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Maximilien's at the Don Rumbotico Distillery, marking the position for you.
A rum distillery? My kind of target!
No drinking on the job, Tracer.
Wouldn't think of it.
~ Sojourn and Tracer

The rebuilt and rebranded Don Rumbotico distillery

Don Rumbotico is a rum distillery located in Havana and selling products globally. Its taglines are "Calidad de sabor" (English: Savor Quality, lit. Quality of Taste) and "Solo el mejor" (English: Only the best). It is run and operated by Maximilien as a front for Talon's money laundering operations, and functions as the heart of his Cuban operations.


The distillery was founded two hundred years ago by Clara and Basilio Díaz and specialized in small batch, barrel-aged rum created by a protected family recipe. Although it was massively popular in Havana, the brand was not well-known outside of Cuba until 2060.

It was originally a modest, family-owned business until Talon, under the guise of an anonymous financial group, offered to buy it for a high price. The Díaz family initially refused as Don Rumbotico was never meant to be a major operation, but then rum shipments began to go missing; ultimately, a suspected arson burned the distillery down, forcing the family to sell it for a fraction of its value as the fire had left them with nothing. Talon rebuilt the distillery, rebranded the logo with an image of an omnic rather than Basilio, and took the brand to international fame.

Despite this, the current recipes used are different, which Alicia Díaz feels are inferior to the family's original recipe, and that the selling of the distillery is contributing to a loss of cultural heritage in Havana.[1]