Biotic Launcher
45 and 12 rounds per clip
1.5-second reload
Primary fire: Damage
Linear burst fire hitscan type
12.5 - 25 damage per bullet
  3 projectiles per shot
  Max 37.5 - 75 per shot
25 - 45 m falloff range
1 burst per 0.65 seconds
3 rounds per burst
✔ Subject to falloff damage
✔ Can headshot
Secondary fire: Healing
Arcing splash projectile type
50 healing
1.25 shots per second
60 m/s projectile speed
3 m radius
✘ Cannot headshot

Three-round burst gun or lob a healing projectile that heals all allies near the impact
Primary Fire Key: (PC LMB, PS R2, XB RT)
Secondary Fire Key: (PC RMB, PS L2, XB LT)


Baptiste's primary fire is a burst-fire linear hitscan type that fires 3 bullets per shot. Each bullet does between 12.5 and 25, meaning each shot deals between 37.5 and 75 points of damage. The projectiles can inflict headshots.

Baptiste's secondary fire lobs healing grenades that deal 50 healing to all allies near the point of impact. He cannot heal himself using his secondary fire. The healing grenades will pass through full-health allies.

Both modes of fire have their own separate ammo pools; His primary fire is 45 while his secondary is 12. Using one mode of fire doesn't drain the other, but reloading does replenish both.

Patch changes

  • Overwatchemblem black January 28, 2020 Patch: Primary fire's recovery time increased from 0.35 to 0.45 seconds. Secondary fires's heal explosion reduced from 60 to 50.
  • Overwatchemblem black November 5, 2019 Patch:  Recovery decreased from 0.45 to 0.36 seconds; Random spread removed; Damage falloff range now begins at 25 meters, up from 20
  • Overwatchemblem black May 23, 2019 Patch:  Secondary Fire:Increased heal ammo from 10 to 12
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