Timmy (younger brother)

Brian[1] is a teenage boy and brother of Timmy.

At some point, the brothers visited the Overwatch Museum. Timmy was enthralled with the displays (and enthralled with Overwatch in general), while Brian was more cynical, pointing out that Overwatch had been disbanded, and half of its former members were now mercenaries. Case in point being when four members of Overwatch literally crashed into the museum itself—Widowmaker and Reaper, trying to obtain Doomfist's gauntlet, with Winston and Tracer trying to stop them. Brian took his brother to cover, but got involved himself, using the gauntlet to strike Widowmaker. The Talon operatives bid a retreat, and Brian, awestruck, gingerly handed Tracer the gauntlet. She commented that "the world could always use more heroes," before engaging in pursuit herself.[2]


  • The design on the back of his hoodie is the symbol of Raynor's Raiders from StarCraft.


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