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Damage amplification increases the damage dealt or taken by a hero.

Abilities that amplify damage dealt[]

Hero Ability Amount
Ana Nano Boost +50%
Baptiste Amplification Matrix +100%
Mercy Caduceus Staff +30%
Orisa Supercharger +50%

Caduceus Staff, Nano Boost, and Supercharger are considered damage boosts. Projectiles are only amplified by them if the hero was being damage boosted when they were released.

Abilities that amplify damage taken[]

Hero Ability Amount
Zenyatta Orb of Discord +25%

Abilities that cannot be damage boosted[]

The following abilities cannot have their damage dealt amplified by damage boosting the hero. The damage they deal can still be increased when damaging a target affected by Zenyatta's Orb of Discord.

These are also applicable with Amplification Matrix.


  • B.O.B.
    • B.O.B.'s own damage can be amplified, but amplifying Ashe's damage does not affect B.O.B.



  • Dragonstrike
    • The arrow can be amplified, but the dragons cannot.





  • Deploy Turret
    • The turret's own damage can be amplified with Amplification Matrix, but amplifying Torbjörn's damage does not affect the turret.
  • Molten Core
    • The impact damage from Molten Core can be amplified, but the damage over time cannot.


Wrecking Ball


  • Graviton Surge
    • The impact damage from Graviton Surge can be amplified, but the damage over time cannot.


The equation used to calculate damage in general is as follows:

Damage = base damage × (100% + damage dealt modifiers) × (100% + damage taken modifiers) × headshot multiplier (if applicable)armor (if applicable)

Damage dealt modifiers and damage taken modifiers are applied separately. This means that if Zenyatta's Orb of Discord (+25% damage taken) is on a target and an attack boosted by Mercy's damage boost (+30% damage dealt) hits that target, the damage would be 162.5% of the base damage.

Multiple amplification effects of the same category—damage dealt or damage taken—are added together. For example, if Ana uses Nano Boost (+50% damage dealt) on a target who then shoots through Baptiste's Amplification Matrix (+100% damage dealt), the damage would be 250% of the base damage.

Interaction with damage reduction[]

Damage reduction from abilities such as Fortify, Ironclad, Nano Boost, and Take a Breather modify damage taken, just like damage taken amplifiers. This means they add together when combined, and apply separately from damage dealt modifiers. If Orb of Discord (+25% damage taken) is on Bastion with Ironclad (−20% damage taken), Bastion takes 105% of all incoming damage.

The lowest the damage taken value can go is 50%. If a Bastion with Ironclad (−20% damage taken) gets Nano Boosted (−50% damage taken), Bastion's damage taken is 50% because it cannot be lower than that. However, if that Bastion is then affected by Orb of Discord (+25% damage taken), Bastion's damage taken would be 55% because damage reduction itself is not limited to 50%, only the minimum damage taken value.


  • Mercy gains ultimate charge equal to the damage she amplified.
  • Hypothetically, the highest damage dealt value is 330% and the highest damage taken value is 125%. Combined, the maximum damage amplification would be 412.5%. This can then be further increased with the headshot multiplier. Using Widowmaker's 2.5× headshot multiplier, the absolute highest increase from the original damage would be 1031.25%.
  • Healing amplification works the same way as damage amplification, though the only healing dealt amplifier is Amplification Matrix (+100% healing dealt) and the only healing taken amplifier is Biotic Grenade (+50% healing taken). Together, the target would gain 300% of the base healing.