I will prove myself!

Brigitte (brih-geet-teh) is one of the support heroes of Overwatch. She is a skilled metalsmith and mechanic, who accompanies Reinhardt as he wanders across Europe. She is the youngest daughter of Torbjörn and his wife Ingrid.


No longer sitting on the sidelines, Brigitte Lindholm has taken up arms to defend those in need of protection.

The youngest daughter of a weapons designer, Torbjörn Lindholm, Brigitte was the first of his children to show an interest in mechanical engineering. Brigitte spent much of her spare time in her father's workshop, learning the trade and honing her skills. Her aptitude for engineering mirrored that of her father's, but Brigitte's primary interest was in armor fabrication and defensive systems, unlike Torbjörn, who was world-renowned (and perhaps infamous) for the weapons he created.

Everyone expected that Brigitte would continue her apprenticeship and follow in her father's footsteps. But her plans changed due to an influence of another prominent figure in her life, her father's close friend and fellow Overwatch agent, Reinhardt Wilhelm. A close friend of the family and Brigitte's godfather, Reinhardt told Brigitte tales of heroes and chivalry as she grew up. After his retirement and Overwatch's fall, Reinhardt declared that he would become a knight-errant on a quest to bring justice. Before he left on his adventures, Brigitte surprised him by asking to join him as his squire. Reinhardt accepted.

As a squire, Brigitte had many responsibilities, the most important of which was the upkeep of Reinhardt's Crusader armor (a design she was familiar with as the current version was designed by her father). But more and more, she found her main job was taking care of Reinhardt himself, trying to protect him from his overenthusiasm even as his body was breaking down from years of combat.

Eventually, she realized that serving only as a mechanic wasn't enough and that the best way she could aid Reinhardt was to become a warrior in her own right. While Reinhardt trained her in combat, Brigitte began to build her own suit of armor in secret.

Now Brigitte fights at Reinhardt's side to protect him, and any others in need as knight and squire journey to make the world a better place, one battle at a time.


Icon rocketflail.png
Rocket Flail
Ranged melee type
∞ rounds per clip
35 damage
~2 swings per 1,2 second
6 m range
✘ Cannot headshot
Brigitte's melee weapon has an extended range, enabling her to strike multiple enemies with a single swing.
Default Key: (PC LMB.png)
Icon barriershield.png
Barrier Shield
Mobile barrier type
250 barrier HP
85 barrier HP per second
3.85 m/s movement speed
0 or 5-second cooldown
Brigitte deploys a frontal energy barrier to absorb a limited amount of damage.
Default Key: (PC RMB.png)
Icon shieldbash.png
Shield Bash
Stunning movement type
5 damage
6 m range
Lasts 1 second
7-second cooldown
Once her Barrier Shield is deployed, Brigitte can dash forward to stun an enemy.
Default Key: (PC LMB.png)
Icon whipshot.png
Whip Shot
Linear projectile type
70 damage
40 m/s projectile speed
20 m range
4-second cooldown
✘ Cannot headshot
Brigitte throws her flail a long distance, dealing damage and knocking an enemy away from her.
Default Key: (PC LShift.png)
Icon repairpack.png
Repair Pack
Healing/buffing homing projectile type
3 packs
110 healing per pack over 2 seconds (55 per sec)
  50 armor per pack

30 m/s projectile speed
30 m range
Lasts 5 seconds (armor)
6-second cooldown
Brigitte throws a Repair Pack that can heal an ally. Any healing over that ally’s maximum health provides them with armor instead. This armour does get removed after some time if not destroyed.
Default Key: (PC E.png, PS R1.png, XB RB.png)
Icon inspire.png
Area of effect healing type
15 healing per second
 Max 90 healing per activation
20 m radius
1 second buffer
Lasts 6 seconds
When Brigitte strikes an enemy with her flail, all allies within range are healed over time.
Default Key: (Passive)
Icon rally.png
Ultimate Ability: Rally
Transformation ultimate type
Armor generation ability type
+30% movement speed
8 m radius
+30 armor per second
  Max 100 temporary armor

Lasts 10 seconds

Brigitte moves faster and provides all nearby allies with armor that lasts until it’s removed by damage.

Default Key: (PC Q.png, PS Tri.png, XB Y.png)
"Rally to me!"

Besides these abilities, Brigitte is able to jump and crouch. She cannot reload or perform Quick Melee under any circumstance, for her only weapon is a melee weapon.


All seasonal event items, which are marked with special event icons (Summer Games Item Icon.pngHalloween Terror Item Icon.pngWinter Wonderland Item Icon.pngYear of the Rooster Item Icon.pngUprising Item Icon.pngAnniversary Item Icon.png), are only available to be unlocked either through their respective Loot Boxes or by Credits within the event's duration. During the event, newly-introduced event items cost three times as much as non-event items of the same rarity, while returning seasonal items are unlocked at the regular price.


For all of Brigitte's skins and weapons, see Brigitte/Skins and Weapons.


a This emote, after activating, will remain in its animation until the player inputs other actions to interrupt it.

Victory Poses



For Brigitte-specific sprays, see Brigitte/Sprays.

Highlight Intros



One purchase of an alternate weapon skin will apply to the weapons of all unlocked skins when equipping it.



Icon shieldbash.png
Brigitte pixel75.png
Excuse Me

Interrupt an enemy's ultimate ability with Brigitte's Shield Bash in quick or competitive play
Reward: Pixel Spray

Icon whipshot.png
Brigitte Cute.png

Kill an airborne enemy with Brigitte's Whip Shot in quick or competitive play.
Reward: Cute Spray


In Dragon Slayer, she helped Reinhardt by repairing his Crusader Armor to allow him to fight The Dragons.

In Reflections, Brigitte can be seen with Reinhardt as he tells a story to Torbjörn's grandchildren (previously thought to be Torbjorn's children).

In Honor and Glory, Brigitte can be seen alongside Reinhardt discussing whether Reinhardt should rejoin Overwatch, after receiving the message sent by Winston (In Recall).

In Zero Hour, Brigitte is seen fighting beside Reinhardt as they aid a reformed Overwatch against Null Sector. In the aftermath, Brigitte nervously greeted Tracer, who remarked how much she had grown up. As they are introduced to Mei, Brigitte groaned in annoyance as Reinhardt made a nice pun.[3]



Brigitte Lindholm is a hard worker who is following Reinhardt’s footsteps. She is shown to have some of her fathers traits like building and repairing things. She always has a confident attitude, and always makes sure everything and everyone is ready. Brigitte wants Reinhardt, and everyone to be safe so she decides to be their shield leading her to be caring. Brigitte always tries to improve her armor and her skills, wanting to prove herself.


  • Brigitte is a good medium offense healer, meant to get into the thick of a skirmish with her teammates.
  • While strong on her own she is not meant to be a stand-alone combatant and should usually stay with her team.

Rocket Flail

  • With a slightly longer range than Reinhardt's hammer Brigitte can whittle an enemy down with her Flail from a close to low medium distance.
  • Like Reinhardt, Brigitte can hit multiple opponents with a single swing which pairs nicely with immobilizing moves such as Earthshatter and Graviton Surge.

Barrier Shield

  • Brigitte's shield is good for allowing you to approach your enemy then attack but be careful to watch it's HP.
  • With it being a single-body shield, your Barrier can't defend as well.  You can still use it to stop fatal blow such as a Sniper shot or Zenyatta's 5-shot by jumping in front of your teammate before they fire.

Shield Bash

  • When facing a single opponent try Bashing them then circling the target as you attack.  This will limit the accuracy that they have on you as you destroy their health and replenish your own and nearby allies.
  • When trying to claim an objective with a stubborn Bastion or Reinhardt use your bash on them so you can temporarily stop them and take the attention off your team allowing them to get in and take down the threat and lead to a quicker capture.
  • In the unfortunate circumstance that you are eliminated and need to run from spawn, use your Bash to move a slight bit faster.
  • When facing D.Va a good tactic when she is low on HP is to save your Bash.  When she is out of her mech you can use it on baby D.Va and keep her from running and getting her Mech back.

Whip Shot

  • Whip Shot can be a good way to throw an enemy off balance such as a Reaper, Roadhog, or D.Va and get them farther from your team.
  • When a sniper like Widowmaker or Hanzo is being a pest, try to get close enough and hit them with your Whip Shot.  This will make them either focus on you with your shield or flee and avoid you.  Either way, they will stop picking off your team and allow your allies to regroup.
  • This ability can also be good to reposition a high damage enemy such as a charging Reinhardt or ulting Reaper or Roadhog.
  • Low health enemies will try to escape using a mobile ability such as Junkrat's Concussion Mine, Hanzo's side jump, Genji's Dash or double jump, Soldier's sprint, Widowmaker's Grappling hook, Wall crawling Lucio, Winston's Jump and Pharah's Concussive Blast.  A quick Whip Shot can dispatch them.
    • This does not work on abilities that make them invulnerable or disappear i,e: Reaper's Wraith form, Tracer's Recall, Sombra's Translocator, Mei's Ice Wall and Block, or Moira's Fade

Repair Pack

  • With its relatively rapid cooldown, it is good to use Repair pack to heal allies often.
  • When the enemy is coming in for an attack it is good to place the pack's extra armor on a hero who will be focused on such as a Tank or Healer to hopefully keep them from falling and allow an easier defense of the objective.


  • Brigitte's ultimate is a good counter to an enemy team's push.  Use it when you see them starting to try and gather for one.  This will help you keep you and your team alive as they send in tanks and ults to break your team's defense.  On the flip side, this can also be good to use to be that break in the enemy line when you are being held back.  You can use this to get up into the fray and start to take down the opposition


  • Reaper and Road Hog's high damage can easily take down an unsuspecting Brigitte especially if she has already used her Shield Bash and Whip Shot.
  • Since your Barrier Shield is lower HP and range than that of Reinhardt and Orisa you will have a tough time using it to avoid splash damage like Zarya's alt-fire and Pharah.  High sensitivity can aid in this if you can swivel your shield quickly and put it between you and where they put their shot.
  • Since Orisa can nullify the effects of both Shield Bash and Whip Shot it is good to save those from her and focus on swinging, otherwise, it will leave you defenseless when she negates the effects.
  • With his heightened agility Genji can leap over the shield and begin to attack you causing you to either turn and be subject to damage from the enemy team or deal with his blows.


  • Brigitte was officially announced as a hero on February 28, 2018.
  • Brigitte has had the longest delay between introduction into the live game and availability in Competitive Play, at 42 days.
  • Brigitte is described as an "interesting hybrid character", as while she is classified as support, she has many similarities to a tank character. She combines certain elements of Reinhardt (armor and shield) and Torbjörn (providing armor to her allies); as her chosen weapon is a flail, she also bears some similarities to the Crusader class in Diablo III. Her Tank and Support similarities combined make her a Paladin type healer with high sustain.
  • In the Summer Games, Brigitte's signature sport is Hammer Toss.
  • Both Brigitte and Matilda Smedius (Brigitte's voice actress) love cats. Matilda also mentioned during Blizzcon 2018's interview that she absolutly love seeing fan's cats posted on her Twitter or during conventions.

Cultural References

  • Her "It's just a flesh wound" voice line is a reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • The "Dare to Lindholm" voice line is a reference to Nike's "Dare to Zlatan" ad campaign featuring Swedish football player Zlatan Ibrahimović .
  • Brigitte's "Shieldmaiden" skin has connections to Norse Mythology. Firstly, bears were symbolic of strength and courage and Berserker warriors were infamous for wearing bear hide to battle to grant themselves the power of a bear. Secondly, "Shieldmaiden" refers to a group of female Vikings from Scandinavian folklore, who allegedly fought alongside Ragnar Lodbrok.

Pop Culture References

  • Brigitte’s face heavily resembles the elf Tauriel from The Hobbit trilogy movie due to a similar hairstyle, red hair, and her sidetails along with pigtails
  • Brigitte also somewhat facially resembles Ygritte from Game of Thrones due to similar names and with red hair in a similar style.
  • Brigitte’s backstory heavily resembles Scout from Team Fortress 2 being the youngest of her sisters, her father Torbjorn being a playable character, her mother being a character mentioned (Meet the Spy, Reflections), and she trained in certain professions through family members.

When she was first released, Brigitte was the only Support character who's player line matched the enemy line rather than the ally line. This was changed mid-April.

Patch changes

For changes made to Brigitte's abilities, see Rocket Flail, Barrier Shield, Shield Bash, Whip Shot, Repair Pack, Inspire, and Rally.


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