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The Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The BCRF Charity Event was a limited-time event in which players can obtain themed unlocks centered around donating for charity. The players can unlock these in-game items by paying for them, in which all the proceeds go to the BCRF or The Breast Cancer Research Foundation charity. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) is an independent, not-for-profit organization which has raised $569.4 million to support clinical and translational research on breast cancer at medical institutions in the United States and abroad. BCRF funds over 200 researchers in 6 continents and 13 countries.

BCRF Charity Event 2018[]

On March 8, 2018, The BCRF Charity Event was released. In-game loot includes the Pink Mercy Skin, Ribbon and Pink player icons, and Ribbon, Cure, Together, and Pink Sprays. Real World includes Men's and Woman's Limited-Time shirts based on the Pink Mercy Skin. This event ends May 21, 2018.

Pink Mercy Drops.jpg

Content unlockable in-game[]

This is content available/purchasable in-game.

In-Game Player Icon "Ribbon":

Logging into the game during the promotional period unlocks you the Player Icon "Ribbon". This is also the Tier 1 Reward

Pink Mercy Skin:

With a purchase of $14.99 (not including tax) you can obtain the Pink Mercy skin, which is the focal point of the event.

Pink Mercy Skin Preview 1.jpg

We believe in creating a better world, and as part of that mission we’ve teamed up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to release a special charity skin in Overwatch: PINK MERCY!

Available for purchase in-game and online through May 21, all sales of this limited-time legendary skin will benefit BCRF and their mission to end breast cancer.

~ Blizzard Entertainment

Pink Mercy Skin Preview 2.png

As a brilliant scientist and the guardian angel of Overwatch, Dr. Angela Ziegler—codename Mercy—has dedicated her life to helping and healing others. Now you can help BCRF work toward a cure for breast cancer by purchasing the new PINK MERCY skin, available for a limited time on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
~ Blizzard Entertainment

Blizzard Entertainment will donate 100% the proceeds that it receives from all Pink Mercy skin sales to BCRF, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $250,000 (USD). The total donation amount will be disclosed after the campaign concludes on May 21

Content unlockable through twitch[]

By watching the designated streamers for a certain number of accumulative hours you can earn exclusive sprays and player icons.

We've also partnered with community artist ONEMEGAWATT to create a series of themed Twitch Drops, including a new player icon and four all-new sprays. Available only during this event, you can earn these special Pink Mercy cosmetics by viewing select streams on Twitch during the two-week promotional period.

Tier 2 Rewards- In-Game Spray "Ribbon":

Watching an accumulative 2 hours of participating charity streamers will earn you this.

Tier 3 Rewards- In-Game Player Icon "Pink" and In-Game Spray "Cure":

Watching an accumulative 4 hours of participating charity streamers will earn you this.

Tier 4 Rewards- In-Game Spray "Together" and In-Game Spray "Pink":

Watching an accumulative 6 hours of participating charity streamers will earn you this.

Designated Charity Streamer[]

Over the 14 days, a cadre of content creators from across the globe will be streaming Overwatch under the pink-ribboned banner of breast cancer research. On designated days, each creator will host a dedicated charity stream on Twitch, and all donations (including Twitch Bits) received during that specific stream will be sent to BCRF.

Check out the schedule below to see who’s participating and when their charity streams will be live:

In addition to streaming for charity, these channels will also have Pink Mercy Twitch Drops enabled any time they stream Overwatch from May 8 to May 21.

Twitch Drops[]

There are three Pink Mercy-themed global emotes available, they are all unlocked by cheering any amount of bits to the designated charity streamers during their charity streams

Twitch Emotes Preview.jpg

Twitch Emotes "MercyWing1", "PinkMercy", and "MercyWing2":

Twitch Emote Name Emote Image
MercyWing1 MercyWing1.png
PinkMercy PinkMercy.png
MercyWing2 MercyWing2.png

Purchasable T-shirts[]

Along with In-Game loot, there are also T-shirts purchasable.

Pink Mercy Shirt Preview.jpg

Show your support on and off the battlefield with a new, limited-edition Pink Mercy charity shirt.
~ Blizzard Entertainment

Designed by community artist VICKISIGH, 100% of the proceeds from these t-shirt sales will be donated to BCRF. Head over to the Blizzard Gear Store to learn more and pre-order yours today!

Overwatch Pink Mercy Charity Shirt for Men's and Women's:

Shirt Name Price Shirt Previews
Overwatch Pink Mercy Charity Shirt - Men's $30.00 Pink Mercy Mens Shirt Front.png
Pink Mercy Mens Shirt Back.png
Overwatch Pink Mercy Charity Shirt - Women's $30.00 Pink Mercy Womens Shirt Front.png
Pink Mercy Womens Shirt Back.png