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Below me, Cairo unfurled to the horizon, a green city fading to brown after a decade of loss. New agritech installations along the Nile were starting to bring the river back to life. Along its banks were solar panels and massive battery farms that stored more energy than the country knew how to use. Civilization had flourished from the waters of the river, and even I did not believe that its current situation could be permanent. Standing sentinel above the rest of the city were the pyramids that would last until time immemorial.
~ Angela Ziegler
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Cairo is the capital city of Egypt. It is located near the ancient ruins of the Giza Plateau and the Temple of Anubis.[1] A number of opulent palaces dot the city, and its infrastructure has been described as "patchwork."[2] It is still recovering after recent attacks, with many of its citizens relocated to aid camps just outside the city. Once a "green city," Cairo is steadily "turning to brown."[3]


Ten years before the present day, Overwatch shut down the Anubis program. This had a detrimental effect on Cairo.[3]

Seven years before the present day, Director Petras ordered a full investigation of the murder of an Overwatch official in Cairo.[4]

Cairo, along with the rest of Egypt, suffered as a result of Overwatch shutting down the Anubis project. The city ended up under the control of Abdul Hakim, who used his power and influence to make himself and his followers rich, squeezing the life from the city in the process. The police and government either turned a blind eye, or were paid off. Food supplies weren't delivered to the people who needed them, and medical care became almost impossible to get. Curfews weren't imposed, but people were encouraged to stay indoors after sundown for their own protection.[2] However, Hakim was apprehended through the efforts of Ana Amari and Jack Morrison, and his network dismantled. The news reported on the actions of "Bastet" (Amari's persona), and as such, the government was forced to act.[2]

Cairo is caught in the crossfire

Not long after this, Talon launched an attack on the Temple of Anubis. In the resulting battle between Talon and HSI, the section of Cairo near the temple suffered collateral damage and civilian casualties. The injured were transferred to one of the camps located outside the city.[3]

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  • Cairo was listed as a payload map in a pre-release version of Overwatch. The artwork for the map was later used for the Temple of Anubis.[5]
  • A fan-made Cairo map was created by Joshua Llorente using Unreal Engine 4. The map caught the attention of Jeff Kaplan, who wrote "amzing work! we'll be in touch."[6]