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Cinematics are videos created by Blizzard Entertainment to promote the Overwatch franchise. Each focuses on a different hero and map.


These cinematics come with the announcement of each Overwatch game: Overwatch and Overwatch 2.

Game Trailer Featured hero(es) Featured map(s) Release Date
Overwatch Cinematic Trailer Tracer, Winston, Reaper, Widowmaker None 7 November 2014
Overwatch We Are Overwatch Pharah, Reinhardt, D.Va, Soldier: 76, Mercy, Tracer, Genji, Winston Uk.png King's Row, Ru.png Volskaya Industries, Mx.png Dorado, Nb.png Numbani, Jp.png Hanamura, Ow.png Watchpoint: Gibraltar 18 December 2015
Overwatch Are You With Us? Winston Ow.png Watchpoint: Gibraltar 2 May 2016
Overwatch 2 Zero Hour Winston, Mei, Tracer, Genji, Reinhardt, Brigitte, Echo, Mercy Fr.png Paris 1 November 2019

Animated shorts

Animated shorts are 6 to 10 minute long videos that expand upon the lore of Overwatch. Before the launch of the game, a four-part animated series was steadily released consisting of Recall, Alive, Dragons, and Hero. After the game's launch, two animated shorts are featured each year during gamescom in August and BlizzCon in November. In 2019, no animated shorts were released and the Overwatch 2 announcement cinematic was shown instead.

No. Animated short Featured hero(es) Featured map(s) Release Date
1 Recall Icon-Winston.png Winston, Reaper Ow.png Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Ho.png Horizon Lunar Colony (flashback) 23 March 2016
2 Alive Icon-Widowmaker.png Widowmaker, Tracer Uk.png King's Row 5 April 2016
3 Dragons Icon-Hanzo.png Hanzo, Genji Jp.png Hanamura 16 May 2016
4 Hero Icon-Soldier 76.png Soldier: 76 Mx.png Dorado 22 May 2016
5 The Last Bastion Icon-Bastion.png Bastion De.png Eichenwalde 18 August 2016
6 Infiltration Icon-Sombra.png Sombra, Reaper, Widowmaker, Zarya Ru.png Volskaya Industries 4 November 2016
7 Rise and Shine Icon-Mei.png Mei Ow.png Ecopoint: Antarctica 23 August 2017
8 Honor and Glory Icon-Reinhardt.png Reinhardt, Brigitte De.png Eichenwalde 3 November 2017
9 Shooting Star Icon-D.Va.png D.Va Kr.png Busan 22 August 2018
10 Reunion Icon-McCree.png McCree, Ashe, Echo Us.png Route 66 2 November 2018

Other cinematics

These cinematics are not listed among the animated shorts.

Cinematic Featured hero(es) Featured map(s) Release Date
Junkertown: The Plan Junkrat, Roadhog Au.png Junkertown 21 August 2017

In-game cinematics

The Overwatch Archives missions Retribution and Storm Rising have in-game cinematics as cutscenes. Overwatch 2 will also feature cinematics in its PvE game modes.

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