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Bastion Siege Automaton E54s are a type of omnic in the Overwatch universe.


E54 Bastions are large, bulky robots that were previously used for defense, prior to the Omnic Crisis. Their body is a basic humanoid shape, characterized by large boxy limbs and torsos, and a singular slit for an eye. Their rights arms consist of a submachine gun, and a large gatling gun is mounted on their backs. Bastions also posses a small extra limb designed for self-repairs, and limited actions on other omnics.

Designed for use as sentries, bastions have the unique ability to reconfigure their bodies into different forms, each with a different weapon, allowing for adequate response to different threats. Recon mode features full mobility and a submachine gun. Sentry mode was stationary, heavily fortified, and featured a deadly gatling gun. Tank mode featured full mobility, a powerful miniature tank cannon, and extra defense, though this form could only be maintained temporarily. Bastions can also self-repair themselves very quickly.


  • Though they most often appear attacking like mindless drones, E54 Bastions have been shown to display the ability to think and act for themselves, and ignore high-level commands and programming in favor of what they want.
  • The playable hero Bastion is an E54 model from the Omnic Crisis.