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A Better World is an Overwatch Digital Comic Short about Symmetra released on May 12, 2016.


Satya Vaswani, dressed in her Vishkar outfit, and Sanjay Korpal, who is there only as a hologram, meet with the mayor of Rio de Janeiro to convince her to hire Vishkar's services to develop a new city center. The mayor denies their offer, instead taking Calado's proposal, as he has worked with the city before and Vishkar's plan extends into the favelas. Though the two argue, the mayor is not convinced.

Satya leaves to return to her hotel. After passing through a mob of Vishkar protesters, she becomes lost. A young girl appears to lead her through the town.

That night, Satya dons her Symmetra identity with the mission to break into Calado's office and find something to smear his name with. She gets to the roof by building a hard light bridge, then gets in by breaking the door with her Photon Projector. After placing Sentry Turrets around the elevator, she digs through books and finds no valuable information. She attracts the attention of several guards, who attempt to fire at her. Symmetra blocks their shots with a Photon Shield and runs for the exit, luring them into her sentry turrets. She then escapes through a Teleporter to the neighboring skyscraper.

Symmetra sends a message to Sanjay saying that Calado is clean. Though she offers looking into the mayor, Sanjay blows up Calado's tower, killing the people inside and raining fire upon the neighboring favela. Symmetra drops into the wreckage using a light bridge and, noticing a mother pointing out her injured child, goes to save the girl that guided her earlier. Though the girl is scarred and injured, the two make it out alive.

Months later, the city center is complete with Vishkar's help. Satya and Sanjay stand at the opening ceremony while the girl is in the crowd, still with a large burn mark on her face. Satya reminds Sanjay that Vishkar had not built housing to replace the buildings they had removed, and Sanjay promises that they will eventually. Satya asks if the fire in the favela was planned, and Sanjay brushes off the question, noting that it was necessary for their services to be hired.

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