Now, now. No need for that, Winston. Your heart rate is through the roof.

Athena is Winston's AI system who serves as the one that announces events and objectives in matches. She also gives the player directions in the tutorial.

Besides her voice, Athena can be seen on Watchpoint: Gibraltar on various screens. Before the March 8, 2016 patch, the screen was a text prompt from Athena saying "Winston please respond..."

In Recall, Athena works with Winston to develop his Barrier Projector and recall the Overwatch agents. She nearly gets hacked by Reaper, but is saved by Winston at the last second.

In Reflections, Athena spends the holidays with Winston, and is eventually joined by Tracer and Emily.

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Athena on gibraltar

Athena on Watchpoint: Gibraltar before March 8

  • Athena's name is based off the Greek goddess Athena, who is known to be the goddess of wisdom, courage, and inspiration.
  • In Heroes of the Storm, Athena is the default announcer for the map Hanamura.