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Raiding party
Unknown, presumed inactive
For the animated short, see here.

The Dragons were a group of raiders preying on defenseless towns in the time period after Overwatch disbanded.


The Dragons were mobile scavengers, raiding towns and claiming territory. The local authorities lacked the funds and skill to do anything about the situation. In one village, they were confronted by an old man and his companion. The man demanded that the Dragons leave, a demand that they didn't heed, and instead turned on the man and easily beat him up. One of their number recognised him as Reinhardt Wilhelm, a former Overwatch operative. Laughing at his inability to help the townsfolk, the Dragons headed off.

It wasn't the last they saw of Reinhardt however, as he turned up at their base, donning his personal armor. The Dragons opened fire, but they couldn't prevail. Victorious, Reinhardt demanded that they leave the area and not return. The following day, Reinhardt informed the villagers that the Dragons would not bother them anymore.[1]