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Deathmatch is a type of game mode in Overwatch 2. It is based on the popular Deathmatch archetype from various multiplayer shooter games.

Overview[ | ]

In Overwatch, deathmatch game modes are usually played with 8 players, either as an 8-player FFA (free-for-all) or 4v4 team deathmatch. The goal of deathmatch game modes is to be the first player or team to reach the specified amount of eliminations, or have the most eliminations at the match's time limit. In deathmatch, players do not respawn in the team's spawn room, but instead respawn at one of the predetermined locations around the map. Additionally, players may choose to skip the kill cam and their remaining respawn timer to respawn immediately after 3 seconds has passed.

Maps[ | ]

There are four maps specifically designed for deathmatch: Château Guillard, Kanezaka, Malevento and Petra. Additionally, the usual map pool includes sections of maps from other game modes that are available in standard play.

Game mode variants[ | ]

Unranked[ | ]

The default 8 player FFA deathmatch to is accessible through the Unranked playlist.

Arcade[ | ]

Following deathmatch variants are in the arcade rotation:

  • Team Deathmatch - 4v4 team deathmatch.
  • (Map) Deathmatch - 8 player FFA deathmatch played on the specified map.
  • Mystery Deathmatch - 8 player FFA deathmatch where players respawn as a randomly chosen hero.
  • Bounty Hunter - 8 player FFA deathmatch where one player is designated as a target. The target receives more points from elimination, and when eliminated transfers the target status to the player that eliminated them.
  • Hero Gauntlet - 8 player FFA deathmatch where players swap to the next hero on their list upon eliminating a player. The first player to get an elimination with each hero in their list wins.
  • Mystery Deathmatch - 8 player FFA deathmatch where players spawn as the same hero.

Limited-time modes[ | ]

Following deathmatch variants have been available during limited-time events: