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Monte Carlo

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Monaco Monte Carlo, Monaco
Traditional-futuristic city area
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Circuit Royal is an Escort map in Overwatch 2. Released on 26 April 2022, making it the 35th map added to the game.

Gameplay[ | ]

Circuit Royal is an escort map which takes place in 3 main locations: The Casino Front, A Vertical Curving Racetrack, and the Hotel.

The Casino Front[ | ]

The map begins at the front of the Monte Carlo casino. Attackers must push the payload round a right bend, and a left to the checkpoint. Along this push is high ground on either side, and an archway over the payload. At the end of the road is a large open area with an environmental hazard. The checkpoint is at the end of the U shaped curve near the end of the road. Attackers spawn at the Casino.

Vertical Curving Racetrack[ | ]

The next part of the map is very vertical, with the payload moving on a steep incline which curves up and around. The actual physical distance between checkpoints is short, and most of the time taken is vertical movement. The checkpoint is near the entrance to the hotel, after the curve has flattened out.

The Hotel[ | ]

The last part of the attack is the hotel, in which the payload is pushed to the very back of it. Along the track are many high ground areas, a lot of which are a significant height from the floor. On the right side of the map is also a pool area which acts as a flank for attackers or defenders. Defenders spawn at the back of the hotel.

Strategy[ | ]

Heroes[ | ]

  • Heroes such as Pharah and Echo fare well on this map due to the vertical mobility, as they can easily climb the steep inclines to fight defenders on the high ground.
  • On defence, heroes such as Soldier 76 and Widowmaker are ideal, as they can utilize the high ground much better than other heroes.
  • Ranged heroes such as Ashe, Widowmaker, and Hanzo benefit from the map's long sightlines with minimal cover

Locations[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • The map was initially named "Monte Carlo" when it was first announced at BlizzCon 2019. By March 2022, its name had been changed to "Circuit Royal." It became playable in the Overwatch 2 beta.[1]
    OW2 Blizzcon 2019 Concept Monte Carlo

    Concept Art for 'Monte Carlo' (Blizzcon 2019)

  • The map is possibly named after/in reference to the Circuit de Monaco, a famous racetrack which takes place in the City State of Monaco.
  • The Circuit Royal is home to a Formula Lux event in-Universe.[2]
    • The Payload for this map is a Formula 1 race car, modified with hover capabilities like most Overwatch vehicles.
  • In Season 1, a challenge for this map required players get 5 eliminations atop the archway near the first attacker's spawn.

References[ | ]

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