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D. Cuerva


D. Cuerva was a Talon strike team captain.


Remember Makati? Or that time in Singapore? Or did you conveniently forget how those went down, too?
~ Mauga to Baptiste on operations led by Cuerva

Cuerva personally trained Jean-Baptiste Augustin.[2] He led operations in Makati and Singapore, both of which resulted in civilian casualties. Cuerva assured his team (or at least Baptiste) that the operations were "on the level."[1]

Monte Cristi[]

Attention! The Playa Cartel have been encroaching on our territory. Our mission is to find and eliminate their leader, Daniel Fernández. Intelligence has located his safe house; we’ll move in, extract him, and get out. Copy?
~ Cuerva just prior to the operation

Cuerva served as the commanding officer of a Talon strike team at Monte Cristi. Their assignment was to extract Daniel Fernández. He assured the team that there would be no civilian casualties. The operation went without a hitch at first, but upon reaching Fernández's safe house, he wasn't there. Cuerva ordered the team to tear the town apart until they found their target, and the team obliged, breaking down doors and terrorizing the populace. Things went further south when a Talon aircraft opened fire on the town. Baptiste protested, but Cuerva ignored him—if the people of Monte Cristi were hiding Fernández, they had to suffer the consequences. Baptiste abandoned the operation, and as Baptiste failed to answer his radio, the captain sent Mauga to find him. Mauga did so, but falsely reported that he hadn't found Baptiste.[1]


By the way, I heard what happened to Captain Cuerva and the boys. That's a real shame.
~ Mauga to Baptiste

After Baptiste left Talon, Cuerva and his team were sent to Ti Ôtel Lanbi in Port-de-Paix, Haiti, to retrieve him, or, failing that, eliminate him. Cuerva held out hope that Baptiste could be talked into rejoining Talon. Pacanowsky left the hotel to purchase supplies and failed to return. Mazzei and Doubleday were dispatched to locate him, and an hour later, there was a knock at Cuerva's door. The hotel staff delivered a box with his name on it. Inside was a folded letter and Pacanowsky, Mazzei, and Doubleday’s emblems, which looked like they had been torn from their jackets. The note read Come find me, Cuerva. He prepared the team to move out, considering it likely that Pacanowsky, Mazzei, and Doubleday were dead. His team never returned from the mission, but his personal log was retrieved, and sent to Trung Le Nguyen by F. McManaway.[2] They were assumed KIA, but this was never confirmed.[3] In truth, Baptiste had killed them, and left Cuerva for last.[1]


  • Cuerva is a Spanish name meaning "rook", a corvid bird similar to a raven.


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