Busan is a Control map location in Overwatch.

Busan is modeled as a futuristic version of the South Korean city of the same name. Players battle for control across three distinct locales/stages: Sanctuary, Downtown, and MEKA Base.




Overhead Map


Busan came under attack by the Gwishin omnics. MEKA had successfully defeated them, but at the cost of all their mechs but the one piloted by D.Va and some collateral damage to the city itself. The Gwinshin attacked the city again one week later, in contrast to the usual gap of months. This left only D.Va to defend the city, but she managed to destroy the attackers.

Easter Eggs


  • A modified version of the Sanctuary spawn room was used as a Main Menu background for Lunar New Year 2017 (and 2018), approximately 19 months before the map was officially revealed.
  • Captain Myung's voice can be heard in the MEKA base.[1]

Patch changes


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