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Capture the Rooster is a 6v6 brawl exclusive to the Year of the Rooster seasonal event. It is a capture-the-flag fight that takes place on Lijiang Tower.


Players: 12

Maps: Lijiang Control Tower, Lijiang Garden, Lijiang Market Center.

Game Type: 2-Flag Capture the Flag

Heroes: All (One each team)


Each team must capture the opposing team's flag; located on the opposite side of the map from each team's respawn zone, while also protecting their own flag from being captured by their opponents. The game is over when one team captures 3 flags, or when the 7-minute timer runs out, in which the team with the most flags is decided the winner. The game is deemed a draw if both teams have the same number of captures when the timer ends.


If a player on the winning team is capturing a flag when the timer ends, the game will still go into "overtime", giving the otherwise losing team a chance to capture a flag when the game would normally end, unnecessarily extending the game.