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Bob (also referred to as B.O.B.) is a massive omnic affiliated with the Deadlock Gang, who acts as Ashe's bodyguard and sidekick.


Bob is a mute omnic that is able to still express emotion through his eyes. Originally programmed as Ashe's butler, he's now been serving as her personal bodyguard since she became the leader of the Deadlock Gang. Bob is completely obedient to Ashe and follows any of her commands, despite her hostile tone, bossiness and verbal abuse. Bob however, is normally not aggressive and can be intimidated by a serious threat, infamously 'sweating' oil before fighting McCree.


Bob was Ashe's butler during her childhood. Since Ashe's parents were so busy, Bob took the majority of the responsibility of raising and caring for Ashe. Bob remained supportive, protective and loyal to Ashe even as she descended into delinquency.

As Ashe's criminal lifestyle intensified, she soon ended up as the leader of the Deadlock Gang: with Bob joining as her bodyguard. It's unknown what McCree and Bob's relationship was during this time.

Sometime after McCree's arrest and defection to Overwatch; Bob was upgraded with armcannons in order to be deadlier. In the animated short, Reunion, McCree intercepted his former Deadlock Gang to rescue Echo, who was part of the cargo of a freight train the gang was robbing. In the gunfight; McCree is very lighthearted towards Bob, despite the omnic showing no mercy. McCree manages to detonate a bandolier of grenades to destroy Bob: reducing him to just a head. The gang is tied to the payload, which is put on autopilot, sending the gang to an unknown distant location. During this time, Ashe badgers Bob with spiteful insults: Bob is annoyed but does not bother to retaliate.


  • If B.O.B. would be classified as a hero; he would have the most HP of any character at 1200. This also involves characters that have abilities that enhance their health; including Primal Rage Winston.
  • "B.O.B." is an abbreviation of "Big Omnic Butler" and "Big Omnic Bodyguard".
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