Numbani is one of the locations in Overwatch. C’est une map d’Escorte.

This West Africa-inspired, futuristic desert city offers an open daytime cityscape to play in. In addition to plenty of open landscape, it offers a number of vertical levels and tons of balconies, making it great for snipers and characters with vertical climbing/jumping abilities.[1]

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This is one of the few cities where omnics and humans live together in peace. They've worked together to build the city, but are threatened by the villain, Doomfist.[2]

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Pre-March 8, 2016 Patch
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Volskaya Industries and Numbani Map Preview Overwatch

Volskaya Industries and Numbani Map Preview Overwatch

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  • In the Adawe International Airport, there are posters for Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, King's Row, and Russia (with a picture of Volskaya Industries). The same posters can be seen in Numbani Tours International.
  • The Arrivals screen in the Adawe International Airport has the following cities: Seoul, Moscow, Cork, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Rome, Madrid, Paris, Hanamura, Delhi, Shanghai, Frankfurt, Singapore, Austin, Dorado, New York, San Francisco, Taipei, Johannesburg, Sydney, King's Row, Versailles, Los Angeles, and Irvine.
  • Several posters for Lúcio's concerts can be seen around the city.
  • There is a poster for a beverage called Old Glenwales next to the control point. It says "Relax and Unwind - The Legendary Organic Oil - 2030". On it is an omnic holding a glass of it. The same poster appears near the first checkpoint.
  • The Axiom building has an Atlas News ticker saying "Human-Omnic Relations Tense after King's Row protests" and "Volskaya Ind. increases production following Siberian Omnium attacks". Below it is a stock market ticker: "SST 0.39 ↓ -0.21 · IZU 9.74 ↓ -0.38 · AXOM 364.40 ↑ +29.15 · VLSK 26.85 ↓ -2.69 · VISH 61.41 ↑ +4.56"


  • Numbani was originally teased in a tweet from @PlayOverwatch.[3] It was officially announced on August 5, 2015.
  • The payload in the second half of Numbani features a Overwatch relic from the first cinematic trailer, Doomfists Gauntlet.

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