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South Korea South Korea
City area

Busan is a Control map in Overwatch.


Busan at night

Busan came under attack by the Gwishin omnics. MEKA successfully defeated them, but at the cost of all their mechs bar the one piloted by D.Va and some damage to the city itself. They attacked the city again one week later, in contrast to the usual gap of months. This left only D.Va to defend the city, but she managed to destroy the attackers.[1]


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Each turn is played on one of the three sections of the map:

  • Downtown
    • Downtown takes place in the city streets of Busan, including a train station, a theatre, gaming arcades, and a karaoke club.
  • Sanctuary
    • Sanctuary is a garden environment featuring old-fashioned Korean architecture and seems to be a religious area.
  • MEKA Base
    • The MEKA Base is the base of operations for the government's MEKA unit and even features D.Va's room.

Unique Features[]

There are two interactive objects:

Dance Floor[]

Dance Floor is a DDR-style arcade cabinet in the player's spawn in Busan: Downtown. The player can jump on the correct directional arrow on the dance pad matching up with what's on screen.

Alternatively, the player can also use a dance emote to get all Perfects.


There is also a karaoke room in one of the enemy's spawn rooms. The background music is a shortened version of D.Va's theme song in Heroes of the Storm. Pressing the microphone with the interact button with Ashe, Baptiste, Brigitte, D.Va, Echo, Genji, Mercy, McCree, Torbjörn, Reinhardt, Sigma, Sombra, Tracer, Widowmaker, Wrecking Ball, or Zenyatta will cause them to sing. If Reaper is prompted to do so, he will refuse. Sombra also won't sing, but she'll instead hack the karaoke screen, showing her icon and coding, and talking about herself seeing what others are doing. More karaoke lines are added in updates.

Hero Quote Audio
Home, home, on the range, where the deer and the antelope play, where seldom is heard a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day! Hey, B.O.B, c'mere! *laughs* ▶️
When I catch McCree - which I guarantee - y'all gonna see, how much he regrets crossin' me... *laughs* ▶️
No... I mean... I don't sing... Can I dance instead?
Bah ba ba ba ba ba bah, bah ba ba ba ba, ah... ah! I'm getting it, I'm getting it... give me a second!
If you need heals, there's no health stauncher, then a blast from my biotic launcher. If they're firing too fast for me to heal, then I'll drop an immortality field! ...Whoa, man! I'm out of breath! Whooo... ▶️
Ah, yeah! Ah, yeah, ah, woo! Come on! Mace to the face! ▶️
Who wants to party? Woo! Yeah, come on! Party with me! Let's go! *laughs* ▶️
I play to win, and I always do. That's just who I am. Woo! ▶️
MEKA activated! Hit you with that PEW-PEW-PEW! With that PEW-PEW-PEW! ▶️
Someone has to save the world, it might as well be me! Woo! GG! ▶️

Naneun seuta ya! Naneun dae seuta! O, i norae jae-il jo-a! Daebak! *giggles*

Hangul: 나는 스타야! 나는 대스타! 오, 이 노래 제일 좋아! 대박!
English: I'm a star! I'm a superstar! I love this song! Awesome! *giggles*

Am I programmed to dance? Yeah! Oh, ooh, wooh! ▶️
Duplicating dance moves! To the left, to the right! Dr. Liao would be proud! ▶️
Mmm, mmm, mmm, oh, ah, mmm, mmm, mmh, oh! I think I slipped a circuit! ▶️
The beat's rising! Ah, ah, ah, yeah! This is when they drop the beat! ▶️

Rin. Byō. Tō. Sha. Kai. Jin. Retsu. Zai. Zen! I need dancing!

Kanji: 臨兵闘者皆陣列在前
English: Literal: Preside. Warriors. Fight. Person. Altogether. Formation. Align. At. Front. I need dancing!
Actual meaning: Presiding warriors and fighting personnel, all align your formation up front. I need dancing!


Rin. Byō. Tō. Sha. Kai. Jin. Retsu. Zai. Zen! I need singing!

Kanji: 臨兵闘者皆陣列在前
English: Preside. Warriors. Fight. Person. Altogether. Formation. Align. At. Front. I need singing!
Actual meaning: Presiding warriors and fighting personnel, all align your formation up front. I need singing!

Ah, alright. More of a country guy but, not bad. Let's do this! Yeahhh. ▶️
Whip 'em on! Take 'em down! Uh, uh... and that is how the cowboy does it. Yeah. ▶️
Yeah, get 'em moving, get 'em rollin', get them doggies out tonight. Yeah. ▶️
Deh deh deh deh deh, do, do do do do, rum-rum-pum do do do do do do do... I love this song! ▶️

I'm a dancing doctor, dancing doctor, I'm a dancing doctor, I'm a dancing doctor, yoohoo! Hoi zäme!

English: I'm a dancing doctor, dancing doctor, I'm a dancing doctor, I'm a dancing doctor, yoohoo! Hi, everyone!


La la la la la la, do do do do do! Gesangszeit! La la la! Yeah! Super!

English: La la la la la la, do do do do do! Singing time! La la la! Yeah! Excellent!


Reaper doesn't enjoy to sing.

Give me a faster beat. If one person shouts out a request, kill the music. ▶️
What are you looking at? I don't sing. I will not. ▶️
Do do doo, hammer down! Ha ha do do do doo, hee hee hee hee hee hoo, yes, yes, hahahaha! ▶️
Ba ba ba ba ba ba, hoo yes, hammer down! Ha ba ba da ba ba! Oh, I love this! Hahahahaha! ▶️
Ooh, doo doo doo, watch me now! Ha, ha ha, look at me! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, doo doo! Ha ha! ▶️
Sexy, sexy Reinhardt! Oh yes, here we go! Move your legs and move your arms. That is how we do the dance! (laughs) ▶️

Get down with Sigma tonight. Lekker stroopwafel.

English: Yummy stroopwafel.


Sombra doesn't sing. She hacks the screen and watches over others.

I wonder what the landlord's password is. Hah... *tch tch* So simple! Let's change that for you. ▶️
Let's order some pizza for the neighborhood. And pay their rent. *gasp* And all their debt! ▶️
The network security here is so soft and cute. It's like hacking a marshmallow. ▶️
The raid leader in the gaming café upstairs is so rude. Oh no! His computer crashed... ▶️
This song library is too small. Hah! No problem. I'll add some chiptunes. ▶️
Why would I sing this little song when I can make the world sing for me? ▶️
Woo! Tracer's gonna save the day, this-is-my-song, Tracer's here! Yeah! ▶️
Make some turrets! Ahahahaha! Usually they say 'make some noise' so, that was a joke. ▶️
Watch me shake my claw! Hahaha! I'm not a dwarf, but I'll give you more! Solid down to my Molten Core! ▶️
One shot, one kill. One shot, one kill. ▶️

L'amour est cruel, et je suis plus cruel, car je ne suis jamais satisfait.

English: Love is cruel, and I am crueler, for I'm never satisfied.


Si l'amour est un jeu, j'aime gagner, même si je te fais pleurer.

English: If love's a game, I like to win, even if I make you cry.

The rhythm is in you if you search within. Get down into the Iris. Float to the beat. *hums* ▶️
Embrace the rhythm. Embrace the beat. Embrace the melody. Move your feet. ▶️


  • The MEKA base is also the background for the animated short Shooting Star.
  • The Sanctuary spawn room is based off of the spawn room that was used for the Lunar New Year Capture the Flag variant of Lijang Tower
  • Some of the buildings in the background of the Downtown map recycled buildings models from the Busan Stadium, which was a Lúcioball 2018 map.
  • The MEKA squad's mechs can be seen in the MEKA base after going down a chute near the elevated portion of the map overlooking the control point, or by entering the doors near the control point in the centre of the map. D.Va's mech is missing, however.
  • Captain Myung's voice has heard in the MEKA base.[2]
  • The Busan map was first unveiled at Korea Overwatch Fan Festival on August 22, 2018[3] and added to the PTR server on that day.
  • A Busan map was made by Shua Llorente in June, 2018—two months before Blizzard's version was released. This led some to speculate whether the timing of the map reveals was coincidental. When asked, Llorente stated ""I don’t think Blizzard was inspired by my map, since I’m the one who was inspired by their environments, and I’m the one who uses their map as a guide in creating my own maps."[4]
  • The PC Bang features many video games on its screens, such as Striker Eleven.

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