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Bolaji Oladele

Fola Oladele (wife)
Yewande (sister/sister-in-law)
Efi Oladele (daughter)
Dayo, Bisi (nephews)

Bolaji Oladele is a professor, Efi Oladele's father, and husband of Fola.


As a professor, Bolaji reguarly gives lectures to hundreds of people at a time. His favorite literary icons are Robert Frost, Chinua Achebe, and Blanchet771. His favorite treat is puff-puffs. He wears glasses, and is more vulnerable to Efi's childlike wiles than his wife. Usually, he is quick to forgive.

Both Bolaji and Fola attend church, and have taken Efi to numerous festivals.[1]


Bolaji and his family lived in Numbani during Doomfist's reign of terror. During his attacks, the Oladeles had a "Super Family Fun Time" game, where they would drop everything and rush into their flat's interior bathroom over the blare of warning sirens. They let Efi indulge in sugary snacks and allow her to watch Overwatch cartoons on her tablet. However, despite her parents' efforts, she never felt at ease during these times.[1]

The Hero of Numbani[]

One day, Efi came home, and told her parents that she wanted to apply for the "Genius Grant" of the Adawe Foundation. If she received it, she'd be paid 100 million naira over five years, allowing her to pursue her ambitions as a roboticist. Bolaji allowed her to apply, and kept her mother distracted so she could leave dinner early. Efi refused his offer to help with proofreading however.

Efi made the application, and posted on her HollaGram page. Bolaji commented on the post, telling her to go to bed.

Five weeks later, Efi won the grant, but as far as her request for taking a holiday to Brazil to see Lúcio Correia dos Santos perform a concert, her parents refused. Bolaji suggested that they go to Lagos instead—it had great music venues, and Tonal Abyss was performing there. Her parents relented, and furthermore, Efi's friends, Naade and Hassana were allowed to come. On the night before they left, Naade ate an entire plate of puff-puffs in the Oladele family fridge. When Bolaji came home, and found the plate empty, he was so upset that Efi feared that he would cancel the trip then and there.

That didn't happen, and the next day (Unity Day), the group took a taxi to Numbani Airport. The traffic was heavy, and Bolaji, still smarting about last night, complained that they should have taken the tram instead. They finally arrived, but the airport was attacked by Doomfist and his Talon forces. After the attack, Bolaji and Fola stood at Efi's side as she was interviewed by the Numbani Civic Defense Department. Afterwards, she made a request to purchase one of the OR15s, much to Bolaji and Fola's shock. The officer refused (though secretly passed Efi the details to the auction site), and the Oladeles headed home.

Later, Bolaji took Efi to the auction house. He disaproved, but was willing to help Efi buy the robot. She purchased the chassis, and spent over a month refurbishing it. Come activation, she named it "Orisa." She posted on her HollaGram account, with Bolaji posting how proud he and Fola were of her.

Despite this, Orisa made many mistakes, drawing the ire of numerous people, even causing a car to crash. On Sunday, Bolaji, Fola, and their extended family gathered to discuss the matter with Efi. Bolaji suggested that Efi stop the project, revealing that Compass Point Insurance had contacted them. That it had threatened to cancel their policy if there was another accident. The meeting descended into a shouting match between Efi and Yewande, but she ended up deleting part of Orisa's personality core, making her easier to handle.

The next morning, Efi burst into her parents' room. Orisa was gone, and accused them of getting rid of Orisa. Bolaji told her that they hadn't done anything with it, and didn't take kindly to Efi's suggestion that Yewande could have done something with it. He told Efi to go find it.

As it turned out, Orisa had engaged in a battle against Doomfist in the Numbani Heritage Museum, repelling him. Bolaji and Fola arrived, standing beside Efi as reporters descended on the scene. Bolaji stumbled through his part of the interview.

Later, Bolaji and Fola were contacted by Lúcio, who persuaded them to allow him to give Efi a Tobelstein reactor for Orisa.[1]


  • Bolaji's HollaGram account is "BolajiOladele55."
  • The Hero of Numbani implies that Bolaji and Fola are Christian. It establishes that they attend church, but does not specify the denomination. However, "Sunday dinner" is mentioned, so this might indicate a Christian faith.
  • Efi's grandfather fought in the Omnic Crisis, though it is unspecififed if this is Bolaji's father, or Fola's. Similarly, it is unspecified which side of her family Yewande belongs to.