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“Time to save the world? Game on!”

Real Name
Hana Song (송하나)
21; Birthday: June 22nd
South Korea Korean
Professional gamer (formerly)
Mech pilot
MEKA Base, Busan, South Korea (formerly)
Watchpoint: Gibraltar
Mobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army (MEKA) (South Korean Army)
Charlet Chung[1] (English)

Geneviève Doang (French)
Julia Meynen (German)
Martina Felli (Italian)
Risa Taneda (Japanese)
Kim Hyeon-ji (Korean)
Tao Dian (Chinese Mandarin)
Mu Syuan-ming (Taiwanese Mandarin)
Zuzanna Galia (Polish)
Juliana Vasconcelos (Brazilian Portuguese)
Ekaterina Semyonova (Russian)
Tania Ugía (European Spanish)
Meli G (Latin American Spanish)

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200 (Open queue)
350 (Role queue)
175 (Pilot Form)
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D.Va is a Tank hero in Overwatch. She is one of the 21 heroes included in the game's release on 24 May 2016.


D.Va’s mech is nimble and powerful — its twin Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons blast away with autofire at short range, and she can use its Ability-dva2 Boosters to barrel over enemies and obstacles, or absorb attacks with her projectile-destroying Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix.


Role: Tank
Passive Ability
Reduces knockbacks and critical damage received. Less ultimate generated by healing and damage received. Increases base health in Role Queue game modes.

Ability details:
  • Reduces the speed of knockbacks received by 40%
  • Ultimate generation is reduced by 40%.
  • Reduces the total damage received from critical hits, such as headshots, by 25%.
    • Weapons with a lower 1.5x headshot modifier ignore this damage reduction completely.
    • The effectiveness to abilities that deal critical damage through other means than headshots is ambiguous: Ability-reinhardt5 Earthshatter and Overrun icon Overrun are affected by the damage reduction, but Ability Sombra Virus Virus and Volatile Chaingun icon Volatile Chaingun's forced critical hits against burning targets are not.
    • The reduction stacks additively with other modifiers affecting damage taken.
  • All tanks have 150 more health in Role Queue. The amount of armor and/or shields remains the same.

Passive Ability
Eject out of your mech when it's destroyed.
150 health
Cast time:
1.5 seconds
D.Va's mech will automatically eject her when it reaches 1 Health. This forces D.Va into Pilot Form.

Ability details:
  • D.Va can use Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct while ejecting.
  • D.Va is invulnerable while ejecting.
  • If D.Va falls off the map while still in her mech, she will be instantly eliminated.

Fusion Cannons
Key mouse 1
Weapon (Primary Fire, Mech)
Effect Type
Shotgun Shotgun (hitscan)
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Automatic short-range spread weapons.
2 – 0.6
Falloff range:
10 - 20 meters
Rate of fire:
6.667 shots/s
Bullets per shot:
11 per shot
Spread angle:
Constant: 3.375 degrees
Move. speed:
-30% penalty
Projectile radius:
0.05 meters

Ability details:
  • Damage per second: 146 while firing
  • No movement speed penalty while Ability-dva2 Boosters are active.

Example Video

Light Gun
Key mouse 1
Weapon (Primary Fire, Pilot)
Effect Type
Projectile Projectile
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Automatic weapon.
Rate of fire:
7 shots/s
Reload time:
1.4 seconds
Projectile speed:
50 m/s
Projectile radius:
0.275 meters
While outside of her mech, D.Va can continue the fight with a mid-range automatic blaster.

Ability details:
  • Damage per second: 98.00 while firing (65.01 overall w/ reload)
  • Projectile radius is 0.25 meters.

Example Video

Defense Matrix
Key mouse 2
Ability (Mech)
Block projectiles in an area in front of you.
Cast time:
0.5 seconds (min)
3.5 seconds (max)
Max. range:
10 meters
1 second
6 seconds to full charge

Ability details:

Example Video

Ability (Mech)
Effect Type
Melee Melee
Movement Movement
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Fly in the direction you are facing.
Cast time:
0.4 seconds (min)
2 seconds (max)
Max. range:
Up to 24 meters
Move. speed:
+118.2% buff (self)
17.2 m/s (knockback)
3.5 seconds
D.Va’s mech launches into the air, her momentum carrying her forward. She can turn and change directions or barrel through her enemies, knocking them back.

Ability details:
  • Can be used simultaneously with Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons, melee, Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles, and/or Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix.
  • Does not affect Fusion Cannons or Micro Missiles accuracy. Although reticles with the 'show accuracy' option enabled suggest a spread increase when using the Boosters, it is a purely cosmetic change.
  • Boosters movement speed is unaffected by gravity, but is affected by slowing effects.

Example Video

Micro Missiles
Ability (Mech)
Effect Type
Projectile Projectile
Area of effect Area of effect
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Partially blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Partially blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Partially affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Launch a volley of explosive rockets.
3 (direct hit)
1.375 - 5.5 (splash, enemy)
1.375 - 5.5 (splash, self)
Rate of fire:
Cast time:
0.256 + 0 seconds
Area of effect:
1.5 meter splash radius
Projectile speed:
50 m/s
Projectile radius:
0.175 meters
7 seconds

Ability details:
  • Damage per second: 93.5 while firing
  • Deals up to a total of 153 damage.
  • Cannot be manually cancelled.
  • Micro Missiles is a channeled ability; it is interrupted by becoming stunned, knocked down, or hacked, including subsidiary effects, putting the ability on cooldown.
    • If the ability is interrupted before the end of the casting time, the cooldown will not start.
  • The projectile can be destroyed while in midair by Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix, Abilities-sigma3 Kinetic Grasp, and Ability JavelinSpin Javelin Spin and reflected by Ability-genji2 Deflect, but the splash is unaffected.
  • Baptiste-ability4 Amplification Matrix affects all damage dealt if the projectile passes through it. Splash damage alone going through is not amplified.

1700 points
Ultimate Ability (Mech)
Effect Type
Area of effect Area of effect
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Eject and overload your mech, causing it to explode after a short time.
1000 - 100
Cast time:
0 + 0.13 seconds
3 seconds
Area of effect:
6 - 20 meter radius
Move. speed:
22.1 m/s (knockback)

Ability details:
  • Enemies hit by the explosion are also knocked back.
  • If Self-Destruct was activated while Ability-dva2 Boosters were on, they will remain active for their remaining duration.
    • The moving mech can be stopped by any ability that would interrupt Boosters.
  • Automatically reloads the Ability-dva5 Light Gun.
  • Using Self-Destruct allows (pilot) D.Va to escape Abilities-sigma5 Gravitic Flux, leaving the exploding mech in the suspension.
  • Life Grip Icon Life Grip cannot be used on the exploding mech.

Example Video

Call Mech
280 points
Ultimate Ability (Pilot)
Effect Type
Area of effect Area of effect
Blocked by barriers.
Ignores barriers.
Blocked by Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Ignores Defense Matrix/Kinetic Grasp.
Blocked by Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Ignores Deflect/Javelin Spin.
Affected by damage boosts.
Ignores damage boosts.
Affected by Amplification Matrix.
Ignores Amplification Matrix.
Call down a new mech.
Cast time:
0.9 + 2 seconds
Max. range:
1.5 meters
Area of effect:
3 meter radius
Move. speed:
15.1 m/s (knockback)

Ability details:
  • Enemies hit by Call Mech take damage and are knocked back.
  • Becomes completely charged after Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct detonates, or if D.Va is Ability-mercy5 Resurrected.
  • Has to be grounded to activate.
  • Call Mech is a channeled ability; it is interrupted by becoming stunned, knocked down, or hacked, including subsidiary effects, consuming the ultimate charge.
  • Entering the mech will allow D.Va to escape Abilities-sigma5 Gravitic Flux; however, it must be activated beforehand, as the ability will be disabled once Gravitic Flux takes effect.
  • D.Va cannot be pulled by Life Grip Icon Life Grip during Call Mech.

Example Video

Hero-specific options

Setting name Options Description
Toggle Defense Matrix Off (default) Defense Matrix deactivates when player stops holding the button.
On Defense Matrix deactivates when player presses the button again.
Hold to use Boosters Off (default) Boosters deactivates when player presses the button again.
On Boosters deactivates when player stops holding the button.
Hide Boosters cancel text Off (default) Cancel text UI element is displayed to the left of the crosshair.
On Cancel text UI element is hidden.
Hide Boosters timer Off (default) Timer UI element is displayed around the crosshair.
On Timer UI element is hidden.
Light Gun input Primary Fire (default) Pressing Primary Fire fires Light Gun.
Secondary Fire Pressing Secondary Fire fires Light Gun.
Both Pressing either Primary Fire or Secondary Fire fires Light Gun.
Relative Light Gun aim sensitivity 1% ... 500% (default: 100%) Multiplier to base aim sensitivity in Pilot Form.


D.Va is a unique tank with some mobility. With very high health and Ability-dva2 Boosters, she can close a gap to the enemy with ease. She has high damage output at close-range, making her a strong fighter in a 1-on-1 match. Her Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix is useful against all incoming projectiles regardless of DPS, protecting her teammates from enemy fire. The Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles deal high amount of damage when used in close range. She is a dangerous flanker in the Tank class, dealing consistent damage to the enemy. Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct will wipe all opponents within the blast area. However, she doesn't have an extended barrier to properly protect her team like Reinhardt. She is also slow while firing, allowing the enemy to outrun her to disengage or move around her to distract her aiming. Both Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons and Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles are ineffective against anything further than medium-range, meaning she can be outranged by the enemy before she even has a chance to close a gap with Ability-dva2 Boosters.

Weapons & Abilities

  • Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons: D.Va's main weapons on the mech. Her mech can fire consistent shotgun-like bullets onto the targeted point. She can rapidly fire her bullets without needing to reload, but suffers from slow movement while firing.
    • While firing her Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons, D.Va's movement speed is reduced by 40%, down to 3.3 m/s.
    • Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons have 11 bullets per shot and large spreading; position yourself to the closest of the targets so that they won't be able to escape from you while firing.
    • Aiming for the upper-body is recommended due to the nature of spread in combination with infinite ammo.
    • Spraying the bullets at mid-to-long range has little to no effect, but it can pressure the enemy and sometimes interrupt some certain abilities when hit, like supports' self-healing passive and Sombra's Ability Sombra Thermoptic Camo Stealth.
    • The Ability-dva5 Light Gun does not have damage falloff, and is actually more effective than the Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons at long range.
  • Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix: D.Va's primary defensive ability. When activated, the targeting-array will pop up from the front of her mech, reaching up to 10 meters away. All incoming projectiles will be shot down mid-air when they come into range of this ability. D.Va cannot attack with her Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons while using it.
    • While Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix has infinite "health" and can block any number of projectiles, it only lasts for 3 seconds when used continuously, and requires 1 second before beginning a recharge, which takes 6 seconds until it is fully recharged. Try to use it as a quick-burst protection instead of as a main blocking tool like the barriers of Reinhardt or Sigma.
    • If some hero rushes into a group of enemies, use Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix to cover your allies when needed. For example, cover Winston when he jumps in or cover Pharah when she is using her ultimate. You can protect your teammates with Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix without needing to be right next to them thanks to its long range. Keep its short duration in mind; try not to spend all of its charge and leaving yourself as the enemy's main target.
    • Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix only blocks fire from the front, and cannot negate incoming projectiles from other directions, making it ineffective against flankers and less viable when used as a barrier to protect her team or herself.
    • Keep playing a mind game; try to lure some heroes like Zarya or Mei into thinking that you have run out of Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix so that you can use it to block their Ultimate. D.Va's Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix is very useful to erase a powerful ultimate if timed properly.
    • When retreating from a group of enemies, activating Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix while moving backward will greatly help D.Va to survive a strong attack.
  • Ability-dva2 Boosters: When activated, D.Va's mech will launch into the air. She will move forward with faster movement speed and be able to adjust her momentum for 2 seconds. Deals damage and knockback to enemies when collided with. Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons are available to use during Boosters.
    • The cooldown triggers after the Ability-dva2 Boosters ability ends.
    • Despite its small damage, it can still be used with a melee combo to guarantee a strong knockback and decent damage dealt.
    • Using Ability-dva2 Boosters in combination with Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons can guarantee a kill on injured enemies who are trying to retreat.
    • D.Va can activate Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix during the flight to protect herself from enemy fire.
    • Ability-dva2 Boosters can be stopped mid-use by a melee attack or Ability-dva2 Boosters' key again.
  • Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles: When activated, D.Va's mech will launch a volley of missiles after a short cast time. The missiles will travel in a straight line and hit the first solid target. The ability can be activated in all actions and can't be stopped until D.Va is stunned or the mech is destroyed. The missiles can damage the D.Va who fired them.
    • Combining the ability with primary fire can ensure a kill on an isolated enemy. It is less effective when used on a group of enemies, but still provides a strong pressure and enough damage to gain a great amount of ultimate charge.
    • Since it can be activated at any time, consider using it when Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix is activated. This will render the enemy's attack useless and hurt them with a bunch of missiles.
    • Try not to waste the ability on a hero with a stun attack, since a stun effect can interrupt the missiles immediately.
    • It's better not to use missiles apart from close range. The missiles travel at a slow speed and only deal small damage upon impact. Additionally, the enemy team can easily see it coming from afar and walk a step back to dodge it.
  • Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct: (Ultimate): The ultimate of D.Va's mech. D.Va will eject from her mech, which will detonate after 3 seconds. It deals massive damage upon explosion in a very large area around it.
    • The mech will receive any momentum from Ability-dva2 Boosters if they were used prior to activating Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct. Use this to launch it in the right direction, and even to stall its travel around corners and catch enemies by surprise.
    • The blast creates a strong knockback effect on any opponents that survive, sometimes launching them into a pit or off a cliff.
    • Any cover will block the damage from Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct entirely; even a light post that is large enough to cover the hero's size will allow them to survive the blast.
    • Succeeding in using Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct's explosion will fully charge D.Va's Ability-dva6 Call Mech ability. However, if your mech is blown off a cliff while the countdown is still going, you will not gain any ultimate charge.
    • After her mech takes critical damage, there is a brief window between the damage being taken and her ejecting from the cockpit where an ultimate can be used to cause the mech to detonate rather than simply being destroyed. This will also give her a full Ability-dva6 Call Mech ultimate charge.
  • Ability-dva5 Light Gun: D.Va's main weapon after her mech is destroyed. The Ability-dva5 Light Gun deals considerable damage with fast (but not hitscan) projectile bullets.
    • The weapon is very accurate at most ranges. D.Va can use while kiteing enemies and charge her ultimate meter to call a new mech.
    • With her small hitbox, D.Va can dance around and kite the enemy, using the weapon's projectile nature to cut off the enemy's escape routes. Keep in mind that you have low survivability and lack movement options in pilot form, though.
    • The Ability-dva5 Light Gun does not have damage falloff, and is actually more effective than the Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons at long range.
  • Ability-dva6 Call Mech: (Ultimate): D.Va can call a new mech after her previous one is destroyed.
    • The mech will deal considerable damage around it upon impact, killing any low health character. However, you must make sure that you can safely return to the mech.
    • The ability creates a strong knockback upon cast. It can launch the enemy to an environmental kill.
    • Both D.Va and her mech can be damaged or killed while she is entering the mech.
    • When not fully operating the mech, any damage being dealt to you will not transfer to ultimate charge for your enemies.

General Strategies

  • While D.Va is considered a Tank, a lot of successful D.Va players use her like Reaper. Flanking and harassing are some of D.Va's strong suits. Her high damage output at close range coupled with her Ability-dva2 Boosters movement ability makes it easy for her to get "shotgun-like" damage in and escape with ease.
  • Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix is especially strong against most damage dealers. It can even negate a dangerous bullet from Cassidy's Ability-mccree4 Deadeye or even Pharah's Ability-parah4 Barrage.
  • You can close the gap on most heroes with Ability-dva2 Boosters, but you will be susceptible to enemy fire while airborne. Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can be used during Ability-dva2 Boosters, so activate it while flying towards a target that's shooting at you.
  • You need to prioritize protecting the team from flankers and snipers, potentially by rushing them down at close range. Snipers are your first target since they are vulnerable at close range followed by other damage dealers depending on the situation and their position.
  • Strategize where and when to place a Ability-dva4 Self-Destructing mech. The 3 seconds countdown of Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct is long enough for your enemies to find cover or get behind a friendly Barrier. One effective tool is to use Ability-dva2 Boosters before Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct to send the Ultimate out from a blind spot towards a place where there is less cover.
  • D.Va's high damage in her mech is useful against Tanks. Due to their large size and slow speed, the burst damage of Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles and Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons can chew through a lot of health.
  • Even though Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix will destroy all projectiles, it will not absorb beams such as Zarya's Ability-zarya1 Particle Cannon, Mei's Ability-mei1 Endothermic Blaster, Moira's Ability Moira Biotic Grasp Biotic Grasp, or Symmetra's Ability-symmetra1 Photon Projector.
  • D.Va has a large critbox in front of her mech (the cockpit). You will receive critical damage easier than most heroes, so avoid turning your mech to face oncoming fire without Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix active.
  • Ramming an enemy with Ability-dva2 Boosters deals damage in addition to mild knockback, which may be enough to finish off a low-health opponent.
    • If you melee attack an enemy player while D.Va's Ability-dva2 Boosters are active, you will deal greatly increased damage and knockback to the target, allowing easy environmental kills.
  • When out of the suit, D.Va's primary goal is to score as many headshots as possible, as fast as possible, to call her next mech. You may want to target a distant, large enemy such as Roadhog or an enemy D.Va to regain your ultimate charge.

Match-Ups and Team Synergy


Hero Match-Up Team Synergy
D.Va mirror matches are extremely bizarre. Both of you are going to try to act smart and fight around each others' Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix. Don't use too much of your Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix at any point, so that you are always able to counter the opponent's Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles and Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons should they use them, and simultaneously try not to fire your Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles until you're sure your opponent has crossed this threshold. If your opponent is blocking your attacks, do not stop firing. Your ammo is infinite; her Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix is not. Eventually her Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix will drop, and she will be completely out of luck, especially if your teammates show up to join the fight. While they block your shots with Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix, get in close and use melee attacks to put in damage. Generally speaking, though, it's a bad idea to fight with another D.Va unless you're certain she has low health. She might not kill you, but she'll waste a lot of your time that should be spent helping your team, so it's better to retreat and have her either disengage or chase you back to meet your team and a gruesome end. If the other D.Va loses her mech, just activate Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix while she fires her gun, because now she has to reload while you don't. As soon as she starts reloading, start shooting. A few unblocked shots will make you lose your Mech if you're not careful - a Pilot D.Va can take you out with 25 headshots, or in 5.02 seconds, but play it right and you can take her out. If you lose your mech first, try to disengage. Backpedal and continue firing, trying to regroup with your team. If she activates Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix, stop firing and reload; this will make her drop her Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix, but by then you'll have reloaded and you can fire again. D.Va has no notable team synergy with another D.Va.
Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can only negate Doomfist's primary fire, and his consistent stunning moves can make escaping him excessively difficult. Choosing to fight him head-on alone will also end badly, as his ability to generate overhealth means he'll usually be able to outlast you until your Mech is destroyed, at which point you're as good as gone. Keep your distance, and only engage when you have teammates to help you or if he's already nearly dead. Be careful with using Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix when a friendly Doomfist is using Power Block Power Block, as he may be looking to absorb damage to empower his Rocket punch Rocket Punch.
Icon-junker queen
Junker Queen
With no barriers to block your attacks, fighting Junker Queen is a breath of fresh air compared to other Tanks. That being said, Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can only block Junker Queen's Scatter Gun Icon Scattergun and a thrown Jagged Blade Icon Jagged Blade, whereas you and your team are still vulnerable to Carnage Icon Carnage. With smart usage of Ability-dva2 Boosters, though, you should typically be able to avoid Carnage Icon Carnage thanks to its long wind-up time. One minor issue when fighting Junker Queen is Commanding Shout Icon Commanding Shout being able to save herself or her nearby teammates when they're near death. When hit by Rampage Icon Rampage, it's best to retreat, since Adrenaline Rush Icon Adrenaline Rush combined with Rampage Icon Rampage's wound damage will mean that you're more likely to lose your Mech before you can finish Junker Queen off. D.Va has no notable team synergy with Junker Queen.
Orisa can use Ability JavelinSpin Javelin Spin to block your Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles, and thanks to Ability Orisa Fortify Fortify, quickly gunning Orisa down can prove to be difficult. However, your Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can absorb her primary fire, making most fights with her come down to a standstill. While Defense Matrix can also block Orisa's Ability EnergyJavelin Energy Javelin, it can be hard to predict. If fighting in an area with pits, don't use your Ability-dva2 Boosters too frequently, as Orisa can push you in with Energy Javelin and Javelin Spin, and you'll want to be able to quickly fly out. Thanks to the low cooldown of Ability JavelinSpin Javelin Spin, Orisa will often be shoving you around to places you don't want to be and denying you your Ability-dva2 Boosters, so try to keep your distance from her to avoid this. When Orisa uses her ultimate, Ultimate TerraSurge Terra Surge, try to quickly get out using Ability-dva2 Boosters. Orisa cannot block Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct for her team, but she can survive it with Ability Orisa Fortify Fortify, so try to time it accordingly if possible. A sturdy Orisa as your teammate frees you up to play as a more aggressive Tank. With that in mind, don't leave her to fend for herself; once you've picked off any flankers or lone enemies, try to stay by your Orisa to make sure she isn't ambushed, since she's not as handy as you are in a close range fight.
Ramattra is one of the more difficult Tanks for D.Va to deal with. When in Omnic Form, he can spam his Void Accelerator Icon Void Accelerator at you from a distance, and while you can easily block it with Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix, Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix's maximum duration is only so long, whereas Void Accelerator Icon Void Accelerator's lack of damage falloff and large ammo capacity means that blocking it is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. If you close the distance on him, Ramattra can activate Nemesis Form Icon Nemesis Form, which is even worse; his Pummel Icon Pummel strikes can't be blocked by Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix, and with each punch dealing 60 damage, it won't be long before you lose your Mech. Void Barrier Icon Void Barrier can stop you from landing good hits on him and his team, and even if you maneuver around it, you'll just end up in the close range of his Nemesis Form Icon Nemesis Form. All in all, there's very little you can do against an enemy Ramattra beyond play with the hand you've been dealt; block Void Accelerator Icon Void Accelerator when possible, but more often it's better to use terrain as cover. Pelt him from medium range with your Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons, and when he enters Nemesis Form Icon Nemesis Form, either retreat or try to focus on weak teammates that he is no longer able to protect without his Void Barrier Icon Void Barrier. During Annihilation Icon Annihilation, unless Ramattra is already near-death, it's best to run rather than fight, as the combination of his Ultimate and his Pummel Icon Pummel strikes will not only cause you to quickly lose your Mech, but will only cause Annihilation Icon Annihilation to last even longer to rip through the rest of your team. D.Va has no notable team synergy with Ramattra.
Your quick mobility, ramming potential, and burst-fire capabilities allow you to chase down a lone Reinhardt and quickly finish him off. Conversely, if Reinhardt is chasing after you, fly away and he will be incapable of catching up. Using Ability-dva2 Boosters to fly into Reinhardt can also distract him just enough for your team to advance and attack his teammates, whom he is no longer protecting. However, be wary that Reinhardt can block your Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct with his barrier. It is therefore best to save Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct until the opposing Reinhardt is dead, his barrier is shattered, or an ally is able to disrupt him and force him to drop his barrier. As D.Va lacks any capability to produce shields, a friendly Reinhardt can cover your role as a primary Tank while you block large-impact attacks and chase after enemies Reinhardt is incapable of pursuing. The stun of Ability-reinhardt5 Earthshatter is an excellent setup to safely perform a team-wipe with Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct.
Roadhog fights are extremely unfortunate, because your Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix does not stop his Ability-Roadhog3 Chain Hook. If you get hooked, do not start fighting back. Instead, immediately hit your Ability-dva2 Boosters, turn around, and fly back to your team. Chances are you'll survive the encounter, but if you play by his game and fight him after being hooked, he can potentially destroy your mech in two shots if he gets a headshot. Even if he misses the hook and you're in a 1 on 1 situation, his self-heal from Ability-Roadhog2 Take a Breather will allow him to outlast you, and eventually you'll lose your mech, at which point you're easy pickings. While you aren't much help against Roadhog in a 1 on 1 fight, you're much more helpful in a group fight. When your allies are hooked by Roadhog, quickly boosting in and activating Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can save them from a grizzly end. This will require quick reaction time, so when the opponent has a Roadhog and you're entering a group-fight, you should always have Ability-dva2 Boosters and Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix at the ready. When out of your mech, only fight Roadhog at extremely safe range while using cover. If you get in his hook's range, he will grab you and end you, but if you keep your distance, he can't do anything but soak up damage while you quickly build back up your Ability-dva6 Call Mech Ultimate. Teaming up a D.Va and Roadhog will result in your team lacking heavily in protection. However, among the Tanks, D.Va and Roadhog are also arguably the most offensively powerful. With the right team comp that focuses more on barreling through an enemy line rather than slowly pushing and protecting your team, you can pick off key targets while your Damage allies finish off any stragglers.
Sigma's Abilities-sigma3 Kinetic Grasp is very similar to your own Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix; the main differences between the two is that Abilities-sigma3 Kinetic Grasp has a lengthy cooldown compared to your rechargeable meter and that projectiles absorbed by Abilities-sigma3 Kinetic Grasp are converted to overhealth for the enemy Sigma. When Sigma has Abilities-sigma3 Kinetic Grasp active, be careful not to use your Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles or fire at him; instead, charge him with your Ability-dva2 Boosters or stick with your team and prepare to attack once the ability concludes. While it's best to try to fight around Sigma's Abilities-sigma2 Experimental Barrier, if the barrier is active but his team isn't nearby, you can take a second to attack and shatter the barrier while it's out in the open. If you do this and run into Sigma shortly after, he'll be down a barrier and therefore be less capable of protecting his team and himself. When Sigma activates Abilities-sigma5 Gravitic Flux, it may be wise to fly up and away from your team, rather than backpedaling together with them and making yourselves easy targets; the high speed of your Ability-dva2 Boosters may also help you escape the rim of the ability just before it attempts to lift you. As Gravitic Flux alone is not enough to kill full health heroes, use your Defense Matrix to block fire from Sigma and his team, so that your allies don't take enough damage to die from Gravitic Flux's slam. With a friendly Sigma on your team, you'll have an incredibly easy time negating incoming projectiles and covering each other's bases. That being said, you'll have a much greater difficulty against beam weapons such as those of Zarya and Symmetra. Try to do your fair share of absorbing projectiles and don't put the burden of protection on your friendly Sigma; if his Abilities-sigma2 Experimental Barrier goes down, both he and your team will be far more fragile.
Icon-wrecking ball
Wrecking Ball
If you and Wrecking Ball both stay put and fire away at one another, you're almost certain to come out on top. Unfortunately, due to his high mobility, this will rarely be the case. While it's unlikely that Wrecking Ball will ever land a kill on you unless he's supported by his allies, his primary asset against you is being a nuisance who will refuse to die. Ramming him with your Ability-dva2 Boosters can temporarily disrupt him if he's swinging around, but even then he can simply roll away from a fight he doesn't wish to continue. As much as he may try to attract your attention, try to focus on killing Wrecking Ball's teammates in a group fight before turning your focus to him. If your team decides to run both D.Va and Wrecking Ball as your tanks, you're offering your team extremely minimal protection. That being said, if your team is filled with heroes who prefer to stay mobile and fend for themselves, such as Genji, Tracer and Lucio, this may be an acceptable, aggressive team composition.
Out of your mech, Winston is a nightmare, because he'll just Ability-winston2 Jump Pack towards you and taser you before you can whittle through his massive health. In your mech, though, his gun will only deal insignificant damage to your larger health pool while you quickly gun him down due to his large hitbox. A well-aimed [[File:Lua error in Module:Show at line 41: cargoQuery first result is nil; ability = Booster; property = ability_image.|middle|link=Lua error in Module:Show at line 41: cargoQuery first result is nil; ability = Booster; property = _pageName.#Booster|22x22px]] [[Lua error in Module:Show at line 41: cargoQuery first result is nil; ability = Booster; property = _pageName.#Booster|Booster]] ram can knock him out of his Ability-winston3 Barrier Projector's protection, making him easier to kill. If he jumps away, chase him down with your Ability-dva2 Boosters and finish him off. The classic "dive comp" combo, D.Va and Winston both have the ability to quickly move towards, or "dive", an enemy. This is especially helpful to ambush foes that wish to remain on the backline, such as Widowmaker or Support heroes. Try to coordinate with a friendly Winston so you both ambush the same target simultaneously.
Zarya is among D.Va's greatest enemies, as she can build lots of charge from the fire of D.Va's Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons and Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles, and her beam is not blocked by Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix. She also has more than enough health to go up against D.Va's damage output, unlike other characters with beam weapons such as Symmetra and Mei. If an enemy Zarya's Ability-zarya1 Particle Cannon is supercharged, she will mow you down without mercy. Just always keep calm and think things through. If her Ability-zarya2 Particle Barrier's up, try not to fight her. Either pause and wait until the bubble drops or flee if you feel you must. When the barrier's down and you think you stand a chance, close the gap as much as you can (you can Ability-dva2 Boost up/around her while the barrier's up) and try to fight at point blank range. If you get her near-death and she activates her barrier, it's sometimes a better move to force your way through the barrier; she'll be empowered, but you'll be taking the gamble that you can finish her off before she can kill you. She can easily overpower you at mid range, but you might be able to quickly take her out if you nail her face quick enough. Overall, always remember to take extreme caution with her, and if her laser is supercharged, get out before she kills you. While having a Zarya as a second tank will cost your team traditional barriers, you each have unique ways to negate incoming fire. As long as you keep constant awareness of your teammates, you can both keep them safe from enemy fire. Zarya's Ultimate, Ability-zarya4 Graviton Surge, can combo well with Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct; just make sure that if an enemy with a barrier (such as Reinhardt) is caught in the mix, you either kill him or take out his barrier, because otherwise the combo will be for naught.


Hero Match-Up Team Synergy
You excel at taking down snipers, and Ashe is no exception. Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can negate most of Ashe's abilities; if you fly towards Ashe point blank while she's isolated, you can take her out and retreat before her teammates show up to avenge her. When a friendly Ashe deploys Ability-ashe4 B.O.B.
You can negate an enemy Bastion's Ability-bastion2 Configuration: Assault gunfire with your Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix, but that's only useful if your teammates are there to help fight him as well. At both close and long range, he has you beat damage-wise. Unless you're protecting your team, try to avoid him if you can, or in the very least try to catch him from behind by surprise. If you're desperate, you can fly around him at point-blank range and confuse him, potentially killing him before he can run you down, and when in Pilot Form you can use your small hitbox to wildly jump and duck to avoid his attacks. If Bastion is in Ability-bastion1 Recon configuration instead of Ability-bastion2 Sentry, he's going to be much easier to finish off. If you catch a Bastion running around, try to eliminate him before he can transform or reach his team. If he does transform, consider his health, and decide whether you think you can kill him quickly enough or if you need to flee. When Bastion uses his ultimate, Artillery Icon Configuration: Artillery, use Defense Matrix over the center of the target areas. This allows you to absorb the shots on the way down, because they actually travel as projectiles before hitting the ground and exploding. While D.Va isn't as well-suited to protect a friendly Bastion as Reinhardt or Orisa, her Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can save him from a sudden large-impact attack, such as Pharah's Ability-parah4 Barrage. If Bastion has no one nearby to protect him, it can be helpful to stay by his side to protect him from these attacks.
Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can absorb Cassidy's gunfire as well as his Magnetic Grenade Flashbang, which is the most important projectile to absorb in this matchup; time Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix well, and you can easily take Cassidy out of the picture. Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can also completely negate Cassidy's Ultimate, Ability-mccree4 Deadeye, however as its duration is far longer than your Defense Matrix's, you will have to predict when he is about to shoot or coordinate with your team to take him down while its active. If need be, you can even use your Ability-dva2 Boosters to fly closer to ensure that your Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix completely blocks his shots, or, as a last resort, bodyblock his shots at the cost of your mech. D.Va has no notable team synergy with Cassidy.
Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can negate Echo's TRI SHOT Tri-Shot and STICKY BOMBS Sticky Bombs, and you can use your Ability-dva2 Boosters to pursue her in the air. Without Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix, Echo can freely land shots on you to charge up her ultimate. The one thing you should worry about is Echo's FOCUSING BEAM Focusing Beam. As a beam, your Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix does not block it and, if you're weak, it means you'll lose your mech in 2 seconds or less (since the damage multiplies against half-health targets). Without your mech, you don't stand a chance against her. In short, avoid fighting Echo if you're weak. Echo can use DUPLICATE Duplicate on you, copying your abilities and can charge up Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct quicker than you can. D.Va is a very complimentary tank for Echo. You're both capable of large amounts of burst damage, so you should have no trouble securing a kill or two when you dive. Follow her calls and keep close to her, so she can shield you with Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix.
Due to Genji's constant mobility, he can be extremely difficult to pin down as D.Va, and his Ability-genji3 Swift Strike ignores your Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix. You'll need to rely on teammates such as Winston or Cassidy to get Genji off your back. At higher skill levels, the classic "dive" composition almost always includes both D.Va and Genji, along with Winston and Tracer.
Your Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix will let you block the burst damage of Hanzo's Ability-hanzo03 Storm Arrows, while your Ability-dva2 Boosters can help you chase down and finish Hanzo if he tries to flee. Do keep an eye on your cooldowns; because he is a sniper, one or two arrows from a skilled Hanzo can take you out of your mech, at which point the match will drastically turn in his team's favor. D.Va has no notable team synergy with Hanzo.
Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can negate Junkrat's primary fire and Ability-Junkrat2 Concussion Mine, but not his Ability-Junkrat3 Steel Trap. If you get trapped, just face Junkrat and activate Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix to protect yourself, then either engage if you're healthy enough or fly out if you're not. If you hear Junkrat's Ability-Junkrat5 RIP-Tire nearby, it should be easy for you to fly up to his defenseless body and gun him down while he's unaware. Conversely, you can try to quickly gun the Ability-Junkrat5 RIP-Tire down with a burst of Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles. D.Va is able to combo her Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix well with Junkrat's Ultimate ability: In a combo known as "Walk The Dog", D.Va can guard an allied Junkrat's Ability-Junkrat5 RIP-Tire on its path to the enemy by flying behind it using Ability-dva2 Boosters while absorbing damage directed at the Ability-Junkrat5 RIP-Tire with Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix as well as by bodyblocking.
As Mei's primary fire is a beam attack, it cannot be absorbed with Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix At long range, Mei's icicles will out-damage D.Va's Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons. While Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can block these, D.Va can do very little more than play defensive when fighting Mei at a distance. Overall, D.Va has very few options when fighting Mei other than ganging up on her with teammates, finishing her off at low health, or fleeing. D.Va sometimes has an easier time fighting Mei outside of her mech; your pistol has respectable damage at a distance, but even in this case, Mei can kill you with an Ability-mei1 Endothermic Blaster Icicle headshot or two. Also, if Mei wants to keep distance between you, she can use her Ability-mei3 Ice Wall to briefly allow her to escape harm. Those abilities can also be used to help Mei and her team survive a Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct, so you have to be careful when activating it or risk having it be completely negated. Mei's Ability-mei4 Blizzard Ultimate is an excellent setup to perform a massive Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct on your immobile enemies. Her ability to freeze quick-moving flankers can also help fend off enemies such as Genji and Tracer who would normally give you trouble.
Your Ability-dva2 Boosters and Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix make you one of the hardest counters to Pharah. A melee strike can disrupt Pharah's hovering, sending her plummeting to the ground where your teammates can finish her off. Your ability to block all of her attacks, especially her Ability-parah4 Barrage, is invaluable. Be careful with your ability use if you think Pharah has her ultimate, wasting all of your Defense Matrix charge or launching your Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct thoughtlessly may allow her to turn tables quickly. You and Pharah tend to be the most airborne heroes. You can take advantage of this by both taking control of the skies, especially if you have a friendly Mercy on your team. Pharah's primary counters are hitscan and sniper heroes, which happen to be some of your easiest targets; you can cover her counters, while her powerful rockets can help keep flankers off your back.
Both you and Reaper need close range to effectively deal damage, and at close range Reaper will rip through you in seconds. While negating his Ability-reaper4 Death Blossom Ultimate is very helpful for your team, in most other situations your only real options when fighting Reaper are to negate his attacks or flee, but even then Ability-reaper3 Shadow Step and Ability-reaper2 Wraith Form can help him chase you down and finish you off. D.Va has no notable team synergy with Reaper.
Icon-Soldier 76
Soldier: 76
Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix negate Soldier: 76's Ultimate, Icon-ability.tacticalvisor Tactical Visor, long enough that your team gets to cover or kills him. Remember that Defense Matrix blocks any shots that go through it, and not just ones aimed at you, so projecting the matrix at Soldier: 76 or the line of fire will prevent the shots. Other than countering his ultimate, you'll generally want to close the distance on him. Thanks to Icon-ability.bioticfield Biotic Field and Icon-ability.sprint Sprint, he has options to both outlast you in a fight and to flee if he feels the need to, and if your Ability-dva2 Boosters are in cooldown it will be difficult to keep up with him. Your best bet is to catch him by surprise with a burst of Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles; he'll most likely use Icon-ability.bioticfield Biotic Field to recover, but if you keep accurately firing at him, you may be able to finish him off before he can heal. D.Va has no notable team synergy with Soldier: 76.
With a well-timed Ability Sombra Hack Hack or Ability Sombra EMP EMP, Sombra can temporarily shut down your ultimate and abilities, forcing you to stay grounded and making you an easy target with a large hitbox, no defensive tools and no mobility. Worse, once you've lost your mech, Sombra's great mobility and ability to see wounded enemies through walls can let her hunt down and kill you while you're attempting to flee. She can even stop you from regaining your mech with a well-timed Ability Sombra Hack Hack. This is especially painful after activating Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct, as you'll be forced to remain in Pilot Form and potentially be killed. On the positive side, you can usually outdamage the Sombra in a one-on-one fight, even if you're hacked, or at least keep her at bay long enough for your abilities to return so you can flee. Just remember that if Sombra tries to run, you can pursue. Keep an eye on her teleport location (a beam of light will shoot in the direction she's going), and try to hunt her down and finish her off if she's wounded. A well-timed Ability Sombra EMP EMP can shatter the barriers of a clustered enemy team, which can pave the way for a massive Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct. When planning this combo, it is best for the D.Va to initiate her ultimate first. When doing this, the enemy team may instinctively gather behind a friendly player, at which point the Ability Sombra EMP EMP will leave them vulnerable, whereas leading with Ability Sombra EMP EMP may cause the enemy team to split apart and flee, making it more difficult to hit everyone with Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct.
Like most Hitscan Damage heroes, Sojourn is usually easy pickings for D.Va. D.Va can use Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix to block Sojourn's Railgun Icon Railgun and Disruptor Shot Icon Disruptor Shot, and although Sojourn has high mobility with Power Slide Icon Power Slide, D.Va can easily chase after her with her Ability-dva2 Boosters. Even Overclock Icon Overclock can be blocked with well-timed usage of Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix. The only thing D.Va needs to worry about is when you neglect to block Sojourn's Disruptor Shot Icon Disruptor Shot, and an area becomes affected by it. Try not to engage in combat in that area, as the damage over time might cause you to lose your Mech. Sojourn's high mobility with Power Slide Icon Power Slide can help her dive onto weak and fleeing targets alongside an allied D.Va. Railgun Icon Railgun's Alt-Fire and Disruptor Shot Icon Disruptor Shot can both often leave enemies near-death, at which point you can quickly fly in to finish them off.
Because you can't block Symmetra's primary fire with Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix, it can be easy for an enemy Symmetra to quickly ramp her gun up to maximum charge, at which point she can plow through your impressive amount of health with ease. Symmetras often tend to linger in areas where they have Turrets set up, meaning diving her can be a risky prospect. Even if you get her to low Health, Symmetra cna often just deploy a Ability-symmetra4 Teleporter to make a quick getaway. Turrets themselves aren't a significant threat; while they slow you down, it's simple for D.Va to use her Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons to quickly destroy them. Think carefully before fighting a Symmetra; try to take advantage of her vulnerability when she has no teammates nearby to protect her, since in a 1-on-1 situation with no Turrets or Teleporter, you should be able to outgun her. Always have a plan to escape with Ability-dva2 Boosters, since if you wait until the last second, she or her Turrets will probably finish you off as you try to flee. In short, avoid Symmetra when possible, and try not to start a fight with her unless it's one you're sure you can win. Symmetra can create a teleporter through which D.Va can send her mech during Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct. When done right, this can catch an enemy team completely off guard and potentially wipe them out.
In addition to blocking an enemy Torbjörn's Ability-torbjorn3 turret's incoming fire with Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix and help your team take it out with your Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles, you can also rush towards a turret and quickly take it out at close range, robbing Torbjörn of a large amount of his power. If timed right, you can even block Torbjörn's Ultimate ability, Ability-torbjorn5 Molten Core, with Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix. D.Va's Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can help protect Torbjörn's Ability-torbjorn3 turret from oncoming fire by the likes of Widowmaker, Pharah or Soldier: 76.
Like Reaper, you and Tracer both excel when fighting at close range, and also like Reaper, Tracer will outdamage you in most circumstances. While Reaper has Ability-reaper5 The Reaping to help him outlast your damage, Tracer's Ability-tracer2 Blink and Ability-tracer3 Recall will make it extremely difficult to finish her off before she strips you of your mech, at which point you're easy pickings for her. Fleeing Tracer is difficult due to her ability to catch up with you with Ability-tracer2 Blink, but if you escape to a higher altitude, it will be harder for her to catch up. Tracer excels at flanking and can help you take out targets when you are diving the enemy backline.
With her high mobility and ability to negate incoming fire, D.Va is an incredibly strong counter for Widowmaker. A common Widowmaker tactic is for her to fall to a lower altitude, wait for you to chase her, then use Ability-widowmaker2 Grappling Hook to ascend again. Don't fall for this bait unless you have your Ability-dva2 Boosters ready to go; maintain the high ground for as long as you can, and eventually she'll be forced to ascend back to you or be gunned down by your teammates when she's out in the open. D.Va is able to distract potential targets, leaving them open to easier shots from an allied Widowmaker.


Hero Match-Up Team Synergy
Ana is both a Support hero and a sniper, making her one of your highest-priority targets. With Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix, you can negate her Ability-ana3 Biotic Grenade, Ability-ana2 Sleep Dart and Ability-ana1 Biotic Rifle shots. Once her abilities are on cooldown, the fight is yours. Just keep in mind that if Ana aims her grenade at the ground and not you, you'll take damage from the grenade's splash. Also be careful not to be caught off guard, as her Ability-ana2 Sleep Dart is capable of hitting D.Va's sizeable hitbox, taking her out of the fight for a potentially significant amount of time. You may be a large target for your friendly Ana to heal, but you're also a mobile one. Make sure you're always in your Ana's line of sight to stay at full health. While a Ability-ana4 Nano Boosted D.Va isn't as threatening as the likes of a boosted Reinhardt or Genji, with correct maneuvering and close-range hits you can take down a decent chunk of the enemy team during your powered-up state. Do not use Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct, as you'll immediately lose your Ability-ana4 Nano Boost in the process.
Fighting a Baptiste one-on-one isn't too difficult for D.Va. However, his Baptiste-ability3 Immortality Field can buy him enough time to survive your attacks, especially if his teammates are in it as well. In addition, Baptiste-ability3 Immortality Field can completely negate Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct's massive burst damage. As such, it's critical to take out either Baptiste or his Baptiste-ability3 Immortality Field before initiating Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct. When Baptiste activates Baptiste-ability4 Amplification Matrix, your Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons won't be too handy due to damage falloff. However, if you happen to be in Pilot Form, your Ability-dva5 Light Gun can deal tremendous damage at range when shot through the Baptiste-ability4 Amplification Matrix. If done from a safe location, this can be in easy way to get some long-range kills while also building your ultimate meter up to perform Ability-dva6 Call Mech.
Due to her Barrier Shield Barrier Shield and Inspire PNG Inspire self-heal, it can be incredibly difficult to kill a Brigitte, and it can be very difficult to kill teammates who are being healed by her passive Inspire PNG Inspire ability. While you are unlikely to be killed by a Brigitte in a 1 on 1 fight, the time it will take you to kill her is so long that it isn't worth the effort, especially if you're deep in enemy territory where her teammates might arrive to provide her backup. Keep your distance from Brigitte where she can't hit you with her Rocket Flail Rocket Flail and focus on breaking her shield with long-range gunfire. If caught by surprise by Brigitte and you have no teammates nearby, better to use your Ability-dva2 Boosters to flee and regroup than attempt to take her down after she's already wounded you. D.Va has no notable team synergy with Brigitte.
Despite normally excelling at taking out Support Heroes, dealing with Kiriko can prove to be a massive headache for D.Va. So long as a single teammate is anywhere nearby, Kiriko can use Swift Step Icon Swift Step to easily escape a fight that's going poorly for her. Even if you chase her down, she'll now have a teammate to back her up, making the job much more difficult. With her Protection Suzu Icon Protection Suzu, Kiriko can not only save herself or her teammates from being finished off by your Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons, but they can even completely negate the explosion of Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct, making it imperative to always keep track of its cooldown to ensure she doesn't easliy deny your Ultimate. Kiriko may use Ability-hanzo5 Wall Climb to evade you, but so long as you keep track of her movements or use Ability-dva2 Boosters to follow her, it will be a minor inconvenience more than anything. Her Kunai Icon Kunai deal very little damage to you, but don't underestimate their critical hit potential. If Kiriko decides to try to fight you one-on-one, focus on offensive pressure while keeping track of your health, and only use Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix to block or flee with Ability-dva2 Boosters when necessary, as Kiriko will typically only be fighting you when escape isn't an option, and you want to take advantage of that brief window of opportunity. When a friendly Kiriko uses Kitsune Rush Icon Kitsune Rush, try to stay in its range, as it will allow you to quickly spam Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles while also letting you recharge Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix faster.
Due to Lúcio's high mobility and self-heal, it can be very difficult to definitively finish him off, even with your Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles. If you are being harassed by a Lúcio, it's often best to regroup with your team so one of your allies can deal with him. D.Va has no notable team synergy with Lúcio.
Lifeweaver's lack of self-preservation tools compared to other Support Heroes make him easier to deal with than others. Even if he tries to flee with Rejuvenating Dash Icon Rejuvenating Dash or Petal Platform Icon Petal Platform, you can easily chase him down with your Ability-dva2 Boosters and finish him off. While his Thorn Volley Icon Thorn Volley is powerful, smart use of Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can render it a non-issue. You can also use Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix to block Healing Blossom Icon Healing Blossom, denying his teammates the health they need as your own teammates finish them off. It is especially prudent to prioritize Lifeweaver over his teammates due to his Life Grip Icon Life Grip, which can deny you an important kill at the worst possible time. When Lifeweaver deploys Tree of Life Icon Tree of Life, consider whether it's more practical to quickly mow down the Tree and then move on to Lifeweaver and his team, or to instead flee and regroup with your own team. Be careful when using Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct, as Lifeweaver can use Life Grip Icon Life Grip to render one of his teammates immortal or pull them from the blast radius, or he can use Tree of Life Icon Tree of Life to completely block its explosion. When a friendly Lifeweaver uses Tree of Life Icon Tree of Life, use it as cover so you can recharge your Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix. Fighting near it can also allow you to last longer in long close-range fights, which are your specialty.
When an enemy Mercy is in sight, you need to be decisive on whether or not you're going to focus on her. If you damage her somewhat but let her fly away, she'll simply heal back to full health due to her self-healing abilities. In particular, while Pharah is one of your greatest targets, she becomes far more difficult to deal with if she has a Mercy attached at the hip. If she's well-protected in the rear of the enemy team, don't barrel in after her unless you have other teammates who are coming with you, otherwise she'll fly from teammate to teammate to avoid your attacks while her teammates promptly rip you to shreds. That being said, if you do have the likes of a Winston or Doomfist on your side, you can safely dive in and focus her down. If you catch Mercy alone, her lack of mobility and puny firepower makes her an easy target; just kill her quickly, because if one teammate shows up, she can fly to them and use them as a shield. Like Pharah, D.Va's flight provides a massive boon to a friendly Mercy's aerial mobility. If a friendly Mercy is willing to pocket you, you can withstand most fights thanks to your impressive health and close-range damage output. If the situation is dire, though, be willing to flee from the fight; you might survive a group fight, but if your Mercy is killed because you weren't protecting her, she'll be much less inclined to pocket you in the future. By flying away from a fight, you're giving your friendly Mercy the out she needs.
Moira's only real tool to escape D.Va is Ability Moira Fade Fade, but if you keep a good eye out for where she travels, you can use your Ability-dva2 Boosters to chase after her. Her Ability Moira Biotic Orb Biotic Orb could pose a threat to you or sustain her in a prolonged fight, but Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix can negate both healing and damage orbs in a flash, leaving Ability Moira Biotic Grasp Biotic Grasp as Moira's only offensive option of attack, which is not very effective against your large health pool. So long as you can keep aim on her if she's jumping around to avoid your fire, you should easily be able to finish her off before you run out of health. That being said, do not attempt to engage with a Moira when you are out of your mech, as her Ability Moira Biotic Orb Biotic Orb and Ability Moira Biotic Grasp Biotic Grasp will eliminate you in seconds. Be wary of Moira's ultimate, though, as it pierces Defense Matrix, and you have no way of interrupting it. D.Va has no notable team synergy with Moira.
Zenyatta can shut you down in a number of ways. His Ability-zenyatta3 Orb of Discord can help dissolve your massive health in no time, and you are a such a large target that he can usually hit you with every shot of his Ability-zenyatta1 Orb of Destruction orb volley for massive damage. However, most of these tactics rely on you not seeing Zenyatta until it's too late and that he has some sort of escape plan. If you catch Zenyatta alone and by surprise, your high burst damage should annihilate him before he can return the attack. Zenyatta's lack of mobility makes him an easy target if left alone by his team, so always try to jump on the opportunity to ambush him if he's on his own, even if this requires taking alternate routes to get behind him and sneak up on him. Because she has high damage output at close range (as well as medium to long range with her Ability-dva5 Light Gun), D.Va should always attempt to focus on enemies affected by a friendly Zenyatta's Ability-zenyatta3 Orb of Discord. If played right, you and your Zenyatta can take down one enemy after another. Just remember that Zenyatta has very low mobility, so don't leave him alone or you'll be begging for an enemy to ambush him.



With nimble reflexes and quick thinking,[2] D.Va is a former professional gamer who now uses her skills to pilot a state-of-the-art mech in defense of her homeland.[3] She is a very competitive individual,[4] and coupled with her pro-gamer skills, this makes her an extremely effective mech pilot. Never backing down, D.Va always plays to win.[5] While she projects a carefree, irreverant attitude, D.Va is burdened by the emotional cost of defending her homeland, and the facade the South Korean media projects on her.[6]

In addition to skills as a mech pilot, D.Va is also a competent mechanic.[6] She loves engineering, and is constantly improving Tokki.[7]

Early Life

It's like how we used to stay up late, and work on your hoverbike.
You mean the one you wrecked?
Really? You're still mad about that? We won the race!
Yeah! And you almost killed yourself!
~ Dae-hyun and Hana
Hana Wins

Song on the e-sports scene

Hana Song grew up playing classic games with her father, himself a former professional gamer during his younger years.[8] He was the one that introduced her to StarCraft, and her undeniable skill helped lay the foundation for her eventual e-sports victories in other games.[9]

Song has been friends with Dae-hyun since childhood. They would stay up late working on his hoverbike. Hana took part in a race with it and won, albeit at the cost of the bike and nearly her own life, due to its reactor overloading.[6]

Like her father before her, Song became a pro-gamer.[10] She became a Mecha Guardian V player in high school, quickly ascending to the #1 rank, winning the world championship[6], surpassing her teammate Yuna Lee [8][11] and rival Kyung-soo Hann.[8] A fierce competitor, Song played to win at any cost, and gained a well-earned reputation for showing no mercy to her opponents.[3]



Song pilots her mech

At home, however, not all was well, as MEKA struggled to maintain its defense against the Gwishin omnics that repeatedly attacked the nation. As the omnics continued to adapt, they eventually disrupted MEKA's drone-control networks, forcing the military to place pilots in the mechs. Scrambling to find suitable candidates, the government turned to the country's professional gamers, who possessed the necessary reflexes and instincts to operate the mechs' advanced weapons systems,[3] in addition to standouts from other fields that required similar talents. Top stars were drafted, including the 19-year-old Song,[4] along with Lee and Kyung-soo.[11][8] She saw the new mission as a game,[3] and an evolution of her own career. Without fear or hesitation, she abandoned the limelight of her pro-gamer career, and got an armored mech operator's licence. As a member of the MEKA Squad under the command of Captain Myung,[12] she could put her reflexes to the ultimate test on a real battlefield, instead of a digital one.[4] Her skills and intense competitive spirit made her an extremely effective pilot.[5] Myung instructed Song to consider all threats, not just the ones right in front of her.[12]

DVA poster

A MEKA poster of D.Va

Song now fearlessly charges into battle alongside the rest of her MEKA unit, ready to spring to her nation's defense at a moment's notice. Not long before the Second Omnic Crisis, she began to stream combat operations to her adoring fans, and her growing following turned her into a global icon.[3] Sponsorship deals and her fanbase provided her with the means to customize her mech,[13] such as Nano Cola.[6]

At some point she also played one of the leading roles in the movie Hero of My Storm.[14][15]

As an active member of the military, Song was no longer able to freely travel as she could've as a civilian. She became an avid reader of Mei's Adventures, the publicly-posted travel journal of climatologist Mei-Ling Zhou, fascinated with all the different places Mei has seen.[16]

Shooting Star

Oh man. This time off is great, isn't it?
What's not to like? There's delicious food, and drinks...
And good friends. The kind that are always there for you-- when you need them most.
~ Dae-hyun and Song after the Gwishin attack
Dva-Shooting Star

D.Va reflects on her burden

As time went on, the cost of defending South Korea from the Gwishin began to take its toll on Song. In one battle in Busan during a thunder storm, the squad barely managed to defeat the omnics, but the other mechs were put out of commision due to serious damage and their pilots sustained some injuries; only Song came out of it relatively unscathed. While the rest of the squad went on leave and the media reporting that Song was celebrating the victory by schmoozing with celebrities, Song had actually chosen to remain on active duty and spent time over the next week fixing and fine-tuning her mech alongside Dae-hyun, who had also joined MEKA as her assigned mechanic. As she stated that the squad and the rest of Busan were counting on her to keep the city safe, and any mistakes on her part could cost them everything, Dae-hyun recognized the emotional weight Song was carrying. He tried to convince her that she needed a break and that it was okay to ask for help, not needing to bear it alone, but she assured him that she had things under control.

Dva-Shooting Star2

Ready to launch

That didn't last long however, as five Gwishin omnics returned to attack Busan—while previous attacks were spaced between months, this one was just one week, which left the pair the only ones present to defend against the omnics. Song launched her mech to engage them. She took out two of the Gwishin, but the remaining three outmaneuvered her, damaging her mech and destroying one of the fusion cannons. Dae-hyun told her to get to cover and wait for reinforcements, but Song stated that they wouldn't get there in time. Performing a 180 on the pursuing omnics, she managed to destroy two of them, while the last Gwishin broke off and headed for Busan. Song pursued it, but it avoided her weapons fire and micro missile barrage before turning around and entangled her mech, tearing off the other cannon when she tried to fire on it. Left without any weapons, all her status readouts in the redline, and the city still in danger, she realized she could do nothing else and asked for her friend's help.

With Dae-hyun going over the mech's status, on the mention of the reactor becoming unstable Song remembered their earlier conversation of the destruction of his hovercycle, and suggested purposely overloading the mech's reactor. After some protest, Dae-hyun obliged, and as Song distracted the omnic to buy him some time he successfully triggered an overload that would destroy the reactor in sixty seconds. The omnic would reach Busan before that however, so Song ejected from the mech and used her light gun to shoot the exposed reactor from afar, destroying both the mech and the omnic. She fell into the sea, where she was recovered by a search-and-rescue team and taken for medical treatment, Dae-hyun accompanying her.

Dva-Shooting Star3

Enjoying 'time off'

South Korean media later made an update on the attack, reporting that authorities had stated that she had emerged without a scratch. In reality, she came out of the ordeal with a broken leg and arm, along with other more minor injuries. That didn't stop her from using her time off by assisting Dae-hyun with assembling her new mech. She thanked him for being there for her when she'd needed him.[6]

New Blood

I'm making the call to dispatch you to Overwatch. We can't afford to be caught unawares like this again. MEKA Squad will remain here, but D.Va, you have a new assignment. Assess the Null Sector threat to Korea and update our tactical response. You may travel as you see fit to accomplish this task. If Overwatch is gathering the intel we need, I want you right there with them.
Thank you, ma'am. Dan gyeuol!
~ Myung assigns D.Va to Overwatch

D.Va makes her case to Myung

Song and the rest of her squad watched a news report on Null Sector's attack on Paris, and how it had been repulsed by a newly-reformed Overwatch. Song asked Captain Myung if MEKA was going to contact Overwatch, as MEKA Squad's experience in fighting omnics could prove invaluable. Myung refused—contact with Overwatch had been forbidden by HQ, and MEKA was needed at Korea to defend the nation from the Gwishin. In light of the Gwishin's earlier attack (the one Song had single-handedly repelled), the squad was ordered to remain on high alert in the event of another Gwishin attack. The squad agreed, but Song talked to Myung in private, pressing the case to ally with Overwatch. She pointed out that the world's initial disunity during the first Omnic Crisis had cost millions of lives. If Myung contacted HQ, pressing the case to join with Overwatch, Song was certain they'd listen to her.


D.Va deploys

Behind closed doors, Myung could admit to admiring what Overwatch had stood for, but South Korea was still bound to respect the Petras Act, and MEKA couldn't defy direct orders. Before the debate could progress, an alarm sounded—Null Sector was attacking Busan, with thousands of omnics being deployed by drop pods from a command ship. MEKA Squad was deployed to repel them. Song requested permission to attack the ship directly, but Myung refused, instead ordering the squad to clear the enemy from Busan's evacuation routes. However, it became clear that they were caught between the need to defend the city, and the fact that the ship could deploy apparently limitless reinforcements.


Back on the offensive

Myung ordered a change in strategy—Song and King were ordered to attack the ship, while the rest of the squad played defense. However, the squad was overwhelmed, leaving Song with the sole operating mech. Myung gave the order to withdraw, but Song refused, insisting that they had to save Busan. The tide turned with the arrival of Overwatch members in a dropship. While Overwatch operated on the ground, Myung ordered MEKA Squad to take out the ship. All five mechs opened fire, causing the ship to retreat. All that was left was to mop up the remaining Null Sector forces, after which they escorted the dropship back to MEKA Base.


D.Va joins Overwatch

Inside, Song met with Cole Cassidy and the rest of the Overwatch members. He revealed that they'd come to Busan to see if MEKA was interested in working with Overwatch. Myung gave Song the go-ahead. She'd sort things out with HQ, while Song was assigned to work with Overwatch, assess the Null Sector threat, and report back to them, so they could update their tactical response. Song joyfully accepted the new assignment. The following day, she and the rest of the Overwatch members flew to Watchpoint: Gibraltar.[12]


D.Va and other Overwatch members arrived in Toronto when the city was invaded by Null Sector.[17]


Name Icon Description Reward
Shot Down
Ability-dva3 Prevent 1250 damage with a single use of D.Va's Defense Matrix in Quick or Competitive play.
Spray D.Va Pixel
Game Over
Ability-dva4 Kill 4 enemies with a single use of D.Va's Self-Destruct in Quick or Competitive play.
Spray D.Va Cute


  • Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct: In line with D.Va's ultimate voice line, "Nerf this!", which can be interpreted as a challenge to the developers to nerf her ultimate, as of March 8, 2024, Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct has never been nerfed.
    • In the Shooting Star cinematic, reveals how Self-Destruct works compared to in-game: By ejecting then fires the light pistol on the exposed reactor with one overloading it.
  • D.Va's suit has sponsors all over it, which is a reference to the same advertising style of sponsors in Korean esports.
  • D.Va's mech is named Tokki (토끼), which means rabbit.[18]
  • Hana is a fan of Lúcio's music, and has apparently bought his album. He in turn also knows enough of the pro-gaming scene to be a fan of hers.
  • D.Va is the youngest launch hero, and was the youngest hero overall until Orisa was introduced. D.Va is sometimes teased by others because of her age, such as when Widowmaker mockingly says, "This is no place for children."
  • D.Va is the fifth playable Overwatch character in Heroes of the Storm,[19] and is a purchasable announcer, along with Genji.
  • Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix has D.Va manually shoot down incoming projectiles, counting towards her APM. In-game, D.Va is able to reach an APM of 84,480 in a best-case scenario by blocking the combined 1,408 pellets per second of 11 simultaneous Ability-Roadhog4 Whole Hogs.
  • D.Va is the first hero to use randomized "Quick Melee" attacks with both arms (in mech mode). Outside of her mech, she uses her right hand for "Quick Melee" attacks.

Cultural Impact

  • D.Va is used as the symbol for the National D.Va Association, now called FAMERz, a progressive feminist movement composed of Overwatch fans. The group achieved international notability after a photograph of their flag—featuring D.Va's bunny-ears logo—was photographed in a news report for an international Women's March event in Seoul on January 21st, 2017. Based in South Korea, the group chose D.Va as its symbol owing to an earlier incident where professional teenage Overwatch player Geguri was accused of cheating owing to an eighty percent win rate; which some believed was "impossible" for girls to achieve. The group distributes stickers of D.Va's bunny logo, among other paraphernalia. It plans on finding new ways to use Overwatch as a tool for spreading its message.[20]
  • Charlet Chung, who is D.Va's English voice actor, has commented positively on her character, commenting "in terms of representation of Asian-American characters in video games, particularly women, they might be over-sexualized - and I don't know if I'm being too candid here - I feel like D.Va is more of a real person. She happens to have some sex appeal, but that's not why she's in the game. She's not there to be an exotic lotus."[21]
  • D.Va's Police Officer skin was released in 2017, leading a number of players to vow to never play D.Va, linking the skin with police brutality.[22]


  • D.Va's name is a play on the word "Diva", meaning a female celebrity.
  • The stylization of her name is reminiscent of Korean pop idols, who often adopt pseudonyms to stand out. In the Korean version of the game, D.Va's name is the only name not in Hangul, reflective of the romanization of these idols' names. This makes sense considering D.Va is a Korean idol through her fame as a pro-gamer.
  • The way her name has a prefix "D." is reminiscent of the way esports players have an abbreviated team tag before their names. This is supported by how she and D.Mon played on the same team.
  • D.Va's given name Hana (하나) is the same as the Korean number 1. This parallels her personality, as she is a world champion and self-proclaimed "Number One."
    • D.Va's jersey number when she was a pro player was also the number 1.[23]


D.Va was first announced through the official PlayOverwatch Twitter account, which linked to a mock-up page on the official StarCraft II World Championship site.[24][25] She had previously been depicted in posters in the attacking team's starting area in Hanamura. Her StarCraft page was later taken down and the link instead redirects to the StarCraft II home page.

The StarCraft WCS web page first introduced D.Va as a former professional StarCraft player. Michael Chu later clarified on February 1, 2018 that this was not intended to be canon and was just a fun way to tease the character. He also explained that the unnamed game that she was best known for in her career was one that best matched the skills needed to pilot her mech.[26]

D.Va's design and kit seems to take inspiration from Brit, one of the hero concepts created for the Overwatch pitch meeting.


Figma DVA

The Figma D.Va statue

  • A StarCraft II portrait and announcer for D.Va was available for those who attended BlizzCon 2016 or bought a Virtual Ticket for the event.[27] The announcer has since been made available for regular purchase.
  • A D.Va statue is available.[28]
  • A Funko Pop D.Va statue is available for purchase from the Blizzard Store.[29]
  • A D.Va-themed hoodie is available from JINX.[30]
  • A Figma D.Va statue is available.[31]



Concept Art


Balance Change Log

For more information, see Patch Notes.

Overwatch 2 PvP
Developer Comment: The maximum duration of Defense Matrix is increased by half a second by reducing the rate at which the resource meter drains when in use, so it won't take longer to regenerate. The increased damage on Micro Missiles will help the ability feel relatively more impactful against larger health pools.

Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix

  • Maximum duration increased from 3 to 3.5 seconds.

Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles

  • Explosion damage increased from 4 to 5.5 damage (from 126 to 153 max damage with direct impacts).
Developer Comments: These changes will improve D.Va's effectiveness against smaller targets as she became less effective against armored enemies in the previous patch.

Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons

  • Weapon spread reduced from 3.75 to 3.375 degrees.

Ability-dva2 Boosters

  • Impact damage increased from 15 to 25.
General updates
  • Global projectile size modifier for travel time projectiles with a speed greater than 50 meters per second reduced from 0.1 to 0.075 meters.

Ability-dva5 Light Gun

  • Base projectile size reduced from 0.25 to 0.2 meters. Total projectile size is now 0.3 meters.
General updates

Most damage-dealing projectile sizes have been increased by a new global modifier added to their base size.

  • +0.05 meters for hitscan projectiles with a high rate of fire or spread (e.g., Tracer's Pulse Pistols or Reaper's Hellfire Shotguns).
  • +0.08 meters for hitscan projectiles that are more precise (e.g., Cassidy's Peacekeeper or Soldier:76's Heavy Pulse Rifle).
  • +0.05 meters for travel time projectiles that are shotguns or have a very high rate of fire (e.g., Roadhog's Scrap Gun or Ramattra's Void Accelerator).
  • +0.10 meters for travel time projectile with a speed greater than 50 meters per second (e.g., Zenyatta's Destruction Orb).
  • +0.15 meters for travel time projectile with a speed less than or equal to 50 meters per second (e.g., Pharah's Rocket Launcher).
  • Very large projectiles with a base size greater than 0.5 meters have been excluded from these increases (e.g., Orisa's Energy Javelin or Reinhardt's Fire Strike).

Hero combined HP (base health/armor/shields) increased by 15-25%.

  • 150-175 HP heroes increased by 25 HP.
  • 200-300 HP heroes increased by 50 HP.
  • 300+ HP (Tanks) increased by 75-100 HP.
  • Each hero's precise health increases are listed in their patch notes below.

Ultimate Charge

  • All Ultimate ability costs increased by 10%.

Regenerative Passive for All Heroes

  • All heroes now regenerate 20 health per second after 5 seconds of not taking damage.

Quick Melee

  • Damage increased from 30 to 40.
Hero Updates
  • Pilot health increased from 150 to 175.
  • Mech armor increased from 300 to 375.

Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct

  • Explosion maximum damage increased from 900 to 1000.
  • Inner explosion radius (range for maximum damage before falloff begins) increased from 4 to 6 meters.
Developer comments: The added projectile speed to Micro Missiles helps improve their consistency at medium range while the decreased movement speed penalty on Fusion Cannons enable D.Va to stick closer to mobile targets, making her more of a threat when diving into the enemy team.

Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons

  • Movement speed penalty reduced from 40 to 30%.
Developer Comments: Once D.Va’s mech was destroyed, there was a window of time where the pilot could be damaged or killed before the player fully had control over their character. With this change, D.Va can no longer be damaged by things like explosions or melee attacks before the player fully transitions control from the mech to the pilot.

Ability-dva2 Boosters

  • Cooldown reduced from 4 to 3.5 seconds.

Passive-D.Va Eject!

  • Pilot is now damage immune for 0.4 seconds while ejecting.
  • Mech base health in Role Queue modes remains the same at 350
  • Mech base health in non-Role Queue modes reduced from 350 to 200

Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons

  • Spread increased from 3.5 to 3.75

Ability-dva2 Boosters

  • Damage reduced from 25 to 15

Ability-dva6 Call Mech

  • Ultimate cost decreased by 12%

Developer Comment: D.Va felt too deadly after the last round of changes given how resilient she can be with her improved Defense Matrix.

Ability-dva2 Boosters

  • Impact damage increased from 10 to 25

Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles

  • Cooldown reduced from 8 to 7 seconds

Ability-dva6 Call Mech

  • Ultimate cost reduced by 12%

Developer Comment: D.Va has been slightly underperforming in comparison to other tanks in 5v5. Increasing the damage on Boosters impact will add more weight to that “rush-in” moment for her, leaning into her strengths as a fast-moving engager who can push deep into the enemy lines.

  • Mech Armor increased from 200 to 300
  • Mech Health decreased from 450 to 350
  • Base Health increased from 300 to 450
  • Base Armor reduced from 300 to 200

Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons

  • Primary Fire movement penalty reduced from 50% to 40%
  • Weapon spread reduced from 4 to 3.5

Overwatch 1

Ability-dva6 Call Mech

  • Damage increased from 50 to 250

Developer Comment: D.Va's respawn is often intentionally delayed by the enemy team if she is the last player alive from her team and without her mech. This change will make it more dangerous to be near the Call Mech arrival area for low health heroes.

  • Mech Armor/Health has been redistributed from 200/400 to 300/300

Developer Comment: We're increasing the ratio of armor to health that D.Va's mech has to enable it to withstand more damage from shotguns, beams, and weapons with a high rate of fire.

Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons

  • Movement penalty reduced from 50 to 40%

Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix

  • Cooldown reduced from 1.5 to 1 second

Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles

  • Activation delay reduced from 0.5 to 0.25 seconds

Developer Comment: These buffs are aimed at making D.Va feel more fluid and responsive to play.

  • Restored functionality allowing D.Va to maintain her current aim pitch when de-meching

Ability-dva2 Boosters

  • Cooldown increased from 3 to 4 seconds

Ability-dva2 Boosters

  • Cooldown decreased from 5 to 3 seconds

Developer Comment: The lower cooldown on her mobility will enable D.Va to more readily swap between playing offensively and defensively.

Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix

  • Defense Matrix cooldown decreased from 2 seconds to 1.5 seconds

Developer Comment: With role locks in place there is some room to improve D.Va’s impact as a tank, so we’re partially reverting a previous change which increased Defense Matrix’s cooldown.

Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix

  • Regeneration rate increased from 12.5% to 16% per second
  • Delay before regeneration begins lowered from 1 second to 0.75 seconds

Developer Comment: This change will allow D.Va to absorb more damage over time, while still keeping the maximum duration she can absorb at one time the same.

Ability-dva6 Call Mech

  • Pilot ultimate cost reduced by 12%

Developer Comment: This change is just meant to counteract the global increase in ultimate cost. The time it takes to generate a D.Va’s ultimate when out of her mech should remain the same as it was before this update.

Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix

  • Reduced length of Defense Matrix from 15 meters to 10 meters.

Developer Comments: Defense Matrix is a very powerful defensive ability and can often feel oppressive from far away. Reducing the range on it will require D.Va to position herself more carefully to take advantage of its effects.

  • Knockback distance is now more consistent
  • Heroes that are flying can now be knocked back and slowed

Developer Comments: Knockbacks are now less affected by how the enemy was moving when they were hit. Instead of having small or large knockbacks that depend on chance, knockbacks will feel similar regardless of the enemy’s movement leading up to the knockback. Allowing flying heroes, like Mercy when using her Valkyrie ability or D.Va using her Booster ability, to be properly knocked back makes for more fluid, realistic gameplay.

Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix

  • Cooldown increased from 1 second to 2 seconds

Developer Comments: This change allows D.Va’s enemies to play around her Defense Matrix by increasing its downtime between uses.

Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles

  • Explosive damage reduced from 6 to 4

Ability-dva2 Boosters

  • Impact damage reduced from 25 to 10

Developer Comments: D.Va’s burst potential is a bit too high, so we’re reducing the damage of her Micro Missiles and Boosters impact. Prior to this change, each missile dealt 3 impact damage and 6 explosive damage. We’re reducing explosive damage from 6 to 4 but leaving the impact damage the same, the net result being 21% damage reduction.

Ability-dva2 Boosters

  • An option to manually hold down D.Va’s boosters rather than toggling them has been added under Options > Controls > D.Va

Ability-dva7 Micro Missiles (New Ability)

  • D.Va fires a barrage of small rockets that detonate on impact, dealing damage in a limited radius around each explosion. These can be fired while D.Va is using any other ability or firing her Fusion Cannons

Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix

  • Defense Matrix's resource meter will now deplete twice as quickly
  • Energy regeneration per second has been increased to 12.5% (formerly 10%)

Ability-dva2 Boosters

  • Fusion Cannons can now be fired while flying

Developer Comment: D.Va’s Defense Matrix uptime has proven to be too strong, but simply reducing it without making other changes would make her too weak (and far less interesting to play). Instead, we’re adding a new ability and giving her the ability to fire while flying. These changes give D.Va new options while maintaining Defense Matrix’s ability to shut down big enemy attacks.

Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix

  • New sound effects and voice lines have been added, indicating when Defense Matrix has absorbed an enemy’s ultimate ability

Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix Enemy shots no longer need to travel a minimum distance before they can be blocked Developer Comment: Previously, there was a minimum distance a projectile had to travel before it could be destroyed by Defense Matrix. This made it nearly worthless in situations where an enemy was right next to your teammate, such as when Roadhog hooks your ally. This change removes that restriction so Defense Matrix should now reliably destroy projectiles regardless of how far they have traveled.

  • Health increased from 200 to 400
  • Armor decreased from 400 to 200

Ability-dva1 Fusion Cannons

  • Bullet damage decreased from 3 to 2
  • Number of bullets per shot has been increased from 8 to 11

Developer Comment: D.Va’s armor often made her feel like she had no weaknesses, even against heroes that are typically effective against bigger targets (like Reaper). The changes to her primary fire will result in a small overall decrease in damage, but her Fusion Cannons should feel more consistent now.

Ability-dva6 Call Mech

  • Ultimate cost has been decreased by 20%
  • Mech health increased to 200 (formerly 100). Armor remains at 400
  • Movement speed while firing has been increased by 25%

Developer Comment: We reduced the cost of the Call Mech ultimate ability to compensate for the increased ultimate cost across all heroes (detailed above). D.Va players shouldn’t experience a noticeable change. The rest of these changes help D.Va’s withstand attacks, which will allow her to keep pressuring enemies.

Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix

  • After being activated, Defense Matrix will begin regenerating following a 1-second delay (formerly .5 seconds)

Developer Comment: Defense Matrix was too efficient when tapped repeatedly, instead of being held. Now, the recovery delay matches the ability cooldown.

Ability-dva3 Defense Matrix

  • Cooldown decreased from 10 seconds to 1 second
  • A new resource meter has been added. This meter will deplete while Defense Matrix is active and then recharge when it’s not in use.
  • Defense Matrix takes 10 seconds to reach full charge from empty
  • At a full charge, Defense Matrix will last for 4 seconds
  • Defense Matrix will now remain active as long as its assigned hotkey is held
  • Defense Matrix has been reclassified as an alternate fire and is now bound to RMB (by default)
  • An option to "Toggle Defense Matrix" has been added under Options > Controls > D.Va

Ability-dva4 Self-Destruct

  • Ultimate cost decreased by 15%
  • Explosion delay reduced from 4 seconds to 3 seconds
  • Explosion no longer damages D.Va (the player who activates it)

Developer Comment: D.Va isn't being selected as often as our other tanks, and we feel a lot of that stems from the underperformance of her damage absorption abilities. So, we've reconfigured her Defensive Matrix, making it more flexible and giving players the ability to use it more often. We’ve also given Self-Destruct a little more oomph, because it felt slightly underwhelming when compared to many of Overwatch's other ultimate abilities.


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