With Overwatch, Blizzard Entertainment continues their long tradition of creating cinematic experiences, and they've been hard at work on the series of animated shorts first shown at BlizzCon 2015. These shorts illuminate the stories behind some of the most iconic heroes and reveal more about the future they're fighting for.

The first animated short released March 2016.

Animated Shorts

Season 1

Season 2

Infiltration's place in seasons is unclear. Season 1 of animated shorts ended with The Last Bastion, and Infiltration is assumed to be the start of Season 2, however, when asked about Season 2 of animated shorts, Jeff Kaplan did not mention Infiltration being a part of it.[1]

Origin Shorts

A number of heroes have received Origin shorts.

Related videos

In addition to the official animated shorts, there are also other cinematics related to the lore of the game.


  1. Jeff Kaplan talks about animated short "seasons"
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