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Italy Rome, Italy
Old city area
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Colosseo is a Push map in Overwatch 2. It was released on 26 April 2022, making it the 36th map added to the game.


The Colosseo hosts robotic gladiatorial combat (via robots) and the Circuit Maximus.[1]


  • During the map's gameplay, the sounds of a Colosseum match can be heard. This is possibly the match between Maximus and Zephyrus.

Cultural References

  • The map's name is Italian for the real-world Colosseum.
  • Similarly, the Galleria Imperiale spawn room seems to be based on the real-life Pantheon. The Domus Aurea hotel near the opposite spawn room is most likely named after the real-life Domus Aurea.


  • The map was initially named "Rome" when it was first announced at BlizzConline. By March, 2022, it had been changed to "Colosseo." The map first became playable in the Overwatch 2 beta.[2]
  • The map was reworked in Season 11 of Overwatch 2.[3]
    • The glass was removed and stairs were added around TS-1 starting location for additional pathing and combat opportunities.
    • The map was extended with a new lowered section and mega health pack behind the second checkpoint for flank/rotational strategies
    • A route was added through a building that connects spawn/final point to second checkpoint.
    • The initial spawn building were pulled back to give players more room to smoothly navigate the area out front. There is no added run back time with this change.
    • The stairs and cover surrounding the final point were adjusted to improve the flow of the space and to help teams safely defend the final point.


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