A Moment in Crime Special Report: "Los Junkers" es un corto animado presentado en September 21, 2015, el siguiente dia, Junkrat y Roadhog fueron anunciados.

"Su juerga de caos y caos ha causado innumerables millones de daños a la propiedad en todo el mundo. ¿Pero quiénes son estos dos Junkers trastornados y qué hay detrás de su destrucción destructiva? ¡Encuéntrelo en este episodio especial de A Moment in Crime!

Si tiene información sobre el paradero de estos peligrosos delincuentes, contáctenos en"

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[Open on the A Moment in Crime logo. The "I" in "Crime" is a stick of dynamite, which explodes.]

Narrator: Tonight on A Moment in Crime:

[Cut to King's Row. A bus' top layer explodes, and a cop in an adjacent police car fires at an offscreen target. There is a search helicopter in the background.]

Narrator: Their spree of mayhem and chaos has caused untold millions in property damage around the world..

[Pan forward to reveal the cop's target: Junkrat and Roadhog in a motorcycle. Roadhog is driving and is wearing a stolen crown; Junkrat sits in the side car holding a globus cruciger.]

Narrator: ..but who are these two deranged Junkers? And what inspired their orgy of destruction? Is this the work of master criminals..

[Cut to an image of Junkrat and Roadhog. Junkrat, whose hair is on fire, is tossing a bomb. Roadhog is giving the camera a thumbs up.]

Narrator: Or just a couple of idiots?

[Cut to a bio of Junkrat, listing his name (Jamison Fawkes), height (6'5"), weight (155 lbs.), and the words "Specializes in explosives, arson, demolition, barbecue".]

Narrator: It was Junkrat who masterminded the string of attacks that has stretched from the Australian Outback to King's Row and beyond.

[Cut to Junkrat facing away from a safe. The safe is covered in bombs set to explode in 6 seconds. Junkrat is covering his ears.]

Narrator: Now this explosives-obsessed freak has his sights set on even greater acts of destruction.

[Cut to a bio of Roadhog, listing his name (Mako Rutledge), height (7'3"), weight (550 lbs.), and the words "Wanted for armed robbery, kidnapping, extortion, theft".]

Narrator: His co-conspirator, Roadhog, is a remorseless killer who hides his face behind a mask.

[Cut to a shot of a sunny street in Paris. Roadhog uses his Chain Hook to pull the back off an ice cream truck. The Omnic inside is shocked.]

Narrator: This giant of a man is more than happy to use violence to resolve any situation.

[Cut to the images of Junkrat and Roadhog from their bios side by side.]

Narrator: Together they have burned, bombed, robbed, and killed their way across the world, and their calamitous crime spree shows no sign of slowing down.

[Cut to a shot of Junkrat and Roadhog sprinting out of a Japanese arcade; Roadhog is carrying many plush toys and Junkrat is drinking cans of soda, though he is dropping most of them. A child behind them, though unharmed, is crying.]

Narrator: Following their personal cree of no job too big, no score too small, it seems as though there is no end in sight to this senseless rampage. Unless we get your help.

[Cut back to the shot of Junkrat and Roadhog from earlier.]

Narrator: If you have any information as to the whereabouts of these two extremely dangerous criminals, you need to contact us right away.

[A bar cuts across the screen with the words 'CONTACT US TODAY" on it.]

Narrator: Remember: crime doesn't pay..

[The bar's text changes to say "REWARD: $25,000,000".]

Narrator: ..but we do.

[The screen explodes to the Overwatch logo.]

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