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Aurora. The first sentient omnic, who sacrificed herself in order to grant sentience to all others.
~ Satya Vaswani
Aurora Repaired.jpg
Statue of Aurora, restored and granted light by Satya Vaswani


Aurora was the first omnic to achieve sentience.


Aurora went on a pilgrimage of self-discovery in India. She wanted to learn about the world and its people. To understand what made humans human. Suravasa was her first stop, where she was accepted as she was, without judgement. She continued her journey, growing with each place she visited. She reached her "Shambali"—a place of such selflessness that Aurora sacrificed herself on the mere chance that her fellow omnics would also achieve sentience.

Exactly what occurred is vague—the Shambali state that Aurora transcended existence itself. However, only a handful of people were in her physical presence when her 'transcendence' occurred, and the details became less clear over time. It is said she was engulfed in a great, golden light, expanding.[1]


From one, many. We are all so much more than one simple thing. But also—many...can become one.
~ Zenyatta, observing Aurora's statue

Aurora is worshipped by the Shambali, but not as a deity. They strive to reach the place Aurora ascended do, that level of being, which they call the Iris.

The temple in Suravasa honors her, and many of the Shambali faith make the pilgrimage so that they too may be enlightened. The bas-relief was damaged due to a Vishkar Corporation construction project. The statue was repaired by Satya Vaswani, who wove hard-light into it.[1]


  • Aurora's backstory was fleshed out in Stone By Stone. However, her story was in development before the work's release.[2]
  • Her name, and manner of 'ascendance,' may be named in reference to the atmospheric phenomenon.


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