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*[[D.Va]] will sometimes enumerate the famous Konami-Code (up, up, down down, left, right, b, a, start).
*[[D.Va]] will sometimes enumerate the famous Konami-Code (up, up, down down, left, right, b, a, start).
*[[Genji|Genji's]] ultimate Dragonblade is a reference to the Quake character Slash, who is also known as The DragonBlade.
*[[Genji|Genji's]] ultimate Dragonblade is a reference to the Quake character Slash, who is also known as The DragonBlade.
* The [[Junkers]] term is a reference to the group of the same name in StarCraft II.
* Pharah's suit design is a reference to the StarCraft II unit "Reaper", whose suit includes a jetpack, a helmet that covers the face.
==Other References==
==Other References==

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A list of known Easter Eggs in Overwatch.

Overwatch Easter Eggs

Movie and Television References

  • Genji's line, "You seem nice, I hate to kill you." is a reference to Inigo Montoya from the movie The Princess Bride, when he is dueling the "dread pirate Roberts".
  • Soldier: 76's line "I love the smell of pulse munitions in the morning" is a reference to Lieutenant Colonel Bill Kilgore's famous line from Apocalypse Now, "I love the smell of napalm in the morning".
  • Pharah's "Mechaqueen" skin and ultimate are obvious references to the popular Japanese series "Gundam".
  • Soldier: 76's line "I'm the one who does his job. I'm thinking, you're the other one..." is a quote from Staff Sergeant Sean Dignam in the movie The Departed.
  • Genji's spray "Target Practice" is a nod to the anime Naruto.
  • In the defense spawn in Hanamura, a jacket resembling that of Naruto's can be found. It has two of the symbols of the shirt under his jacket. The symbol is also on young Genji.
  • Junkrat's line "Why so serious?" upon killing Reaper is a reference to The Joker from The Dark Knight series.
  • When Reaper says "If it lives, I can kill it", it's a likely reference to Arnold Schwarzenegger's line in the movie Predator.
  • Mei's line "You have to let it go" is a reference to the popular song in the movie Frozen.
  • Winston's line "Don't get me angry" is a reference to The Incredible Hulk
  • Winston also recreates the famous line from the NASA Apollo mission: "Houston, we have a problem".
  • When Torbjörn says "I'm giving it all I've got" is a twist on a quote from Scotty in Star Trek.
  • Torbjörn's quote "For the last time, I'm Swedish!" is a reference to "The Swede" from the show Hell on Wheels
  • Zarya's line "I will break you" is a nod to Ivan Drago in the movie Rocky IV.
  • Hanzo's Halloween Voice line says "You are already dead" which is a reference to Ken from Fist of the North Star.
  • McCree has many lines revolving around classic westerns, including "I'm not good, not bad, but I sure as hell ain't ugly", "I'm your huckleberry" and "Reach for the sky", and "Happy trails".
  • Inside the spawn area in Hollywood, a movie poster reads "Some like it Bot" - a twist on the movie Some like it Hot with Marilyn Monroe.
  • When Winston respawns he will sometimes recite "Once more unto the breach" which is a reference to Shakespeare's play "King Henry".
  • Reaper's line "I'm not a psychopath... I'm a high-functioning psychopath." is a reference to BBC's Sherlock, when Sherlock says "I'm not a psychopath, Anderson, I'm a high-functioning sociopath. Do your research."
  • Bastion's emote "ALERT! ALERT!" and "Rest Mode" is a reference to the movie "The Iron Giant". His "Giant" spray also draws elements from the various Iron Giant posters.
  • Hanzo's line "I choose you, Spirit Dragon" is a reference to the line spoken in the "Pokemon" anime and games series. Most commonly heard as "I choose you, Pikachu!"
  • Reinhardt's 5 vote line "Impressive, if I do say so myself" is a reference to the movie "Tron" which was spoken by Kevin Flynn.
  • Zenyatta's voice line: "Death is whimsical today" is a reference to a line spoken by Gary Oldman in the movie Leon: The Professional.
  • Reinhardt's voice line: "This is no castle. It's a tomb" is a reference to " This is no mine. It's a tomb" said by Boromir in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.
  • Lúcio's voice line: "That's how you get tinnitus" is a reference to the animated TV show "Archer". which is said frequently by the protagonist Sterling Archer.
  • Zenyatta's voice line "Free your mind" may be referencing Morpheus from The Matrix.
  • Junkrat (Jamison Fawkes) refers a lot to Guy Fawkes and the movie V for Vendetta: "Remember, remember...what the heck was i saying again?" (on King's Row) and humming the 1812 overture after a multikill through his ultimate.
  • Sombra's "Deaf-Mute" spray is a reference to the hacker - The Laughing Man - in the anime Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex; referencing his catchphrase -"I thought what I'd do was, I'd pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes" - and logo covering a persons face.
  • Sombra's voice lines: "Mess with the best and die like the rest" and "Hack the planet" are quotes from the movie Hackers.
  • Winston's Yeti skin-specific voice lines: "Welcome to the Himalayas." and "Snow cone? They're lemon." are a reference to the Abominable Snowman from the movie Monsters Inc.
  • D.va's Junker skin-specific voice line: "You hear me, baby? Hold together!" is a reference to Han Solo's line on the Millennium Falcon during the TIE Fighter attack scene from the Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • Mei's line Freeze, don't move. may be a reference to Frozone in the animated film The Incredibles, where Frozone freezes a group of police officers after being ordered by the same line.
  • Roadhog's voice line ''Say bacon one more time...'' is a possible reference to the famous line "Say 'what' again. Say 'what' again! I dare you; I double dare you!'' from the movie Pulp Fiction. (More likely to be referencing Hancock's line "Call me an a**hole one more time...")
  • Ana's voice line ''Witness me'' is a reference to the movie ''Mad Max: Fury Road''.
  • The first Defensive Spawn Point at Route 66 has a sign that reads "Deadlock Propane and Propane Accessories", which is a reference to the animated TV show King of the Hill, in which the main character, Hank Hill, who works for Strickland Propane often says, "I sell propane and propane accessories."[1]
  • Mei's voice line "I'm going to have to science the heck out of this" is a reference to the 2015 film The Martian.
  • Orisa often quotes Baymax from Big Hero 6.
  • Zarya's final blow line "From Russia, with love," is a reference to Ian Fleming's James Bond film of the same name.
  • The bar-scan code which is found on the Soldier: 76's Grillmaster skin's biotic field canister reads 0118 999 881 999 119 7253, which is a direct reference to the "easy to remember" emergency number from the UK comedy sitcom The IT Crowd.
  • Torbjörn's spray called "Chef" is an obvious reference to the character of Swedish Chef from The Muppets
  • Reinhardt's Halloween voice line "What do we have here?" might be a reference to The Oogie Boogie Song from The Nightmare Before Christman
  • Reinhardt's Halloween voice line "Smashing!" is a reference to Nigel Thornberry from The Wild Thornberry's
  • Doomfist's spray "Punchman" and highlight intro "One Punch" could be, though are not necessarily, references to the anime/manga "One Punch Man"

Game References

  • The Tents on Dorado have a very similar heart shape to the Kingdom Hearts franchise on top of them at the first payload checkpoint.
  • The arcade in Hanamura includes a game called Fighters of the Storm, which is a reference to the Blizzard title Heroes of the Storm.
  • Another game in the arcade, Super Siege Mode 3, is a side-scrolling shooter similar to Metal Slug designed in a StarCraft theme.
  • The Lost Vikings VI in the Hanamura arcade is a nod to Blizzard's The Lost Vikings series.
  • Soulstone Demonslayer features the main characters from Diablo III in a beat-em-up setting.
  • A murloc can be seen at the bottom of one of the soda dispensers in the Hanamura arcade.
  • Outside of the arcade, you can find a large, 16-bit version of Jim Raynor from StarCraft.
  • In Hanamura, there is a massive murloc display advertising a ramen noodle shop. If you fire at the murloc, you can hear its signature gurgling noise.
  • Also In Temple of Anubis, you can see murloc graffiti painting on the outside of the vehicle.
  • In the spawn area for the attack team in Temple of Anubis, you'll find a tablet with the Blizzard title Hearthstone on the screen.
  • Also in the spawn area, a Zerg skull from StarCraft can be seen on the wall.
  • When inspecting the hieroglyphics in Anubis, you can find the Horde symbol from World of Warcraft.
  • The lockers in Watchpoint: Gibraltar display the last names of some of the Blizzard game developers.
  • In the Hollywood map, Goldshire Pictures, Goldshire Studios, and Goldshire Way all reference a town in Elwynn Forest from World of Warcraft.
  • The Alliance symbol from World of Warcraft can be found in a number of locations in Hollywood, including the Goldshire Pictures logo and on a vehicle.
  • The cameras in Hollywood display the name "Kilrogg", a reference to Kilrogg Deadeye, a one eyed Orc in World of Warcraft.
  • A tablet displaying Hearthstone can also be found in Hollywood.
  • The walk of fame stars outside the attacker spawn area in Hollywood display the names of three characters from The Lost Vikings.
  • In the Hollywood spawn area, a movie poster reads "Hero of My Storm" - a clear reference to Heroes of the Storm.
  • There is a trailer on Hollywood with the name Tyrael written on the side. This is a reference to the Diablo series.
  • In Dorado, there are pinatas shaped like Diablo.
  • Ilios has a tablet displaying Hearthstone.
  • If you look in the store countertops in Ilios, you'll find Murk bait.
  • In the restaurant in Route 66, you can find a check signed by Deckard Cain from Diablo on the wall.
  • Also in the restaurant, there's a poster of Diableaux Hot Sauce, a clear reference to Diablo.
  • Laying on the restaurant's counter, you'll find a comic titled Craft from the Stars, a play on StarCraft.
  • On the soda fountain in the Route 66 restaurant, there is a Zerg StarCraft symbol and a beverage called Dr. Boom, which is a reference to a World of Warcraft NPC and Hearthstone legendary card.
  • In one of Roadhog's equipable sprays, it can be seen that it is a reference to an Angry Birds piggie character.
  • Torbjorn's spray "Catch a Ride" is a reference to the catchphrase commonly spoken by scooter from Borderlands. The spray itself ls an obvious reference to his logo in the games.
  • Pharah's voice line "Rocket jump? That sounds dangerous." is an allusion to a common maneuver seen in other first-person shooters such as Quake or Team Fortress 2.
  • Lúcio's voice line "You Gotta Believe" is from the PaRappa video game series
  • Symmetra's voice line "The cake is a lie... or is it?" and "The cake is not a lie." is a reference to "Portal".
  • In the map Eichenwalde a sword in a pile of ashes can be seen near the defenders spawn. This is a reference to the bonfires of the "Dark Souls" game franchise.
  • Also in Eichenwalde, Diablo's horns can be seen among animal antlers in a shop.
  • D.Va will sometimes enumerate the famous Konami-Code (up, up, down down, left, right, b, a, start).
  • Genji's ultimate Dragonblade is a reference to the Quake character Slash, who is also known as The DragonBlade.
  • The Junkers term is a reference to the group of the same name in StarCraft II.
  • Pharah's suit design is a reference to the StarCraft II unit "Reaper", whose suit includes a jetpack, a helmet that covers the face.

Other References

  • Pharah's line "Play nice, play Pharah" is a twist on Blizzard's well-known phrase, "Play nice, play fair."
  • When Torbjörn states "Completion date? *laugh* When it's done", it references Blizzard's history of not giving release dates early in a game's development.
  • D.Va has an arsenal of gamer lingo, including "AFK", "Is this easy mode?", "GG", and "Nerf this".
  • Hanzo's lines "Flow like water" and "From one thing, know ten-thousand things" are quotes from The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi.
  • Pharah's line "Fly like an Egyptian" is possibly a reference to a combination of the The Bangles song Walk like an Egyptian, and Steve Miller Band's "Fly Like an Eagle"
  • Reaper's line "I'm back in black" is a reference to the AC/DC song Back in Black.
  • Reaper's respawn line "This... is my curse" is a reference to the Killswitch Engage song My Curse.
  • Reaper’s other respawn lines include “What does not kill you... make you stronger.” Which is a reference to Kelly Clark’s song, Stronger.
  • "Flying the friendly skies" is a line spoken by Pharah that references the famous tagline used by United Airlines.
  • If playing with multiple Soldier: 76s run by AI, the game will start to name them "Soldier 77", "Soldier 78", and so on.
  • Tracer can be heard saying "Keep calm and Tracer on" - a parody on the Carry On poster designed for WWII.
  • When Zarya states "In Russia, game plays you" - she's referencing a meme popularized by comedian Yakov Smirnoff in the 1980s.
  • Zenyatta's line "I think, therefore I am" is the English translation of "Cogito ergo sum": a famous philosophical proposition by French philosopher René Descartes.
  • D.Va's voice line "Op op op d.va style" is a reference to the "Gangnam style" performed by her South Korean compatriot Psy.
  • Widowmaker's voice line "Let them eat cake" is a reference to a quote attributed to Marie-Antoinette; the last Queen of France prior to the French Revolution.
  • The spray "Jail" has the captions "GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL". This is a reference to the popular board game "Monopoly".
  • Torbjörn's voice line "Some assembly required". Is a reference to the Swedish furniture store Ikea's products always having to be made from scratch. This reference also appears in his "Uppgradera" & "Kanon" Sprays, which mimic the style of Ikea's instruction manuals for assembling Ikea products.
  • Zenyatta's voice line "Hello world!" is a reference to the tradition of example computer programs that print "hello world", started by the BASIC programming language.
  • Zenyatta's name, when paired with that of Tekhartha Mondatta, may be a referece to the album Zenyatta Mondatta by rock band The Police.
  • Lúcio's Final Blow Elimination line "That was the sound of silence." is possibly a reference to the song "The Sound of Silence" by musician duo Simon and Garfunkle.
  • Lúcio's Sniper Sighted line "Look out, sniper, check your head!" may be a reference to The Beastie Boys rap album "Check Your Head".
  • Lúcio's Final Blow Elimination line "When the music hits, you feel no pain." is a reference to musician Bob Marley's quote "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain."
  • Genji's voice line "Measure twice, cut once" is a figurative phrase meaning to think carefully before taking action. It is often taken literally within carpentry as a general rule-of-thumb, to always double check your measurements before cutting wood.
  • Junkrat's voice line "Stop me if you think you've heard this one before" is a reference to an eponymous song by The Smiths.
  • McCree's voice line "Back in the saddle again" is a reference to the song "Back in the saddle" by Aerosmith.
  • Strickland Propane and Propane Accessories[1]