Doomfist Origin Story is an animated short released on July 6, 2017, the day Doomfist was announced.

Witness the return of one of Talon’s leaders: Doomfist.

Video Transcript


[Open on a view of the front of Doomfist's cell, zooming into the cell's number 88503.]

["Blizzard Entertainment Presents" follows.]

[Cuts to a Atlas News newspaper headline that reads "Doomfist Defeated!"]

Doomfist: Humanity has always been tested.

[Various newspapers show different stories, such as Winston saving the day, the possible return of Overwatch, and Tekhartha Mondatta's assassination.]

[Cuts to Doomfist stretching his arm, preparing to punch a wall in his cell.]

Doomfist: Conflict and war is the crucible to which we evolve.

[Doomfist punches the wall."]

[Cuts to a flashback where Doomfist engages Winston in a fight.]

[Doomfist dodges the lightning coming out of Winston's Tesla Cannon and proceeds to do a rushing punch to Winston's stomach, sending him flying, with Tracer blinking in order to dodge him.]

[Tracer looks on in shock as Doomfist grabs a car and throws it Tracer, in which she blinks to dodge the incoming car.]

[The battle zooms out, showing Genji running alongside the side of a building, to which Doomfist is alerted of his presence.]

[Doomfist proceeds to rip the door out of a car and throws it at the building where Genji is running on, in which it creates a gaping hole in the building, but Genji dodges it, and throws his shurikens at Doomfist, in which Doomfist then proceeds to shield himself from Tracer and Genji's attacks.]

[Agitated at Tracer and Genji's quickness, Doomfist attempts to punch the both of them, which then cuts back to Doomfist punching the wall in his cell.]

Doomfist: Every battle...

[Doomfist proceeds to punch the wall again.]

[Cuts back to Doomfist fighting against Tracer and Genji, in which he is still shielding himself from their attacks.]

Doomfist: ...makes us stronger.

[Doomfist punches the ground, creating a big hole on the ground and sending Genji up in the air, in which Genji then cuts a car in half that was coming at him.]

[Doomfist then rises up in the air and delivers a massive punch to Genji, sending him flying and crashing into a car.]

[Cuts back to Winston recovering from his punch from Doomfist, to which he finds an injured Genji attempting to stand up from the punch from Doomfist.]

[Winston then proceeds to watch on as Tracer fights against Doomfist, firing at him with her pulse pistols and dodging him with her blink.]

[Doomfist then focuses on attempting to rip Tracer's chronal accelerator from her body.]

[Seeing an opening, Doomfist makes a move, but misses Tracer.]

[Doomfist focuses again on Tracer, and this time, finds an opening and successfully grabs Tracer with his gauntlet, ripping the chronal accelerator from her body and then crushing it with his gauntlet hand.]

[Winston looks on in shock as he sees Tracer disappear and reappear, and then disappear as she tries to reach out to him.]

[Winston, now in a state of anger and rage, takes off his glasses and enters his Primal Rage state, roaring with anger with Doomfist looking on.]

[Winston then ferociously runs towards Doomfist and using his Jump Pack, leaps towards Doomfist.]

[Doomfist proceeds to charge up his punch in his gauntlet and him and Winston engage each other as they punch their fists against one other."]

[Cuts back to Doomfist, in the reflection of the mirror, the wall Doomfist had punched a number of times created a huge hole, enabling Doomfist to exit out of his cell. A newspaper alongside the mirror reads "New Doomfist Exhibit."]

Doomfist: Those who fall...will be forgotten.

[Doomfist exits his cell.]

Doomfist: Those who rise up...

[Doomfist clenches his fist, which then flashes back to Doomfist wielding the gauntlet and clenching his fist in it, looking with intent.]

Doomfist: ...their names will be remembered forever.

[Ends with the Overwatch logo.]

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