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Watchpoint: Gibraltar is one of the locations in Overwatch. It is an Escort map.

Gibraltar is a futuristic port with plenty of tight, twisty hallways and corridors. It rewards player skill; while characters can find plenty of places to hide, it’s also possible to get bottle-necked and destroyed if you’re not careful. Those annoying Symmetra turrets are great here, as are Zenyatta’s orbs.[1]

Destructible items in the environment include various computer screens. Ceiling tiles in some of the rooms can be shot down, and fire extinguishers and other tanks can have their caps blown off in order to send them sailing around the room.


Gibraltar is an old Overwatch base built into the side of a cliff. Largely deserted, Winston is busy deciding whether to contact the Overwatch heroes to fight the new threats in the world.[2]

While monitoring world activities, Gibraltar is attacked by soldiers under the command of Reaper. They successfully subdue Winston - though not without great effort - and Reaper attempts to extract the base's database of Overwatch agents. Though he ultimately fails in his endeavor, this prompts Winston to trigger the recall of all Overwatch agents.[3]


Easter Eggs[]

  • In Winston's lab, there is a blackboard that says "Winston's to-do list! - Step 1: Move satellite drone to launch platform! - Step 2: Launch drone into synchronous orbit - Step 3: Triangulate global "Recall" signal - Step 4: Call Overwatch agents back to active duty!!! - Order more peanut butter..."
  • Before the March 8, 2016 patch, a few monitors displayed messages from Athena trying to contact Winston. After the patch, they now display Athena's logo. The patch also added a large hole in the window within Winston's lab.
  • Winston's lab has a chart depicting the map and the route the payload takes.
  • Within the crew quarters are a set of lockers, each with a name stenciled along their bottom: Bowden, Sparks, Pinto, Rogers, Klevstav, Klimas, and Eulaers. Some of these are direct nods to the environment team for Overwatch: Helder Pinto, Dion Rogers, Philip Klevestav, Andrew Klimas, and Bram Eulaers. Lee Sparks is the Senior Game Producer.
  • A poster of Genji is above one of the beds.
  • The shuttle in the hangar is marked "Lt. Maria Estrada" and "Aurora OSS-7".


  • Watchpoint: Gibraltar was originally teased in a tweet from @PlayOverwatch.[4] It was officially announced on March 6, 2015.


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