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This article is about the group. For the novel of the same name, see Overwatch: Deadlock Rebels.
So, if you wanna be part of my family, I do have one little rule: It's my way, or... well, who am I kidding? It's my way.
~ Elizabeth Ashe
Deadlock Rebels
Deadlock Gang logo

Elizabeth Ashe
Lead Rose, Texas, United States (formerly)
Deadlock Gorge, Arizona, United States (current)
Crime group
5 (progenitor group)[1]
Approx. 25–30 members (at the time of formation)[1]
At least 8 (present)[2]

The Deadlock Rebels (a.k.a. the Deadlock Gang) are a notorious crime group that operate in the American southwest.

Background[ | ]

Early History[ | ]

Formation[ | ]

In form if not in name, the Deadlock Gang's genesis lies with the actions of Elizabeth Ashe and her initial heists with Jesse McCree, B.O.B., Frankie, and Julian. Having been disinherited, Ashe sought to make a quick buck before her eighteenth birthday which was three months away. She enlisted McCree's help in a heist against Arbalest Fulfillment Center Beta-3. The heist went awry, and all they had to show for it was a pair of rifles. Expanding their numbers, they met with Julian (a demo-man) and Frankie (a hacker), and used a barn on the grounds of Lead Rose as their base of operations.

After obtaining ammunition and other goods from Fort Starr, the group carried out their first heist. In what would become known as the Brisco Incident, the made their move against an Arbelest shipment. The plan was that once Frankie hacked the main transport, she and McCree would engage the drones from their hovercycles. Julian would then used his demolition skills to seal the Brisco Tunnel, covering their retreat once the plans were stolen. B.O.B. was left behind, as the heist didn't require muscle, and bringing him along raised the risk of identification. The plan went awry as soon as it began, as while Frankie had no problem hacking the transports, she didn't know which one was the lead one. Ashe ordered Frankie to find out by hacking each of them in turn, while she and McCree engaged the drones. The plan was a success, and plans for the H-29 scope were obtained. Later, Frankie sold the plans, and the gang received their first payday, with Ashe confirming that Arbelest had failed to identify the bikers who'd attacked the convoy.[1]

Early Heists[ | ]

Over the next two months, the gang carried out nearly a dozen nearly flawless heists; mostly against Arbelest, but also a few other companies, in order to obscure the fact that Arbelest was their main target. However, the Arbelest targets were where the big bucks were coming from. Despite various suggestions from McCree, Ashe refused to give the gang a name, reasoning that they wouldn't be operating together for long.

Things went awry however at The Hopper, where they met with Liu in what was meant to be a simple exchange. However, Liu had double-crossed them, and the gang found themselves surrounded by the Diamondbacks, a rival gang. Ashe's gang had gotten too greedy for their liking, and was ordered to cease all activity, lest...well, there were a lot of holes where people could be buried in the desert.

Ashe had no intention of backing down, but outnumbered and outgunned, knew there was no way they could fight their way out of the situation. Believing that they had an agreement, the Diamondbacks left, at which point Ashe revealed to her gang that they weren't going to stop their activities. The three month deadline was approaching, and they could fit in a few more well-paying jobs. Namely, a big score that she'd been planning for quite some time.

The gang carried out a heist on an Arbelest train shipment, carrying a weapon known only as "Siren." The train had yet to depart when they infiltrated the train yard. McCree found the cargo crate holding the weapon, but Julian triggered a motion sensor, which alerted the yard's security drones to their location. They managed to escape, but upon opening the crate, found only standard-issue rifles. Ashe realized that she'd made a mistake.[1]

Deadlock For Life[ | ]

Despite the Siren debacle, by the time Ashe turned 18, the gang's finances were sky high. A party was thrown, albeit one that the Diamondbacks crashed, as they were aware of Ashe's identity, and that she hadn't stopped the heists. McCree was taken prisoner with the help of Julian, who was secretly in league with the Diamondbacks.

Ashe was arrested, but used the gang's finances to pay her bail. She and Julian went to the Diamondbacks' hideout in Deadlock Gorge to rescue McCree. However, Julian revealed his true colors, and Ashe was taken prisoner. Frankie was able to help free her, and a firefight erupted. Ashe played her hand, offering the Diamondbacks a place in her own gang. That they'd be treated with respect and be given equal shares. Benito Sanchez-Bez was the first to cross the floor, and the majority of the Diamondbacks followed him. Marco and his loyalists were handed over to the Bellerae police department.

Ashe and her now significantly larger gang took over the Diamondbacks' hideout as their base of operations. Over the following period, more and more gangs began looking to join Ashe's new gang—the Deadlock Rebels. A name decided by her and McCree in reference to their new lair at Deadlock Gorge.[1]

Recent History[ | ]

Deadlock Gang

Scoring big

Ashe started to make a name for herself with bigger and more extravagant heists.[3] The gang also made money via illegal weapons trafficking.[4] While the gang wasn't the first group of outlaws in the American Southwest, Ashe was determined to be "bigger and better" than the gang's rivals, to "write their names into legend."[5] The Deadlock Gang’s rapid rise to prominence put them at odds with the other criminal organizations in the American southwest; the encounters often became violent. After years of skirmishes and bloodshed, Ashe called the heads of the major groups together. She proposed that the gangs could work together (or at least, not work against each other). Her principles: keep your word, don’t work with the law, respect each other's territory, and always punish betrayal.[3]

The Deadlock Gang continued to operate within the American southwest, where it trafficked in illicit weapons and military hardware. A group of its operatives were apprehended in an Overwatch sting operation. This included McCree, who ended up joining Overwatch.[6]

Reunion[ | ]

Jesse McCree. It's been a while. You promised you'd write.
Well Ashe...I've been kind of busy.
~ Ashe and McCree

The standoff

The gang planned a heist on Route 66.[7] namely to derail a military freight train,[8] not knowing that they had been manipulated into doing so by former gang leader Jesse McCree.[9] The train was successfully derailed, but it was at this point that the gang was confronted by McCree. McCree said that all he wanted was a single crate, and that the rest of the train's haul was the gang's. This piqued Ashe's interest, who decided that what lay in the crate was now very much her business. In the ensuing gunfight, all members of the gang were incapacitated, and set off down the road, tied up.[8]

Zero Hour[ | ]

Months later, when Null Sector attacked Paris (leading to the re-emergence of Overwatch), things got even worse for the gang, as spooked by Overwatch's return, in less than 24 hours, half of the Deadlock Gang's clients had frozen their shipments. However, they were able to pilfer a new Arbalest firearm from the first run.[2]

Luck of the Draw[ | ]

Around here, they only want the good stuff.
Now, I know you ain't saying what it sounds like you're saying. Because if you know our reputation, then you know that the Deadlock Rebels don't deal in anything but the good stuff.
~ Folly and Ashe

Not long after the Paris attack, members of the Deadlock Gang led by Ashe arrived at the Spectacle in Las Vegas, in order to move into the local smuggling game. They met with Lark and Folly of the Jackpot Gang in order to work out a business deal, with the Jackpots purchasing the Rebels' pilfered firearms. The deal was on the verge of falling apart before the meeting was interrupted by Null Sector attacking the city.[2]

The members of both gangs hunkered down in the Spectacle while fighting raged outside. 22 hours after the attack began, the Rebels and Jackpots were able to escape the casino.[2]

Known Members[ | ]

It's official, then. From this day forward, we're the Deadlock Rebels. But more than a gang, we're a family. And like a real family, once you're in Deadlock, you're in it for life.
~ Ashe, at the Deadlocks' founding

Founders[ | ]


The founders of the gang

While not a founder of the gang per se, Julian can also be counted among its original members.

Other[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

In the months prior to the gang's official naming, McCree pitched a number of ideas for a gang name. Potential names included the Vultures, the Copper Cyotes, and the Shadow Bats.[1]

References[ | ]

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