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Who was Antonio?
He's an arms dealer with some other interests, more and less legitimate.
~ Genji Shimada and Gabriel Reyes


Real Name
Antonio Bartalotti
Italy Italian[1]
Businessman, smuggler
Venice, Italy
Eduardo Costa

Antonio Bartalotti, a.k.a. Antonio Giordani, was a corrupt businessman, arms smuggler, and high-level player in Talon, operating out of Venice, Italy.


Antonio was under surveillance by Blackwatch, wanted in connection with the operation of several smuggling operations focused on weapons proliferation throughout Europe. The extent of his connections to European government officials, law enforcement agents, and businessmen was unknown.[1]


Good evening, Commander Reyes. How will this look on the news? Overwatch unlawfully abducting a respected businessman? Even if you take me now, my friends will have me released within the week. All this...theatrics, have been a waste of our time.
~ Antonio's final words

Eight years before the present day, Antonio organized an attack against Overwatch in Oslo, Norway. In response, Gérard Lacroix established a Blackwatch facility in Rome as part of an operation to bring him down. However, an undercover Talon agent planted a bomb in the facility in an attempt to assassinate Lacroix; though Lacroix would survive the attack, dozens of Blackwatch agents were killed. Shortly after, Gabriel Reyes sought retribution for the incident, deploying himself, Jesse McCree, Genji Shimada, and Moira O'Deorain on a mission to capture and interrogate Antonio.[2]


Antonio confronts the team

Once the agents broke into his office, Antonio stated that even if they captured him, his "friends" in government would have him out in less than a week. Reyes responded that Antonio was right and shot him, killing Antonio and sending his body flying through a window. In response, Antonio's manor went on lockdown, and the four agents had to fight their way out.[3]

In the aftermath of the assassination, power shifted within the Talon organization, allowing newcomers like Maximilien and Akande Ogundimu to rise through the ranks and fill the power vacuum. The incident also marked the start of Overwatch's decline, leading to its eventual disbandment.[3]


  • His true surname is unknown. The Blackwatch Dossier indicates that "Antonio Bartalotti" and "Antonio Giordani" are two of his aliases.
  • Antonio has obvious cybernetic augmentations visible on his face.