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General Balderich von Adler
German military
Eichenwalde[1], Germany
Knight order
Live with honor, die with glory!
~ Crusader motto

The Crusaders were a military order of modern knights active during the Omnic Crisis. They worked in conjunction with the German military, providing support for attached teams of soldiers, who utilized their shields to provide cover and advance under fire.[2] They were equipped with power armor capable of deploying barrier shields, and utilized rocket hammers as their standard weapon.[3]


During the Omnic Crisis, the Crusaders engaged the omnics in battle. They were forced into retreat.[4]

As the fighting in Germany progressed, the town of Eichenwalde came under attack by omnic forces. General Balderich von Adler took a handful of Crusaders to the village in an effort to outflank the omnic army. Balderich's soldiers were able to break down the enemy forces, giving the German military an opportunity to push back, but Lieutenant Reinhardt Wilhelm was the only Crusader to make it out of the battle.[5][6]

Known Members[]

  • General Balderich von Adler (leader, deceased)
  • Lieutenant Reinhardt Wilhelm
  • An unnamed female Crusader clad in bronze-hued armor (presumed deceased)
  • An unnamed Crusader clad in bronze-hued armor (presumed deceased)


  • The Crusaders may be named in reference to the Crusades. Germany itself played a role in the Crusades of the 12th century.
  • The Crusaders' armor bears similarities to CMC armor in Blizzard's StarCraft universe, possessing a similar hydraulic and exhaust system.
  • The Crusader poster tagline, when translated, reads as "The Crusaders stand guard."
  • Charge of the Crusaders II is a movie that features the Crusaders.


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