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Biotic Rifle
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Sniper rifle
Torbjörn Lindholm
Ana Amari

The article focuses on the lore behind the weapon. For an Ana ability, see here.

A prototype biotic rifle was designed by Torbjörn, with the approval of Angela Ziegler.

In an internal memo, Torbjörn reported that the rifle was intended for use by Overwatch medics in the field, and that the rifle's technology was only intended for healing. Ziegler responded that her research in the field of nanobiotic technology was only in the area of saving lives. With this rifle, she warned that Overwatch was on a "slippery slope" to modifications that would result in the weaponization of biotic technology.[1]

The weapon is owned and utilized by Ana Amari.[2][3] Ziegler disapproves of Ana's use of her biotic rifle.[4]


The rifle functions as a dart gun, which fires darts filled with a biotic solution that are injected upon impact with the target. For this purpose, Ana carries multiple darts with different effects, including healing darts and offensive darts.


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