The Digital Comic Shorts are a series of comics which offer the reader another aspect in the storyline of Overwatch, in addition to the animated shorts. They have been created in collaboration with a variety of writers and artists.


Six issues of the Digital Comic Shorts were released in lead up to the launch of the game, showing the lives of several heroes after the fall of Overwatch.

Since the release of the game, several more comics have been released in promotion of other events.

  • Legacy reveals the backstory of new hero to the game and co-founder of Overwatch, Ana Amari, and the critical mission failure that caused her departure for the organisation.
  • Old Soldiers reunites Ana with former comrades Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes after many years.
  • Junkenstein was released in promotion for the Junkenstein's Revenge brawl that came with the Overwatch Halloween Terror seasonal event. It features Reinhardt as he tells the story of the mad doctor Dr. Jamison Junkenstein to several others heroes.
  • Reflections was released as part of the Winter Wonderland seasonal event. It revolves around the activities of former Overwatch members during Christmas.
  • Binary follows the story of Bastion and Torbjörn in the Swedish woods.
  • Uprising was released the week before the first Archives seasonal event, and recounts the story of Overwatch during their era of former glory.
  • Masquerade was released around the time of Doomfist's release and tells the story of what happened after Doomfist broke out of prison and before he recovered his gauntlet.
  • Wasted Land shows the first meeting of Roadhog and Junkrat.
  • Searching is the sequel to Infiltration. It follows Zarya and Lynx Seventeen as they work together in search of Sombra.
  • Haloween Terror was released to promote the Junkenstein's Revenge brawl which came out a second time in 2017. It tells about Junkenstien's second return, the four new heroes available in All Heroes Mode, and the Summoner joining Junkenstien.
  • Yeti Hunt was released to promote the Winter Wonderland brawl which also came out a second time in 2017. It tells about Mei's adventure trying to capture the Yeti.
  • Retribution was released before the second Archives seasonal event, and tells why Blackwatch is hunting down Antonio Bartalotti.


As one of promotions for Year of the Rooster, a kind of vertical, non-verbal comic was released, under the name "Overwatch Tapestry: Winston's Journey to the West". It tells the story in young Winston's imagination, inspired by the Chinese novel Journey to the West.

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