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Assault, sometimes referred to as Two Control Point (2CP), is a game mode in which the attacking and defending teams must attempt to take or defend capture points across the map.

The mode was removed from the playlist of Overwatch 2, and replaced with other game modes. Assault maps are still available in custom settings and in the arcade.[1]

Game[ | ]

At the start of each round, the defending team is allocated some time to set up defenses before the attacking team is allowed out of their spawn area. When the set up timer runs out, attackers may leave their spawn area.

The attacking team always has 4 initial minutes to capture point A. If they succeed, 3 more minutes will be added to capture point B. If point A is captured in Overtime, the game will continue normally with 3 minutes on the clock.

Defenders always have the same spawn point, whether defending the first or second point, while the attacker's spawn changes depending on the point they are attempting to capture. It should be noted that every Assault map has an almost-immediate choke point, and that the defenders' spawn is just behind the second point, making the second push just as difficult as breaking the choke.

In Competitive Play, one of the teams is randomly chosen to attack first. After the round is over, sides are switched.

Maps[ | ]

Capturing[ | ]

Whenever there are one or more attackers in the capture area with no defenders present, the capture progress goes up. Capture time speeds up to 3 players, even if the game display player number shows a higher number. The progress circle in the top bar is divided into 3 evenly sized sections, called ticks. Ticks act as checkpoints, if there are no more attackers present on the objective, capturing progress only falls back to the last tick.

Tables below display the number of seconds required by X players to capture each tick of Point A and B.

Point A[ | ]

1p 2p 3p
1 Tick 10 7 5
2 Ticks 20 13 10
3 Ticks 30 20 15

Point B[ | ]

1p 2p 3p
1 Tick 6 4 3
2 Ticks 12 8 6
3 Ticks 18 12 10

References[ | ]

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