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Unknown, presumed inactive
"God program" AI

Anubis is a "god program" AI.

Story[edit | edit source]

Anubis was one of a number of god programs quarantined by Overwatch after the Omnic Crisis;[1] the program was shut down ten years before the present day. This had an adverse impact on Egypt, including Cairo.[2] Years later, after Overwatch disbanded, security over its facility was contracted to Helix Security International.

During that time, Anubis broke its containment, took control of omnics in the facility and started breaching Helix firewalls. Once the security was breached, it could become capable of corrupting infrastructure and launching military assaults.

In response, HSI sent a team of engineers to regain control of the command center. After the team failed, a small military squad lead by captain Khalil was sent to deal with the AI. Anubis sent waves of robots against the team, managed to corrupt an omnic soldier within their ranks and kill their captain. Eventually, however, thanks to Tariq's plan, the team succeeded in incapacitating Anubis.[1]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Anubis was a god in Egyptian mythology, usually associated with the afterlife.

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