What I've done, "old friend", is topple a destroyer of worlds.

Destroyer is a Digital Comic Short about Torbjörn.


Boklovo, the capital city of Kurjikstan, is being terrorized by a Titan that is destroying buildings and killing soldiers. Torbjörn is called in on short notice to combat it, as he was one of the Ironclad Guild members that designed it for urban development. He travels through the sewers to get close to the titan without being seen, and climbs its leg - wearing IR shielding so the heat sensors don't detect him - to a maintenance hatch.

Once inside, Torbjörn sheds the IR shielding and shoots down a few security drones. He recognizes the handiwork of the drones as that of Sven, another Ironclad Guild member. Sven notices him on security cameras as he places turrets and hacks doors to get through the titan. Sven explains to Torbjörn that Kurjikstan is a corrupt, expansionist dictatorship and that his titan will save lives in the hands of a responsible government. As Torbjörn arrives at the cockpit, he notes that Sven is only interested in a government's money. He nails Sven's foot the floor with a rivet, beats him up, then takes control of the cockpit to drive the titan into the ground.


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