Overwatch Beta Patch Notes – April 6, 2016 (beta)

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GeneralSửa đổi

  • Added some transparency to Widowmaker’s scope graphic when scoped in
  • Added “Young” Genji Legendary skin

Bug FixesSửa đổi

GeneralSửa đổi

HeroesSửa đổi

  • Mercy’s damage beam will now correctly amplify its target’s damage
  • Fixed an issue where Widowmaker’s scope graphic wasn’t rendering when scoped in

MapsSửa đổi

  • Fixed a collision issue with the theater door outside the attacking spawn in Hollywood

SkinsSửa đổi

  • Fixed an issue with the implementation of Soldier: 76's “Commando: 76” and “Night Ops: 76” Legendary skins
  • Fixed an issue with hero weapons not appearing for several skins.

NotesSửa đổi

  1. Soldier: 76's "Commando: 76" and "Night Ops: 76" skins had been implemented in a way that caused players who had equipped them to be invisible. To prevent issues, Soldier: 76 was temporarily disabled.