Boston Uprising is an Overwatch League team representing the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The team is owned by The Kraft Group, which also owns the New England Patriots. Their official colors are blue, black, and yellow. The team logo represents a protective shield encompassing the letter B, which is synonymous with the city.


The Kraft Group announced that they had bought the Boston slot on July 12, 2017, as one of the 12 teams participating in the inaugural season. On October 25, the Boston Uprising branding was revealed, and the day after their roster was revealed, featuring a variety of players from international teams.

On April 9, 2018, following allegations and an investigation of sexual misconduct, DreamKazper's contract with the Uprising was terminated.


2019 Roster:

Image OWLicon uprising ID Name # Role
ColourHex-Boston Fl newzealand ColourHex Kelsey Birse 17 Damage
Blase-Boston Fl usa blasé Jeffrey Tsang 22 Damage
Axxiom-Boston Fl southkorea Axxiom Minseob Park 10 Tank
Fusions-Boston Fl uk Fusions Cameron Bosworth 25 Tank
Fl finland rCk Richard Kanerva 34 Tank
Uprising kellex Fl denmark Kellex Kristian Keller 9 Support
Alemao-Boston Fl brazil alemao Renan Moretto 14 Support
Fl southkorea Persia Yang Zi-on 21 Support
AimGod-Boston Fl southkorea AimGod Min-seok Kwon 31 Support

Former players:

Image OWLicon uprising ID Name # Role Reason
Uprising neko Fl southkorea Neko Se-Hyeon Park 8 Support
Uprising note Fl canada NotE Lucas Meissner 3 Tank Joined Dallas Fuel
Uprising striker Fl southkorea Striker Nam-ju Gwon 7 DPS
Uprising mistakes Fl russia Mistakes Stanislav Danilov 2 DPS
Uprising dreamkazper Fl usa DreamKazper Jonathan Sanchez 28 DPS Contract terminated
Uprising avast Fl usa Avast Connor Prince 13 Support Released
Uprising kalios Fl southkorea Kalios Woo-yeol Shin 18 Tank Released
Uprising snow Fl ethiopia Snow Mikias Yohannes 10 Support Released


ID Name Nationality Position
N/A Robert Kraft Fl usa United States Owner
HuK Chris Loranger Fl canada Canada President of Gaming
Crusty Da-hee Park Fl southkorea South Korea Head Coach
Shake Jackson Kaplan Fl usa United States Assistant Coach
Mini Rollon Hamelin Fl france French Polynesia Assistant Coach
MrBleeple Mohid Asjid Fl canada Canadian Analyst


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