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Drama club
Yewande (mother)
Bisi (elder brother)
Efi Oladele (cousin)

Dayo is Efi Oladele's cousin. He attends the same high school as Efi, where he is part of the drama club.


Intelligent, and good at craft, Dayo is usually well dressed. Gold embelishments have been added to his school uniform, and the cuffs have extra stitching. He wears his hair in tiny twists—157, as it's his favorite prime number. He and Efi are close, and he lets her call him by his first name. However, he can be a bit clueless when it comes to Efi's awkwardness at being much younger than her peers.[1]


When Dayo was in his early to mid teens, he went around telling people that his father was in Overwatch and best friends with Reinhardt. He showed Efi his father's "secret Overwatch medallion." In truth, it was composed of several layers of very carefully cut Nano Cola cans.

After Bisi (Dayo's older brother) graduated from high school, he fell into debt. When they came to collect Bisi's debts, they mistook Dayo for his brother, and beat him up. Dayo was left with a shattered hip, a severe concussion, and was taken to hospital. Bisi turned up to the hopsital, mumbled his apologies, and then disappeared. His mother was left shattered, and refused to speak about Bisi. Dayo remained silent as well, as he now had plenty of contempt for his brother.

The same year, Dayo attended OmnicCon, taking part in the costuming contest by wearing a Flash Brighton cosplay. He later opinioned that he would have won if not for another contestent's HAL-Fred Glitchbot cosplay, which had been entirely store bought.[1]

The Hero of Numbani[]

A year after being attacked, Bisi was still walking with a cane. He saw his brother at a train concourse, right as the doors were closing. He refused to use his hand to keep them open, but just ignored him. He didn't tell his mother about the incident, seeing no reason to upset her.

A few weeks later, however, he did tell Efi. He told her that he didn't regret his actions. That Bisi had chosen his path, and deserved much worse than having a train door close in his face. He casually told Sam that Efi was having trouble making friends, causing Efi to leave in embarssment.

Weeks later, Dayo noticed Efi looking down. She explained that it was "friend drama," and refused to elaborate. He suggested that she stay after school and help build sets for their Unity Day play. Efi reluctantly agreed, and ended up having fun with his drama group. However, she stated that she and her family were going to see Lúcio in Brazil, which was wishful thinking at best, and an outright lie at worst. Dayo followed her out of the drama room and correctly guessed that Efi had been less than honest. He told her to head back inside and come clean. Before that happened however, Efi got a message on her tablet, informing her that she'd been awarded the "Genius Grant" from the Adawe Foundation. She ran off to share the news with her parents.

Dayo later turned eighteen. Both the University of Lagos and University of Ibadan accepted his applications.

A month after his birthday, Efi recruited him to help with her robot project. He managed to procure a Branford arm for the project by putting on a performance for the dealer.

Efi's project was activated, but it caused numerous accidents, prompting a family meeting of her parents, Yewande, and Dayo. Dayo stood up for Efi, but in the discussion, Efi let slip that Dayo had procured the Branford arm. Yewande screamed at him, yelling that she'd thought she'd raised him better than this. That like Bisi, he'd dragged the family name through the mud.

Efi continued to help Dayo and his fellow drama students with their planned play. However, Orisa turned up and injured one of them. Thus, Efi shut her down.

Awhile later, Efi texted Dayo, asking if they could meet at Kofi Aromo to study for their upcoming test. He agreed, and while studying, he tried to cheer her up. He ended up having to go to the restroom, courtesy of his coffee being spiked by the barista. This was part of Talon's plan so that Bisi could confront Efi while his brother was incapacitated. Bayo eventually returned, and Efi didn't tell him about what had just occurred.

Dayo and his drama students took part in the Unity Day play, as part of a fundraiser. The play went off without a hitch, including Day's role, as he read the Declaration of Unity. However, the fundraiser was interupted by an attack from Doomfist and his Talon forces. Under Efi's direction, Dayo and his fellow students helped assemble a sonic amplifier, which they used to turn the tide of battle.[1]