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| name = Deadlock Rebels
| name = Deadlock Rebels
| image = Deadlock Gang logo.jpg
| image = Deadlock Gang logo.jpg
| leader = [[Elizabeth Ashe]]<br/>[[Jesse McCree]] (formerly)
| leader = [[Elizabeth Ashe]]<br/>[[Cole Cassidy]] (formerly)
| affiliation =
| affiliation =
| headquarters = [[Deadlock Gorge]], Arizona, [[United States]]
| headquarters = [[Deadlock Gorge]], Arizona, [[United States]]

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This article is about the group. For the novel of the same name, see Overwatch: Deadlock Rebels.
So, if you wanna be part of my family, I do have one little rule: It's my way, or... well, who am I kidding? It's my way.
~ Ashe
Deadlock Rebels
Deadlock Gang logo.jpg

Elizabeth Ashe
Cole Cassidy (formerly)
Deadlock Gorge, Arizona, United States
Crime group
At least 6

The Deadlock Rebels (a.k.a. the Deadlock Gang) is a notorious crime group.


Early History[]

Scoring big

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The Deadlock Gang was formed by Elizabeth Ashe, Jesse McCree, Frankie, and Julian, with B.O.B. being an impromptu fifth member.[1] Ashe started to make a name for herself with bigger and more extravagant heists.[2] The gang also made money via illegal weapons trafficking.[3] While the gang wasn't the first group of outlaws in the American Southwest, Ashe was determined to be "bigger and better" than the gang's rivals, to "write their names into legend."[4] The Deadlock Gang’s rapid rise to prominence put them at odds with the other criminal organizations in the American southwest; the encounters often became violent. After years of skirmishes and bloodshed, Ashe called the heads of the major groups together. She proposed that the gangs could work together (or at least, not work against each other). Her principles: keep your word, don’t work with the law, respect each other's territory, and always punish betrayal.[2]

The Deadlock Gang continued to operate within the American southwest, where it trafficked in illicit weapons and military hardware. A group of its operatives were apprehended in an Overwatch sting operation. This included McCree, who ended up joining Overwatch.[5]


Jesse McCree. It's been a while. You promised you'd write.
Well Ashe...I've been kind of busy.
~ Ashe and McCree

The standoff

The gang planned a heist on Route 66.[6] namely to derail a military freight train,[7] not knowing that they had been manipulated into doing so by former gang member Jesse McCree.[8] The train was successfully derailed, but it was at this point that the gang was confronted by McCree. McCree said that all he wanted was a single crate, and that the rest of the train's haul was the gang's. This piqued Ashe's interest, who decided that what lay in the crate was now very much her business. In the ensuing gunfight, all members of the gang were incapacitated, and set off down the road, tied up.[7]

Known Members[]

It's official, then. From this day forward, we're the Deadlock Rebels. But more than a gang, we're a family. And like a real family, once you're in Deadlock, you're in it for life.
~ Ashe, at the Deadlocks' founding


The founders of the gang



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