korpal

Role: Support

Nationality: Indian

Difficulty: Hard

Health: 250

Primary Fire: Hard Light Gun - A damaging weapon that increases its damage the more you hold it. Ammo: 50 Fire Rate: At least .6 At most 2

Abilities: Rebuild ~ Restore 75 health to a hero. Cooldown: 2

Blind Barrier ~ Deploy an invisible barrier that enemies cannot see. Cooldown: 10 Health: 300

Sudden Ambush ~ Create an invisible trap, which induces noise, that will impale an enemy from below. The sound will become more obvious the closer you get. Cooldown: 12 Damage: 180

Ultimate: Skyscraper ~ Use a light constructor to create one sided platforms from thin air, meaning you can shoot through them and they can’t. You can create up to 8 slopes and floors. Duration: 12

What do you think? If you have any questions, or balance ideas, comment down below.

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New hero concept?

You have a hero concept that you would like to share?
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• 11/7/2018

New map idea?

You think after awhile they'll release another new map? Tell me your thoughts.
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• 11/7/2018
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• 11/5/2018

Okay, Ashe is officially up on the PTR!

I'm going to assume none of you have posted about this because you have been playing her for the past two hours :P

Any opinions so far? She seems a little OP.... especially with a damage-boosting Mercy.

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• 11/5/2018

Ashe Cosplay

Yep, it's already out there, and it's utterly fantastic. Of course, it's *official* cosplay, which is sort of cheating in a way, but I'm not complaining.

There's Official Cosplay Of The Newest Overwatch Hero, Ashe
There's Official Cosplay Of The Newest Overwatch Hero, Ashe Cosplay
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• 11/5/2018
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• 11/4/2018
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• 11/4/2018

Who’s better?

  • Widowmaker
  • Ana
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• 11/4/2018
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• 11/4/2018
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• 11/4/2018
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• 11/4/2018
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