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BlizzCon 2019 poster

BlizzCon 2019 is an upcoming 2019 BlizzCon event. It will be held on November1–2, 2019.[1]

Overwatch Elements[]

November 1[]

  • 3:30AM–4:15PM: Overwatch World Cup Online Preliminaries

November 2[]

  • 6:15AM–2:45PM: Overwatch World Cup, Group Stage
  • 10:15–11:00AM: Blizzard Animation: The Art of Setting the Scene (Discover how artists from Story & Franchise Development create the filmic work of Overwatch animated shorts.)

November 3[]

  • 4:00–5:00AM: Overwatch League 2020: Watchpoint Season Preview
  • 4:30AM–3:30PM: Overwatch World Cup Finals
  • 6:00–6:45AM: Artists at Work: Overwatch (Discover how artists from the Overwatch dev team create unique heroes through art, animation, and effects.)
  • 7:15–8:00AM: Overwatch Update (Come learn more about Overwatch from the developers of the game.)
  • 11:15–12:15AM: (Join us as we once again take a look behind the scenes with some of your most beloved Overwatch characters. A wonderful array of actors will be joining us to celebrate their journey with Overwatch and share their experiences bringing their vibrant characters and stories to life.)[2]


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