Ana Origin Story is an animated short released on July 12, 2016, the day Ana was announced.

Discover the untold story behind Overwatch's lost agent: Ana.

Video Transcript


[Open on Ana's icon beside the words "Ana Origin Story". Then fade to a photograph of Ana and a young Pharah playing.]

Ana: My dearest Fareeha,

[Fade to a desk with that photograph on it. There is a piece of paper on the desk; Arabic writing, "حبيبتي فريحة" (''Habibati Farīḥa'' - ''My beloved Fareeha'') is being written on it.]

Ana: Every mother hopes for a better life for her daughter. I was willing to fight and die for it.

[Fade to Ana teaching young Pharah some form of martial art.]

Ana: I taught you that there is nothing more important than protecting the ones you love.

[Fade to a shot of Ana and Pharah smiling for a photo. Around them, fading consecutively into view, are Gabriel Reyes, Jack Morrison, Torbjörn, Mercy, McCree, Reinhardt, and two other unknown characters.]

Ana: You grew up surrounded by heroes. They filled your head with stories of adventure and dreams of glory. One day, you wanted to join them. But it was not the life I wanted for you.

[Fade to a shot of Ana, now in her fifties, aiming a sniper rifle.]

Ana: I never told you of the weight I carried from all those I killed to keep everyone safe. But I always did what was asked of me, until one day, I could not take the life I needed to.

[The scope of her rifle comes into focus, and the reflection shows Widowmaker aiming back at her.]

Ana: I hesitated. And everything changed.

[The sound of Widowmaker's rifle charging up and firing is heard. Fade to Ana on the floor, putting pressure on her eye. Her rifle lies behind her, the scope shattered.]

Ana: The people who I was supposed to protect died, and I was left behind, gravely wounded.

[Fade to Ana sitting in a hospital bed with a bandage around her head and eye.]

Ana: The world believed that I was dead. I thought perhaps that was for the best. I've lost so much in my life.

[Fade to the group photo from before. Each person fades out, one by one, until Ana and Pharah remain.]

Ana: I said goodbye to so many friends. I've buried the ones closest to me, but for all that I have lost, I know that there are still people who need to be protected.

[Fade to Ana, as she appears in-game, squatting on a rooftop and aiming her Biotic Rifle.]

Ana: So I cannot stop fighting. Not yet. Not while there are people still waiting for me. One day, I hope you'll understand.

[Cut back to the piece of paper. Arabic writing, "امك, انا" (''Ummik, Ana'' - ''Your mother, Ana'') appears on the page.'']

Ana: Your mother, Ana.

[Fade to the Overwatch logo.]


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