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Antarctic Peninsula
Antarctic Peninsula 1

Control Control
Overwatch base Antarctica
Icy caverns, Research facility
Release date

Antarctic Peninsula is a Control map in Overwatch 2. Released on 7 February 2023, making it the 41st map added to the game.

Description[ | ]

Control gets its first new map in Overwatch 2 in the form of frosty Antarctica! We have already visited the main facility of Ecopoint: Antarctica, as seen in Mei's "Rise and Shine" cinematic, but the Antarctic Peninsula station is a lore-rich tundra with several stories yet to be told. This snow-themed Control map features some unique sights, including an ice-breaker ship and an underground drilling station. With tons of flank routes and some offering a high-ground advantage over high-traffic areas and objectives, we can’t wait to see how the meta unfolds for this chilly battleground![1]

At sometime after, An unknown disturbance from the stars that brings aliens with tentacles crash with a call. there along with a surviving OverWatch agents, they can either answer the call or get their items from the facility to escape.

Gameplay[ | ]

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Each turn is played on one of the three sections of the map:

  • Icebreaker
  • Labs
  • Sublevel

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