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Crowd Control is an effect in Overwatch.

It comes from a weapon or ability that disrupts an opponent by either forcibly moving them, or inhibiting their ability to use their own weapon or abilities.

Knock Back[]

A Knock Back is an ability that forcibly moves a hero. All explosive weapons with the exception of Energy Ball and Sticky Bombs apply knock back, to both the user and enemies, and will not be listed below. Additionally, the standard Quick Melee, available to most heroes, deals a small amount of knock back.

Weapons that apply Knock Back
Abilities that apply Knock Back
Abilities that apply self-induced Knock Back

Knock Up[]

A Knock Up is an ability that changes a hero's momentum, as well as forcibly moving them a fixed amount. Typically, a player cannot control their movement until they land.

Abilities that apply Knock Up


Main Article: Stun

A stun is an ability that prevents a player from making any input, as well as immobilizing them.

Abilities that apply Stun
Abilities that apply effects similar to Stun
  • Mei: Blizzard and Endothermic Blaster, primary fire. These both apply freeze, after a target has taken enough ticks of damage from the abilities. Can be cleansed.

Knock Down[]

A Knock down is similar to stun but also lowers the enemy's hitbox and changes certain states on them, such as Bastion's Configuration: Sentry.

Abilities that apply Knock Down

Abilities that apply effects similar to Knock Down

  • Ana: Sleep Dart, puts the enemy to sleep. Ends upon the sleeping hero receiving any damage.
  • Reinhardt: Charge, pins a hero and moves them until the ability ends, or they hit a wall.
  • Roadhog: Chain Hook, grabs the hero and pulls them towards Roadhog.

Interactions that result in Knock Down


A slow is a weapon or ability that prevents a hero from moving at top speed. Slowing effects caused by enemies stack with each other, but do not stack with self-inflicted effects. Instead, the greatest slowing effect of the two will take effect.

Weapons that apply Slow
Abilities that apply Slow
Weapons that apply a self-inflicted Slow
Abilities that apply a self-inflicted Slow


An ability that pulls a hero towards a point. This may last over a duration.

Weapons that apply Graviton

Abilities that apply Graviton


A root is an effect that prevents a hero from moving, but enables them to still fight back. Disables mobility abilities.

Abilities that apply Root

Non-Mobility Crowd Control[]

There are other forms of Crowd Control that do not affect a hero's movement capabilities.


An Anti-Heal prevents a hero from receiving any healing.

Abilities that apply anti-heal


A hack silences a hero, preventing them from using any abilities. This also disables most passives.

Abilities that apply hack