Volskaya Industries is one of the locations in Overwatch. It is an Assault map.

A factory setting with huge open spaces, Volskaya is the ideal setting for a major group melee brawl. Wide stairs and hallways and plenty of big rooms offer players the chance to meet up as groups or take each other down with major abilities. Volskaya makes shielding and defensive capabilities a must; it’s a fairly terrible map for squishy characters.[1]

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The Omnic Crisis was particularly devastating for Russia, as they were the first place invaded by the uprisen robots. Russia created giant mechs to fight the Omnic Army; though Overwatch was the solution for much of the world, Russia had to go it alone. The Russians are fiercely independent and proud of their war efforts in saving their country.[2]

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Volskaya Industries and Numbani Map Preview Overwatch

Volskaya Industries and Numbani Map Preview Overwatch

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  • The mechs in the background will occasionally dance.[3]
  • Near the first point, there is a large mural of Zarya on a wall.


  • Volskaya Industries was originally teased in a tweet from @PlayOverwatch.[4] It was officially announced on August 5, 2015.

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