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D.Va is voiced by Charlet Chung.


Ability Quote Audio
Defense Matrix

APM jom ollyeo bolkka?

Hangul: APM 좀 올려볼까?
English: Shall I raise my APM a bit? / Let me raise my APM a bit!

Defense Matrix activated! ▶️
Forward barrier activated! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Get through this. ▶️
I'm gonna have to shoot you down. ▶️
Initiating defense matrix! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Neutralizing projectiles! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Nothing gets past me! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Routing power to forward barrier. ▶️
Routing power to forward shields. ▶️
Time to raise my APM. ▶️
Defense Matrix (blocking ultimate) Denied! ▶️

Gunggeukgi chadan!

Hangul: 궁극기 차단!
English: Ultimate blocked!

(Blocking Pharah's ultimate) It's a good thing I brought an umbrella. ▶️
(Blocking Soldier: 76's ultimate) No hacks for you. ▶️
(Blocking Cassidy's ultimate) I think your clock's off. ▶️
(Blocking Roadhog's ultimate) I think this pig's a little under-cooked. ▶️
(Blocking Reaper's ultimate) Maybe next time. ▶️
Boosters Boosters engaged. ▶️
Bunny hop. ▶️
Diving in! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Engaging thrusters! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Mobilizing! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Speeding up! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Taking off. ▶️
Yeah! ▶️

Buseuteo on!

Hangul: 부스터 온!
English: Boosters on!



Hangul: 날라간다.
English: I'm flying off.

Self Destruct Nerf this! (self and hostile) ▶️
Activating self-destruct sequence! (friendly) ▶️
Call Mech All systems checked out. ▶️
Calling in the big guns! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Initializing systems! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
MEKA activated! ▶️
Tokki online! ▶️
Suiting up! ▶️
Call Mech (After) D.Va, back in action! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Game on! ▶️
I'm back in the fight! ▶️
Let's mech up this party. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Miss me? Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Now I'll show them. ▶️
Mech Destroyed Bailing out. ▶️
BRB. ▶️
Ejecting. ▶️
Gotta bail! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
I'm out! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Pilot disengaging. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Sorry Dae-Hyun!
Tokki compromised! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png


Trigger Quote Audio
Melee (out of mech) (shouts) ▶️
Landing on the Ground (exhales) ▶️
Death (dying sounds) ▶️
Death (big impact) (screams) ▶️
Falling off a Cliff (prolonged screaming) ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Selected I play to win! ▶️
Time to save the world? Game on! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Hero Selection Pew! ▶️
During Set Up I can't wait to get into the fight! ▶️
All systems operational. D.Va, ready for combat. ▶️
Let's shoot for a new high score! ▶️
Alright. Gameface: On. ▶️
Think you can keep up with me? ▶️
Ready, player one! ▶️
I'm going to own all these noobs! ▶️
Uh, was there a party I didn't get invited to? Hmph! ▶️
During Set Up (New Years) My New Years Resolution? Catch up on all the games I need to play! ▶️
Round Start

Geim sijak!

Hangul: 게임시작!
English: Game start!

Showtime! ▶️
GL HF! ▶️
Game on! ▶️
Hey! Try and keep up, okay? ▶️
Stick with me, and I'll cover you! ▶️
MEKA leads the way! ▶️
Respawn D.Va reengaging! ▶️
I'm back in the game. ▶️
I'm too young to die. ▶️
I'm not a good loser. ▶️

Au, jjajeungna.

Hangul: 아우, 짜증 나.
English: Aw, annoying.


Ha! Igeon sagiya!

Hangul: 하! 이건 사기야!
English: Ha! That's cheating!/That makes no sense!

Press start to continue. ▶️
Extra life! ▶️
New game plus. ▶️

Dasi han pan haebojago!

Hangul: 다시 한 판 해보자고!
English: Let's go another round!

Respawn (no allies) It's quiet. Is everyone AFK? Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Where is everyone? Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Where's my backup? Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Pick Up Health Pack Healed up! ▶️
Fully operational! ▶️

Dasi wanbyeokhage jakdonghanda!

Hangul: 다시 완벽하게 작동한다!
English: Operating perfectly again!

On Fire I'm on fire! ▶️


Boom shakalaka! She's on fire! ▶️
Systems running hot! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Damage Boosted Weapon systems overloaded! ▶️
Weapons optimised! ▶️
Now that's teamwork! ▶️
Now we're talking! ▶️
Damage buff! ▶️
Aww yeah! ▶️
*giggles* I'll take more of that! ▶️
Aww, you must like me. ▶️
Power up!

Wanjeon joha!

Hangul: 완전 좋아!
English: Alright!/This feels awesome!

Received Healing HP Max! ▶️
Yeah! Pocket healer! ▶️

Jungneunjul aranne!

Hangul: 죽는줄 알았네
English: I thought I was going to die!


Saengjon singoyo!

Hangul: 생존 신고요!
English: Survival report! / I'm alive!

Discord Orb Received Damn it! ▶️

Aa, yeolbanne!

Hangul: 아, 열받네!
English: Ah, that pisses me off!

Voted Epic (5 Votes) Ding! ▶️
Thanks for the love! ▶️
Thanks for your support! ▶️
Voted Legendary (10 Votes) That's a star performance! ▶️
Save that for the Hall of Fame! ▶️
Under Attack


Hangul: 아파!
English: It hurts!

Aah... Okay, okay... ▶️
Come on... ▶️
*growls in frustration* ▶️
No! ▶️
*grunts in pain* ▶️▶️
Critical Health [Deep gasp] ▶️
Enemy Resurrection Aww, no fair! ▶️
Haven't had enough? ▶️
Resurrected Huge rez! ▶️
1-up! ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Hero Change D.Va online. ▶️
Sniper Sighted Sniper! Don't get caught! ▶️
Enemy Sighted Enemy spotted! ▶️
Outnumbered by Enemy Team
Turret Sighted Enemy turret ahead! ▶️
Enemy Has a Teleporter Hey! They have a teleporter! ▶️
Teleporter Sighted Enemy teleporter located. ▶️
Ally Damaged Behind you! ▶️
Enemy Ultimate Take cover! ▶️
Nano-boosted You better get out of the way. ▶️
I am unstoppable! ▶️
Time Running Out (Defense) Looks like another victory! Just a little longer. ▶️
We've got this, don't let up now! ▶️
Time Running Out (Attack) Time's running out! Everyone, attack! ▶️
There's no way I'm losing. Attack! ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Point Contested (Defense) They're taking the point. Time to get some kills. ▶️
Grr! Enemies on the point, let's clear them out! ▶️
Enemies taking the point. Time to show my skills! ▶️
Capturing Point Check me out, securing the point! ▶️
This objective has my name written all over it. ▶️
Taking the point, don't worry. I got this! ▶️
Point Lost Minor set back, but we can still win this. ▶️
Fight's not over yet. All we have to do is win this round! ▶️
Payload Stuck Payload's stopped. Let's get it moving! ▶️
Why's the payload stopped? Everyone, get on it! ▶️
New objective: get the payload moving. ▶️
Escorting Payload (Attack) Let's get this payload across the finish line! ▶️
Payload moving. Let's all work together. ▶️
Moving the payload, let's party up! ▶️
Payload Moving (Defense) Boo! They're moving the payload. ▶️
Payload's moving. Get on it. ▶️
Payload's moving. Let's knock 'em back! ▶️
Flag Taken (Attack) Flag is in my possession. ▶️
I have the flag! ▶️
Flag Taken (Defense) They've stolen our flag. ▶️
They have our flag. Get it back. ▶️
Flag Captured (Attack) D.Va with the score! ▶️
Cap the flag! ▶️
Ta-ta ta-ta! ▶️
Flag Captured (Defense) Oh, come on! ▶️
Let's not let that happen again. ▶️
Flag Dropped Someone! Pick up our flag! ▶️
Touch our flag! Quick! ▶️
Dropping Flag Someone else take the flag. ▶️
Dropped the flag. ▶️
Returning Flag Flag's going back to base. ▶️
Returning the flag. ▶️


Trigger Quote Audio
Final Blow Are you even trying? ▶️
Crushed! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Fact check: you're dead! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Enemy down! ▶️
Epic! ▶️
Get owned! ▶️
Hard countered. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
How do you like that? ▶️
I still love you. ▶️
I thought you were going to be a challenge! ▶️
L2P. ▶️
One for my highlight reel! ▶️
Shot down! ▶️
Target eliminated! ▶️
That one's for my fans! ▶️
This rabbit fights back! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Top of the scoreboard! ▶️
Umm... you need aim training. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Who invited the rookie? Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Wow... cringe! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png


Hangul: 아싸!
English: Oh yes!


Eo? Yogeo in-gongjineung?

Hangul: 어? 요거 인공지능?
English: Huh? Is this an AI?


Eomeo... an mian!

Hangul: 어머... 안 미안!
English: Oh my... not sorry!


Neon nal igil su eobs-eo!

Hangul: 넌 날 이길 수 없어!
English: You can't beat me!

Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Final Blow (no mech) Don't call me baby!
No mech, no problem!
Final Blow (Call Mech) Get dunked on! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Oof! Bad positioning. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Squished! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Kill Streak' High score for sure! ▶️
How's my K/D? Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
I'm just getting started! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
I'm just getting warmed up. ▶️
I'm on a roll! ▶️
I'm on the next level! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Killstreak! ▶️
MVP? D.Va! ▶️
New record! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Now they're just feeding! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Multi Kill All me! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Aw. Go next! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Enjoy that kill cam! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Multikill! ▶️
Oh, that'll be play of the game! Just wait and see. ▶️
(imitates Athena) Play of the Game. ▶️
Pure skill! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Score multiplier! ▶️
Too spicy? Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Woo, I hit the jackpot! ▶️
Turret Elimination Enemy turret destroyed. ▶️
Enemy turret's not gonna bother us anymore. ▶️
Teleporter Elimination Enemy teleporter destroyed. ▶️
Melee Final Blow Don't mess with me! ▶️
Ouch. ▶️
Pow! ▶️
Smack down! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Take this! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Talk to the hand! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png

Geogi kkeojyeo!

Hangul: 거기 꺼져!
English: Get away!

Environmental Kill Hah! Good luck climbing from down there! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
How do you like that? Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Safe travels! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Wow! You fell far! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
You're not on my level! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Witness Elimination Nice shot. ▶️
NS! ▶️
Great teamplay! ▶️
Ooh... you've got some leet skills! ▶️
*giggles* I'll take more of that! ▶️

Naiseu syas!

Hangul: 나이스 샷!
English: Nice shot!


O~? Jom meotjinde!

Hangul: 오~? 좀 멋진데!
English: Oh? That's pretty cool!



Hangul: 대박!
English: Amazing!



Hangul: 올~!
English: Ohhh!

Revenge Oops! Tunnel vision. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Revenge is sweet. ▶️
Team Kill Enemy team kill. ▶️
The enemy team is down. ▶️


Wheel Option Quote Audio
Hello Hi! ▶️
Hiya! ▶️


Hangul: 안녕!
English: Hi!

Thank Thanks! ▶️
Thank you! ▶️


Hangul: 감사!
English: Thanks!

Acknowledge Copy that! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Got it. ▶️
I read you. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
Okay. ▶️
Roger. ▶️
Understood. ▶️
Acknowledge (Objective) Attack the objective! ▶️
Defend the objective! ▶️
Move the payload! ▶️
Stop the payload! ▶️
Need Healing Need healing. ▶️
I need healing! ▶️
I need armor. ▶️
I need shields. ▶️
Group up Group up! ▶️
Group up here! ▶️
Group up with me! ▶️
Join me! ▶️
Sorry Sorry. ▶️
Sorry! ▶️
Sorry about that. ▶️

Hangul: 죄송.

English: Sorry.


Hangul: 미안

English: I'm sorry.

Ultimate Status My ultimate is charging! ▶️
My ultimate is almost ready! ▶️
Ultimate ready. ▶️
I'm ready to initiate self-destruct sequence. ▶️

Voice Lines[]

Availability Quote Audio
Default Love, D.Va. ▶️
25Credits [sigh] AFK. ▶️
Aw, yeah! ▶️
D.Va one, bad guys zero. ▶️
GG! ▶️
Here comes a new challenger! ▶️

Geim-eul hamyeon, igyeoyaji.

Hangul: 게임을 하면, 이겨야지.
English: (Literal) When you play a game, you should win!
I play to win!

Is this easy mode? ▶️
LOL. ▶️
No hacks required. ▶️
Winkyface. ▶️
Nice try. ▶️
Summer Games (2016) Exclusive 25Credits I'm #1! ▶️
Summer Games (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Scoreboard. ▶️
Summer Games (2020) Exclusive 25Credits Hmph! You can't be serious!
Summer Games (2021) Exclusive 75Credits I'll see you at the finish line.
Halloween Terror (2016) Exclusive 25Credits

Haepi hallowin!

Hangul: 해피 할로윈!
English: Happy Halloween!

Halloween Terror (2017) Exclusive 25Credits I'm not scared. ▶️
Winter Wonderland (2016) Exclusive 25Credits Aw, you shouldn't have. ▶️
Winter Wonderland (2017) Exclusive 25Credits

Jeulgeoun yeonhyu doeseyo!

Hangul: 즐거운 연휴 되세요!
English: Have a merry Holiday!

Winter Wonderland (2020) Exclusive 75Credits Perfect weather for a hotteok.
Lunar New Year (2017) Exclusive 25Credits The best things in life come in small packages. ▶️
Lunar New Year (2018) Exclusive 25Credits

Saehae bok manhi badeuseyo.

Hangul: 새해 복 많이 받으세요.
English: Happy New Year./Receive lots of luck in the new year.

Archives (2017)

Exclusive 25Credits

I get the feeling you're not taking me seriously... ▶️
Try and keep up! ▶️
Archives (2018)

Exclusive 25Credits

Ooh, jjangi-da!

Hangul: 우, 짱이다!
English: Ooh, i love it!

Archives (2021)

Exclusive 75Credits

I'm a professional.
Overwatch Anniversary (2017) Exclusive 25Credits Level up! ▶️
Guh-- no way. ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2018) Exclusive 25Credits No problem! ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2019) Exclusive 25Credits I know my KDR. ▶️
Overwatch Anniversary (2020) Exclusive 25Credits Yeah... ▶️


Hero Quote Audio
  • Ana: Youth truly is wasted on the young.
  • D.Va: Aww, c'mon, Ana! I bet you got up to all sorts of trouble when you were my age!
  • D.Va: I saw you on a wanted poster with a cute guy! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
  • Ashe: *sigh* Tell me you don't mean Cassidy. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
  • D.Va: Ew, no! The tall one with the little hat! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
  • Ashe: Oh, Bob? I'll tell him you said hello. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
  • D.Va: Hey! Who took my Nano Cola? Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
  • Baptiste: That stuff's no good for you. Have some water instead. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
  • D.Va: You just wanted to drink it yourself! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
  • Baptiste: Ah... maybe. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
  • Brigitte: Hey, D.Va... Who's your mechanic? They do good work.
  • D.Va: Dae-Hyun! He's great, isn't he?
  • Cassidy: D.Va, just tell me one thing: Where'd you learn to shoot like that?
  • D.Va: 16-bit Hero!


  • D.Va: It's me! Someone must be hacking.
  • D.Va: I hope we don't get banned for this.


  • D.Va: Genji! Let's go to the arcade after this! Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
  • Genji: A battle's end calls for meditation. Not games. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
  • D.Va: I get it. Everyone's scared to take on the best player in the world... Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
  • Genji: ...Fine. I'll go. Overwatch 2 logo.svg.png
  • D.Va: You remind me of someone... You're so serious, though!
  • Hanzo: I believe you are mistaken.
  • Lúcio: D.Va in the flesh, woo! Can I get your autograph?
  • D.Va: Only if I can get yours, too! I love your new album.


  • D.Va: Mei! I love reading your journal. I'm so jealous you get to go to all those places!
  • Mei: That's true, I guess you don't get to travel very much.


  • Reaper: War isn't a game, girl.
  • D.Va: That's funny, haha! Soldier: 76 said the same thing.
  • Reinhardt: I was wondering if you'd sign something for me. It's... [clears throat] [whispering] ...for a friend.
  • D.Va: Of course! Here you go. Love, D.Va. / Aw. After this match is over. Right now, it's time to get serious!

▶️ ▶️

Soldier: 76
  • Soldier: 76: War isn't a game.
  • D.Va: Are you sure life isn't a game, Soldier: 76?


  • D.Va: Ooh, I can't stand you hackers! You give those of us with skill a bad name.
  • Sombra: You know that isn't the kind of hacking I do, right?


  • D.Va: Hey Sombra, I hear you are a master of unlocking.
  • Sombra: What are you talking about?


  • Torbjörn: *laughs* Any chance you'd let me peek under the hood of your mech?
  • D.Va: Hey! Hands off!


  • Torbjörn: Whoever built your mech did a good job. None of that AI mess.
  • D.Va: Well, if you wanna give me some upgrades, I'm all ears!


  • D.Va: My mechanic Dae-Hyun does a great job on it. I bet he'd love to meet you!
  • D.Va: I have to introduce you to Overlord! He's the best pilot I know.
  • Tracer: Don't sell yourself short! I've seen you in action.
  • Widowmaker: This is no place for children.
  • D.Va: Who are you calling a child?


  • D.Va: A giant gorilla! Just like in those old video games!
  • Winston: I get that a lot.


  • Zarya: D.Va, have you seen the Svyatogors? Now that is what I call a mech.
  • D.Va: Size isn't everything.



Trigger Quote Audio
Busan (Elimination) I will defend my country! ▶️
Busan (Karaoke) I play to win, and I always do. That's just who I am. Woo! ▶️
MEKA activated! Hit you with that PEW-PEW-PEW! With that PEW-PEW-PEW! ▶️
Someone has to save the world, it might as well be me! Woo! GG! ▶️

Naneun seuta ya! Naneun dae seuta! o, i norae jae-il jo-a! Daebak! *giggles*

Hangul: 나는 스타야! 나는 대스타! 오, 이 노래 제일 좋아! 대박!
English: I'm a star! I'm a superstar! I love this song! Awesome!

Eichenwalde, King's Row or Volskaya Industries The destruction caused by the omnics here... It reminds me of home. ▶️
Hanamura Blizzard games? That's so old-school! [in arcade room] ▶️
No one's beating my high scores. ▶️
  • D.Va: Genji, I heard you used to have all the high scores here.
  • Genji: Yeah! ...wait, used to? Hey! Where did they all go?
Hollywood This is my kind of city! Lights, camera, action! ▶️
Horizon Lunar Colony Well? They flew me to the moon! ▶️
Horizon Lunar Colony (using Telescope) Wow... the view is amazing! ▶️
Oasis Seeing what happened after the war here gives me hope for the rebuilding of my country. ▶️


Skin Quote Audio
Junebug or B.Va (Call Mech) All systems buzzing! ▶️
(Boosters) Taking flight! ▶️
(Damage Boosted) Weapon systems are buzzing! ▶️
(Final Blow) Bzzzzzz! ▶️
(Final Blow) Did that sting? ▶️
(Multikill) I'm the queen bee! ▶️
Junker or Scavenger (Final Blow) Mediocre. ▶️
(Respawn) You hear me, baby? Hold together! ▶️
(Revenge) Remember me? ▶️
Officer D.Va (Round Start) Now authorized to use lethal force. ▶️
(Hero Change) D.Va reporting in! ▶️
(Final Blow) That was your last warning! ▶️
(Final Blow) You have the right to remain.. oh. ▶️
(Final Blow) You're going to get a parking ticket. ▶️
Cruiser (Round Start) Pop the clutch and let's go! ▶️
(Round Start) Hopped up and ready to kill! ▶️
(During setup) We got this made in the shade! ▶️
(Respawn) I'm cruisin' for a bruisin! ▶️
(Boosters) Grr, flooring it! ▶️
(Boosters) Burning rubber! ▶️
(Call Mech) Firing up! ▶️
(Eject) Time to split! ▶️
(Eject) Cutting out. ▶️
(Final Blow) Get bent! ▶️
(Melee Final Blow Outside Mech) You ordered a knuckle sandwich? ▶️
(Hello) Hey, daddy'o! ▶️
(Acknowledge) Right'o! ▶️
(Acknowledge) No sweat! ▶️
(On Fire) I'm cookin'! ▶️
(Datamined) Far out! ▶️
(Datamined) Cool it. ▶️
  • Widowmaker: This is no place for children.
  • D.Va: Hey, I'm no ankle-biter!



Quotes marked "datamined" might not exist in-game, and may be outdated. Do not take them as representative of the game in its current or future states.

Please move quotes that do exist in game to their appropriate sections above.

Trigger Quote Audio

Soljikhi, seutaro appa-neun mot igigetdeora.

Hangul: 솔직히, 스타로 아빠는 못 이기겠더라.
English: Honestly, I can't beat dad at StarCraft.

*giggles* Aw, you're trying so hard... ▶️
Clear the area! ▶️
Fall back. ▶️
On my way! ▶️
This is it, come on team! ▶️
Now's our chance, press the attack! ▶️
I'm on defense! ▶️
I'm going in. ▶️
No. ▶️
Yes. ▶️
Up up down down left right left right B A start!

(Easter egg: This voiceline will play on playoverwatch.com when inputting this code with the arrow keys (except for start) on the website, along with multiple D.Va portraits of different sizes drifting down the screen).

Oppa's not my style! ▶️
GG, GG. Baby, baby. ▶️

Ieung, ieung.

Hangul: ㅇㅇ/이응 이응
English: Kk./ Mmhm. / Yes, yes.



Hangul: 쳇!
English: Sheesh!

Get out of there! ▶️
Go! ▶️
Combo! ▶️
I could use a hand! ▶️
Go forward! ▶️

Ajik son-i deol pullyeoseo geurae.

Hangul: 아직 손이 덜 풀려서 그래.
English: It's because I'm not fully warmed up.


Jal ga!

Hangul: 잘 가!
English: Goodbye!



Hangul: 됐거든!
English: Enough!/No thanks! (rude)

I am NOT the Easter Bunny. ▶️
Countdown In five...four...three...two...one. ▶️
Micro-missiles Bang! ▶️


  • "Blizzard games? That's so old-school!" is a reference to the creator and developer of Overwatch; Blizzard Entertainment.
  • "You hear me, baby? Hold together." is a reference to Han Solo's line in Star Wars: a New Hope, in the Tie Fighter attack scene.
  • "Boom shakalaka! She's on fire!" is a dual reference to the song "Fantastic Baby" by the K-Pop band "Big Bang", and Tim Kitzrow, the commentator from the NBA Jam video game series as well as NFL Blitz, MLB Slugfest, NHL Hitz and Mutant Football League.
  • The line "nallaganda / 날라간다" (when D.Va uses her boosters) is not strictly correct in Korean grammar. The correct version would be "nalaganda / 날아간다" (transliterated with a single L), but the other version is not too uncommon or awkward in everyday Korean conversations. In the Korean voice pack, however, the voice actress (different than the actress participated in the English one) does say "날아간다".
    • It is also worth noting that there's a difference in the tone each actress uses for the line. The English version may have a hint of "Watch out, Imma fly off!", while the Korean version is more like "Look at me, I'm flying!"
  • "A giant gorilla! Just like in those old video games!" is a reference to the classic arcade game Donkey Kong.
  • "Ready, player one!" is a reference to classic video game cabinets that would display this message when the player on the left side of an arcade cabinet had entered enough coins/tokens to play. Coincidentally, it also refers to the "Ready Player One" movie, which was released in 2018 (2 years after Overwatch launched), in which Overwatch character Tracer had a cameo.
  • Her pregame line in Hollywood is a reference to her appearance as an actress in Hero of My Storm.
  • "Remember me?" may be a dual reference to the song "피노키오 Pinocchio (Danger)" by f(x), and a line spoken by Furiosa, in Mad Max: Fury Road, before killing the film's villain, Immortan Joe.
  • Her interaction with Cassidy may be a reference to the movie "Back To The Future: Part III", that takes place on Old West. Marty McFly shows impressive skills at a shooting gallery. The owner asks "Just tell me one thing: Where'd you learn to shoot like that?", and he replies "7-Eleven" - In the 1980's, 7-Eleven stores (a convenience store) used to have 1 or 2 video games in the back of the store.
  • The "Master of Unlocking" quote is a reference to the original Resident Evil, which was said by character Barry Burton who advised Jill Valentine to take a lock pick when they were trapped in the mansion.
  • "Up up down down left right left right B A start!" is the "Konami Code", also known as the "Contra Code", which is a cheat code first used in the Konami game "Gradius," on the Nintendo Entertainment System. (Easter egg: This voiceline will play on playoverwatch.com when inputting this code with the arrow keys (except for start) on the website, along with multiple D.Va portraits of different sizes drifting down the screen.)
  • "Oppa's not my style." is a reference to PSY's song "Oppa Gangnam Style (강남스타일)".
  • "GG, GG. Baby, baby." is a reference to Girl's Generation's song "Gee".
  • D.Va's resurrection line "1-up!" is a reference to the 1-Up Mushroom from the Super Mario Series, which gives the player another life when they get a 1-Up Mushroom.
  • D.Va's karaoke line in Busan, "MEKA activated! Hit you with that PEW-PEW-PEW! With that PEW-PEW-PEW!" is a parody of BLACKPINK's 2018 song DDU-DU DDU-DU, where they sing "Hit you with that DDU-DU DDU-DU" in the chorus.
  • The "I'll see you at the finish line" voiceline is in the animated short Shooting Star when D.Va said that to her best friend, or her mechanic Dae-Hyun.