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Akinjide Adeyemi

Akinjide Ngumi.jpg

Akinjide Adeyemi pictured in Numbani.

The Scourge of Numbani
Akande Ogundimu (protégé)

Akinjide Adeyemi was the second known bearer of the Doomfist moniker, dubbed the Scourge of Numbani. He was preceded by Adhabu Ngumi, the Savior, and followed by Akande Ogundimu, the Successor.[1]


Ogundimu betrays Adeyemi.

Adeyemi inherited the Doomfist gauntlet from Ngumi, but was far from a hero. Instead, he became a warlord.[2] He joined Talon, carrying out raids on Numbani. At some point he recruited a disillusioned Akande Ogundimu as a mercenary, and eventually introduced him into the Talon organization, acting as his mentor. Though the Talon council considered Adeyemi a useful asset, they came to favor Ogundimu for his superior ambition, intelligence, and leadership abilities. In the aftermath of the Venice Incident, Adeyemi was killed by his former pupil, and Ogundimu claimed the Doomfist gauntlet and title as his own.[1]


  • Akinjide is a Yoruba given name that means "the strong one has returned," and Adeyemi is a Yoruba surname that means "worthy of the crown."
  • At some point, his name on the Numbani Heritage Museum poster was changed from "Akinjide Ngumi" to "Akinjide Adeyemi."
  • Akinjide is depicted as wearing his gauntlet on his left hand, meaning that Ogundimu had it remodeled for his own personal use.


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