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Cosmetics are items in Overwatch which allow players to customize their heroes and profiles. They do not affect gameplay. There are eight types of cosmetics: Player Icons, Skins, Emotes, Sprays, Voice Lines, Victory Poses, Highlight Intros, and Weapon Skins. Cosmetics are unlocked by opening them in loot boxes, or buying them with credits or competitive points. There are 4509 cosmetics for Overwatch (2025 of which are only available during various events).

Types of Cosmetics[]

  • Player Icons – Player icons are avatars which are displayed to a player's friends and group. They cannot be bought.
  • Skins – Skins modify the appearance of heroes with different colors or outfits. Some skins modify voice clips heard in-game.
  • Emotes – Emotes make the hero strike a pose or perform an action while in-game. They can be used through the communication wheel.
  • Sprays – Sprays can be put on surfaces by pressing the bound key or button.
  • Voice Lines – Voice lines make other players around the hero hear them say a phrase. They can be used through the communication wheel.
  • Victory Poses – Victory poses modify how a hero stands at the ending screen, if they won.
  • Highlight Intros – Highlight intros customize the animation that is shown when a player gets Play of the Game.
  • Weapon Skins - Weapon skins modify the appearance of a hero's weapon.


(Cost to Unlock)
Player Icons
Voice Lines
Victory Poses
Highlight Intros

Note: Cosmetics bought with competitive points do not have a known rarity system.

Progression System[]

Players gain experience by completing matches in any game mode. The amount of experience players earn per game varies based on a number of factors. After gaining enough experience, players will level up and receive a loot box. After reaching level 100, players will gain a star under their portrait and restart at level 1. Experience needed to level up is gradually increased from levels 1-100. The amount of experience needed to reach levels after 100 is constant (20,000 XP) and will no longer reset after each promotion.[1]

In Quick Play and Arcade, you gain XP from completing the following actions:

Name Quantity Notes
Time 210XP/min
Match Finish 150XP
Backfill 400XP If you join a match to replace a player who left
Win 500XP
Consecutive Match 300XP If you have not left the game since your previous match
Gold Medal 150XP Having the largest value or tied for the largest value for Eliminations, Damage Done, Objective Kills, Objective Time, or Healing Done
Silver Medal 100XP Having the second largest value
Bronze Medal 50XP Having the third largest value
Giving an endorsement 50XP Up to three times per game
First Win of the Day 1500XP
Group Bonus +20% All experience

You will only earn XP for the highest medal achieved.

In Play vs A.I., you gain XP from completing the following actions (all are increased by 20% when playing in a group):

  • ~2.02 XP per second played in a match
  • +150 XP for completing an entire match
  • +300 XP if you also won
  • +120 XP if you've now played 2 or more matches in a row
  • +90/60/30 XP for getting gold/silver/bronze as your highest medal (once per game)
  • +1500 for your first win of the day

[citation needed]

Hero Gallery[]

Hero Gallery.jpg

The Hero Gallery is where players customize their heroes, view items they’ve unlocked, and spend Creditscredits.

To access the Hero Gallery, navigate to the game's main menu and click on Hero Gallery. From the gallery, you can select the hero you'd like to customize, and then see all of the skins, emotes, victory poses, voice lines, sprays, and highlight intros available for that hero. Equip an item you want to use from your collection, or click the "Unlock" button to spend credits and unlock that skin or spray you've been eyeing. Changing your player icon must be done through the Career Profile > Player Icons page.

Seasonal cosmetics[]

During seasonal events, exclusive time-limited cosmetics become available from seasonal loot boxes. Starting with the first Halloween Terror event, seasonal cosmetics can also be purchased with credits. The amount of credits needed to unlock newly added seasonal cosmetics is three times as much as the amount needed for regular cosmetics and older seasonal cosmetics from a previous event. Any seasonal cosmetic is only available for unlocking during the associated event.


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