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D.Mon MEKA.png

Real Name
Yuna Lee (이유나)
South KoreaKorean
Professional gamer (formerly)
Mech Pilot
Busan, South Korea
Mobile Exo-Force
Cathy Shim

D.Mon, real name Yuna Lee, is a member of South Korea's Mobile Exo-Force.


I'm hit!
~ D.Mon

Yuna was on the same Mecha Guardian V e-sports team as Hana Song,[1] and they chose similar handles ("D.Va" and "D.Mon") to reflect this.[2][3] Both of them ended up joining MEKA to protect South Korea from the Gwishin omnics.

In one battle, she was injured and her mech heavily damaged. While it was being picked up by a crane, she helped Overlord out of his downed mech. During the following press conference she was seen with a bruise on her cheek.[4]


  • D.Mon's mech is named Beast[5] and has a humanoid configuration with a large, bulky frame. It also features a green energy shield projector built into its right arm, and a red and white paint job.
  • Although D.Va is the only MEKA member who has an official mascot, Chu said that, unofficially, he could see D.Mon's being a bear.[6]
  • In the MEKA base, the doors of the team's personal quarters are color coded. D.Mon's is red, and next door to D.Va's.
  • D.Mon is said to be tough and protective of her team. [3]


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